The dark side of Taurus men

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Posted by ellessque

1) Womanizers
2) Say anything to women around them just to keep them in their stable of cows/herd.
3) Egoists
4) String people along
5) Detached

sound more like a venus in gem with either prominent fire or water placements, not a mix.

or someone not that mature.

Ouch, someone's been burned.
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Oh, yeah. Selfish. I didnt see him that way so much but he did tell me he thought he was too selfish to have children (not that I was pushing for children! I didnt want 'em either). It was an honest observation which I actually respected & appreciated.
I saw this on yahoo answers the other day.

"Like Mystic said they are mind treetr-nking animals that prey on weak women who can be easily ear hustled. They will say whatever it takes to get the girl. Those who are loyal are rare, they are only loyal to male friends or the ones that they marry and quite frankly many of them aren't loyal to them. They love the attention and they want their cake and eat it too. He has a girlfriend because if he didn't, he would have pursued you. They dont care about hurting your feelings they dont have a conscience, they are just that selfish. It's hard to fathom because you are a Capricorn probably much more evolved but they are the second animal in the zodiac, the first one is caveman Aries. The second is them, all they do is charge around and try to get what they want. They are not the type that like to be pursued by the girl that they really want. And many times they are too immature to know what they want so they keep 100 women around. They like having girls there. I know that this girl that is so treetr-nkING stupid she competed with me and all he is doing is using her for the in between time. He will just say what she wants to hear but because she is an ego maniac and a conceited ***** she fails to realize that she didn't WIN him, I walked away. They dont care how unattractive their ego boosts are. They dont care how crazy they are. They dont care how fat they are. They just want them to know that they still are popular and pretty. If you are about surface dwelling you will never get to him. Chances are is that he is a chameleon and mostly what you know is not him but fragments of other women that he presents so that he can get a determined outcome - ATTENTION. There is no code to crack these hot and cold beasts. When you go cold they will do whatever it takes to get your attention but chances are, once you give in they are back to their old tricks. They are the very immature animals in the zodiac.

The other thing is this and I have to go on record saying it THEY LOVE MIND GAMES. And they don't care if they ***** you in the process with it. I want you to get that in your head. Because I couldnt understand this sh-t for the longest, why would some one do this? Don't understand it. It's like trying to find out why a serial killer likes to kill, they just do. Taurus men are MIND ******* animals. If you approach them, this will help their ego nothing more. You are applause for them. That's it"

Posted by Reason
Too funny, are you a Cap, Inana?

Yep, I'm a Cap. I didn't write that though. A capricorn on yahoo answers had a question about a taurus and that was one of the responses lol. Here is the question. Not many others had good things to say either.;_ylt=AhWwfjNdBXl1Xy8kVt8AMfQjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20111012071930AATuaZe
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
And I'm sure every one of those responses was written by someone in a failed relationship with one. Burnt sad people don't exactly write stellar reviews.
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Of the 3 earth signs, I have come to know that Taurus can be the most cold hearted. Beware ven in Taurus
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And I totally agree on the mind games. Taurus man is the greatest at mind games. Cold ruthless they can be.
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Posted by TaurGuy
Again with them sparkle motion venus in gemini.... Especially the male Taurus w/Gem venus... Damn them...

Damn them all to hell..... read this..
"thrill seeking dare devil who loves to live on the edge.... not really, but I
Posted by Mistery
You'll see the dark side of any guy when he doesn't like a woman enough to want a relationship with her.
No guy or girl owes anyone anything or any gaw damed explanation for their actions. If you don't like it, move on. No need to stress, just goooooo...

Sometimes an explanation wouldn't hurt. If I am kind, generous, supportive, great in bed (his words not mine) one day how do I suddenly become non-existent the next?
If I haven't changed anything, I haven't lied, cheated or used him or any other butthead behavavior then how do I learn from my mistake?

What do I take from this experience? That I am a horrible unloveable nasty uncaring cookiemonster who doesn't deserve love?
Move on to.....become a hermit? the cat lady?

I don't like it. And if that makes me the stubborn pigheaded uncaring marker Aries that we are all supposed to be then sobeit. I would not have done anything to hurt this person - it would have broken my heart. I think knowing what my crime was would be helpful. But I guess that is just something else I don't deserve, huh?
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Aw, my bro is a Taurus, I get the ins and outs of Taurus men. He is very secretive but lets slip a few times. Sometimes he even tells me this.

