dating/dealing with a SCORPIO man

25 years old female from united states •
okay so i've been seeing this scorpio guy for almost a month, we've only seen each other once a week or so since we met. at first he was all over talking to me and letting me know his feelings for me. he'd call me, text me all the time, and tell me he likes me alot. maybe about 2 weeks ago (a week after seeing each other) he asked if i was seeing anyone else. I said no, because i too like him but i didn't let him know just yet how much i liked him back..just to maybe see if he was really serious about sticking with me. he told me about how serious he was about being in a long term relationship with me. to that, i said i still wanted to talk. which was okay with him, he even said he was happy with me when i asked if he was happy with just talking for now. but after a while since than we wouldn't text as much but still saw each other when we can during the week, which is usually once a week. we both work. he's told me twice out of the blue that he misses me. but otherwise when i try to text him or call him i feel like he's a little distant. whenever he'd call me i answer, but i've tried to call him a few times, no answer. whenever i feel him being distant he comes back and tells me he misses me and wants to see me and wants to cuddle with me. telling me he misses me more. he says he's just busy but i feel like something is just weird now and definitely not how they use to be. but just recently i texted him saying "i miss you" just like he has done to me before. it took him two days to reply to me. and he said "i miss you more". but after i tried to text and make conversation, he doesn't reply. and today (two more days later) i texted again and asked him if he wanted to hang out tomorrow. he doesn't reply so i call him at 10pm and he actually answers, saying he slept until 7pm (he works nights at 9pm) then he says he's at work fixing something when i tell him i texted him earlier. i asked him if he's okay but he just seems mad. i stood silent because i am so upset and don't even knoow what to say. to that he says "what?" and says he has to go and hangs up. few mins later he texts me "sorry i've just been busy" and i don't reply. 30 mins later he texts "come to my work" i say i cant.

should i be worried? i'm really confused, it's been such a push pull with him & i'm frustrated. i don't want to ignore him but it seems like he doing it to me. i want him to know i'm ready to get officially dating but i feel like i can't get through
That sounds exactly the way my scorpio has been acting. Im not sure what this means and have been confused about it as well. He too is under alot of stress and I think this is how they deal with it. They kind of back off a bit. Good luck to you and I hope things get better.
25 years old female from united states •
Taurusxm18: Hes acting distant too and not talking to you? Or this has happened before? If so how long did it take for him to talk to you? I'm so glad i dont feel like the only one dealing with this. Every girl ive asked seems like they've been through this with a scorpio man. Its so frustating and it hurts
35 years old female •
Lovesuhmariee: Hi, when I came across your post I was surprised to see that someone is going through a similar situation as I am. I have been dating this guy for 2 months now and like your Scorpio guy, mine was very affectionate and as a Cancer woman I got attached. However, about a week ago I was feeling very emotional after a few drinks in my system and said a few words that might have pushed him away. But when I addressed him the following day about it, he said everything was ok. But I have noticed that the texting, calls and affection weren't as frequent as before. I am confused and scared that I had pushed him away. I don't want to ignore him but I don't want to be too clingy. I don't know how to handle this. Hope things get better for you and every woman going through the same thing.

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