What does it mean when he starts calling you honey

so i've known this guy for a while and we talk all the time sometimes for up to 8 hours on the phone or online. we share pretty much everything and i told him i loved him and he said he loved me too now he says he loves me sometimes even before i say it and has started calling me baby and honey.. but he lives in another city now so and even though he says he loves me alot he never discusses trying a relationship.. but we talk pretty much all the time.. i just sometimes dont know if its real or if he knows its what i want to hear
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hmm commitm3nt phobe i guess i could see that.. what about jesus?? lol
anyway i do want to ask him but i dont want to see all like.. idk desperate or that im pushing him because im afraid he might push away if i come on too strongly. i dont want to shake things up i guess. i know i know i needa grow some balls and just come straight out..
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Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Well honey, love without communication is not love..it maybe something else close to it, but it is NOT the kind of love that actually works out. If you two could actually make it so far to where the "L" word is apart of the equation b/w you both then I don't understand why you bringing up something VERY important would be so frightening to you. If anything, I'd think blurting out the L word for the 1st time would be 10 TIMES more scary than bringing up a topic that you two can't avoid forever. After all, you either love someone or you don't, so if you were so afraid of sounding desperate or running him away then know that 99% of guys (especially commitment phobes) would run for the hills alot quicker when they hear the L word vs. running as fast just b/c the woman brings up a topic. Talking about relationships or where things are going doesn't have to be 1 of those conversations that require a "yes/no" answer like the L word might. If you really love this guy & feel in your heart that he loves you too & that this whole thing will work out then the 1st step you both need to get down is in the ability to have those uncomfortable & vulnerable conversations. After all, this is your LIFE & your heart here! B/c your heart, time, & energy are at stake here, he would be a complete jerk to make you think that you're not entitled to make sure that you're investing in the RIGHT person. You have every right to ask the right questions & to know where things are going. After all, yes we all love for the L word to eventually become apart of the equation when we deeply admire someone, but then again the whole point in dating & in love is to keep progressing further & further until there's nowhere else to go. Only commitment phobes are okay with establishing everything BUT the ultimate title, but since it appears that you are NOT a commitment phobe, it only makes sense that if this guy is ever going to be right for you, that he can atleast try to understand you & listen to you when you have LEGITIMATE concerns. If you guys can sit around & talk about the weather & about other things that probably don't matter, then you both should have the ability & the willingness to discuss for 8 hours the things that DO matter. This is YOUR life & time, so he can't knock/blaim you for making sure that you're investing it in the right person and/or that you're just making sure you're both on the same page. Go ahead & bring the topic up. IT's all about your delivery
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Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
If this guy will think you're desperate just b/c you excerise your right to know where things are going then this guy is not right for you. Sure, bringing up that topic is a little uncomfortable sometimes b/c that fear of rejection or not hearing what you want to hear is always a possibility BUT at the same time, if you guys are really good & meant for eachother, then you both should be able to freely come to eachother & discuss where things are headed..If you don't truly feel deep down in your heart that this guy is sincere then just say that..but don't start 2nd-guessing yourself or start to hold back & tuck your true desires under the table out of fear of his response b/c if you do that, you'll be setting that kind of pace for the relationship to where he'll have so much control so much so that you won't even feel comfortable opening up about the most serious & necessary of things. And I don't know about you, but being able to come to my companion & open up about even the most vulnerable & rejection-prone of topics is what makes relationships & love so special. Without that level of communication, what truly seperates your boyfriends from just your friends, or your husband from just your boyfriend? If you love him then you should trust that if you open up to him about what you truly expect & want from him, that he'll 1. listen 2. Understand & 3. Do whatever he can to make it happen for you. Sure, he could be a commitment phobe or he could be waiting on you to bring the topic up (there's a huge chance that he might be just as nervous/scared to bring the topic up just like you are). Either way, it's VERY important to let the other person know what you want. After all, it'd be different if you brought up relationships within the 1st 2 weeks of talking, but no you both already have your feelings & emotions involved. If anything, the topic of relationships should be breezed through & flow freely from both of you. There's no point in guessing or over-analyzing the answer to a question that you didn't ask. Just go for it. And hey, if he does let you know that he's not ready for a relationship yet, sure that answer might sting a little bit BUT atleast you'll know & have that clarification & assurance from him, thus the next step would be to either decide to move on to someone who IS ready or to stick it through with the hopes that eventually he'll commit. BUT you've got to know HIS answers 1st. Surprisingly, alot of commitment phobes give themselves away
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..... we talk all the time sometimes for up to 8 hours on the phone or online. we share pretty much everything ...

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Well honey, love without communication is not love..

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