I like what Inana wrote. Not everyone is enlightened, nor aware. I have met good Taurus men, but I also know their dark side.

Dark side of Virgo is cunning, dark side of Capricorn is authoritarianism. But Taurus cold heart is chilling..
Wow, I just finished watching a story a few minutes ago on 20/20 of Bernard Madoff(Taurus) who schemed people out of billions of dollars with no remorse or even regret. He stole from his family and had his sons completely unaware of what he was doing. His wife, also a Taurus stood by his side the whole time which destroyed one of his sons causing him to eventually commit suicide. He couldn't seem to escape the actions of his father, and when they sent Bernard off to prison for 150yrs he bragged in a letter about how he's become quite the celebrity there. wtf?

On another note, One of the most chilling documentaries I've watched EVER was the one on Jim Jones(Taurus) who also had zero conscious and had hundreds of people drinking poison.

I just want to know how to watch out for this kind. This Bernard guy will go down in history for having the biggest ponzi scheme ever, and he kept it all hidden, although I bet his wife knew. It's scary because I'm compatible with this sign and I actually like Taurus guys. I just want to know signs of the taurus guys that have this kind of potential.

Heck, I wanna know the signs on anybody that has this type of potential.

Also, if you google Eddie Long(taurus), he's a mega church leader out here in atlanta who's been in the news for months now for having relations with boys in his church. One of the guys seem borderline suicidal if you ask me because his life has been destroyed by this man. Eddie started luring them in at the ages of 14-16 with gifts, trips, money etc. Nothing sexual ever happened, but the boys were being mind-f*%CJED by him for years. just sad..
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
ALL signs have that potential. Come now, you would let the few speak for the masses now? Anyone could pick a sign and find jacked up individuals within it.
Posted by venusianbull
ALL signs have that potential. Come now, you would let the few speak for the masses now? Anyone could pick a sign and find jacked up individuals within it.

Have the potential to scam people out of billions and have no remorse for causing your sons suicide, and to get hundreds to follow you and drink poison? Who knew?!

I get what your saying though lol. Bad people are in every sign, but this thread is titled "The Dark Side of Taurus" and I'm in here to give examples of that dark side. As I said, I'd like to know the potential of the crazies of any sign, but we are talking about Taurus here.
45 years old female from A Lush Meadow, US of A •
" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
Yes and I happen to be one. One who sits in amazement as the rest of you do over these ass clowns and miscreants. Ones who bear zero resemblance to any Taurus friend of mine or to myself. These people by rearing and life situation could be of any sign. It doesn't read as "Taurus" or "Scorpio" or any of the rest. It simply reads "treetrunked up individual".
Anyone can immature, selfish, coldhearted and stubborn. I loved an Aries who was all those things. A

Some Taurus women I have known are selfish, backbiting, manipulating and irresponsible. I don't expect that of everyone who has a Taurus sun. Some Taurus guys I know are sweet, saucy, sometimes hot and sometimes cool, reliable though and reasonable. Dark side? Sometimes Taurus doesn't know when to pull in his horns or know when they hurt.

I am Taurus moon with Leo Sun. I expect things to go wrong, to be lied to and manipulated. I put up walls and I am afraid to take them down but I do take them down and give people a chance. I go on offensive when I am hurt and I am used to feeling like I am misunderstood. But for those who do understand me or make the effort, I go all out for. I don't run with any crowd and I have always thought of myself as someone who doesn't fit in. Actually, I don't care if I fit in. What other people think doesn't matter to me unless they can have an effect on my world. Yes, I am extremely stubborn and unless I see sense in what you say, I will not bend until I am ready.

I am guessing the Taurus guy I am dating thinks the same way.He has Cancer moon. Venus Cancer, Mars taurus, very complicated. Maybe it's a gift that I am Cancer-Leo cusp. And also it helps that my Dad was a Cancer. I understand the shell time thing. I didn't know I had a Taurus moon til this year. Now that I know, it helps me to explain some things I didn't know about myself.Mainly that underneath the mask, is a warm wonderful woman I forgot was there. It pays to give people a second look and a second chance. Especially ourselves. It helps us to be more accepting of others.
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