Strongest Compatibility in Synastry

male from q8 •
"my sun in aries the hero
Strongest Compatibility in Synastry (weight 4)

Sun conjunct Descendant 4
Sun conjunct or opposition Vertex 4
Sun conjunct North Node 4
Sun hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 4
Sun in 7th house 4
Moon conjunct Descendant 4
Moon conjunct or opposition Vertex 4
Moon conjunct North Node 4
Moon hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 4
Ascendant conjunct North Node 4

and one of the most strongest : sun (male) conjunct (female) moon

from Neptune & Nirvana •
MARS $ingleton ♌ L£O v ★ AQUA ♒ ST£LLIUM xi ...
Interesting, all VERY strong aspects in synastry..*thanks for sharing

..Also Mars conjunct Ascendant (Mars will highly admire and look up to Ascendant)
..Sun conjunct Ascendant (image admiration; sun will want to be more like ascendant.)

For more meaning on the Vertex in synastry; some good info here:
male from q8 •
"my sun in aries the hero
you are welcome

thanks for adding

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