Think about it. People put hickeys on their partner's necks or in place where OTHERS can see them more quickly & more clearer better than the person who's neck or body the hickey is on. I think placing a hickey on your partner's neck is another form of talking to, scaring away or trying to bring awareness of the relationship or sexuality to others who might be interested or who are already engaged with that person.

I shouldn't have to purposely put a hickey on your neck to prove that I was kissing your neck b/c we BOTH know that I was. I read an article on CNN.com that talked about hickeys from a statistical point of view. 74.3% of women who put hickeys on a man's neck did b/c they were being territorial or trying to convey a message to the other women that might be interested in their men. In other words, putting hickeys on your man's neck is a big sign of inner insecurities about the relationship b/c we all know that just b/c you live with a man, marry a man or put marks on his body, will not keep him away from other women unless HE wants to keep himself away from other women.
I think Hickeys are too high school. Sure, if you want to suck on my neck, that's fine. But to purposely put a hickey there is pointless b/c you're only doing it for others to see. Why do I need to see a mark on my neck that signifies that your presence was there when I was the one in the moment watching you do it. Alot of men will put hickeys on a woman's neck as a way of speaking out to OTHER men so that others can see it. I see hickeys sometimes as a way for others to be territorial.

It's no different than the people who get their own names tattoed on themselves. Obviously you already know what your own name is & have known since, what? 2-3 years old. But you put that tattoo on your body so OTHERS could see it (regardless of why you want others to see it) & I think the same applies for hickeys.

What 2 people do in the bedroom should be as personal as possible. One of my best female friends used to put hickeys on all of her sexual partner's necks so that other women would see them & react (usually negatively). It was HER way of saying, "I was here" w/o actually showing her face & I think that's childish.
Teehehee... Mel we're like two peas in a pod .
Must be a "Gem" thing i too have a neck thing, but dont like the hickeys showing, but i bruise easily and so therefore in the heat, or his intentions otherwise unknown, it does happen on occasion.

I am guilty of leaving them behind, but not to "mark" its a heat of passion kind of thing, this mouth does not sit idle by during the heat of the moment, LOL!

I seen them as trashy before, and i dont fit that category at all! SO a little makeup and hair down and privacy about it all is all that is needed, i must go w/GEMgal, when i get or give them, i dont mind until afterward and then i just move on....let it go, it was worth it or they would not be there!

I thought hickies were one of those things that could not be helped... showing it off is a bit wrong though... if it can't be covered, you put plasters instead?
I only got a hicky once in my life but that was by accident. It was the first time I had sex since I had the baby. We went wild.
Hickies are groddy! I don't ever let them give it to me.
I bruise easily as well! I tell anybody to be esp. tender with the neck. NO HICKIES!! NONE!!

If you do get one:

go buy some foundation that matches your neck, not face. I like Covergirl's foundation stick since it's easy to carry along for touch ups. Long hair, no jewelry to draw attention to the area...

I got my first hicky while I was living with my parents and had short hair in the middle of summer. The makeup worked!
Yeah sometimes it can happen in the heat of the moment especially if you bruise easily but I hate them...i'd be pissed if someone intentionally gave me one on my neck...it's embarassing....unless it's on a body part no one will see
& attention just like mes who want everyone to know they got laid (as if we truly care)
I guess it's people with big egos, so people can look at this as their conquest ....

Score, look what I tapped ... yeah, I got that butter right there.

hickies are for high school
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