Women marking territory. What are the signs?

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If you do a search you will find articles on how women mark their territories to let other women know she is dating or in a relationship with a man.

However, I would like to know if you do the same thing when you are not dating yet, but interested in a man who gets a lot of attention from other women. How do you let the other women know to stand back, that you have already chosen him as your "prey"?

What type of subtle territorial signs do you give to other women?
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Oh some women certainly do it as well.
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Posted by CappyLuv30
I don't mind initiating either if need be or even hinting like "oh wow look the Prince song "Kiss" is playing...gee Prince knows what he's talking about...HINT HINT"

I'd prefer the man to take the initiative but sometimes they just don't get it LOL

@ariesvita Any signs, whether subtle or not, will make you look desperate. I wouldn't go that route. Just my 2 cents.

LOL. I know, but very frequently I feel like other girls see me like a threat when I am around "their guy" and next thing I know they start puffing out their feathers like a peakc0ck and give me all those alpha female signs. It's very annoying, specially when I have no interest in their guy!
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don't believe everything you think
we were watching a documentary about "snow tigers" aka Siberian tigers and my leo girlfriend actually said she wished she could "spray" my clothes and car...!
maybe she does.
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Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
I don't "mark my territory" either, BUT the things women secretely do to accomplish this isn't rocket science.

1. There's always the typical HICKIES! Nuff' said

2. When she's out with her man, she'll purposely engage in RANDOM & seemingly REHEARSED displays of affection, while the whole time she's probably side-eying the woman she feels is a threat. Ya know, "planned" kisses, holding hands hugs, etc..basically anything to let other women know that NO, they aren't "JUST friends," with the man they're standing next to so "Back off!"

3. This happens alot on FACEBOOK or other social networking sites! Women purposely expressing bouts of love or admiration to a man on HIS facebook page so that the whole world, (cough: preferably WOMEN) can see it; this is her way of getting out the hint that "he's taken"

4. I've even seen women secretely/conivingly ask their female friends standing around to somehow be slick to mention how AWESOME their friend's relationship is. When the other woman who poses as a threat sees that woman's friends putting all the business out there, this is the perfect way for the girlfriend to not look desperate the way she would persay she did so herself.

5. When she sees other women she believes her man would consider "attractive," she'll jealously eye the other woman..ya know, THAT LOOK! That look that means, "Don't even think about it honey! He's all mine!"

I've seen it all
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Posted by krysrenee7
2. When she's out with her man, she'll purposely engage in RANDOM & seemingly REHEARSED displays of affection, while the whole time she's probably side-eying the woman she feels is a threat. Ya know, "planned" kisses, holding hands hugs, etc..basically anything to let other women know that NO, they aren't "JUST friends," with the man they're standing next to so "Back off!"

5. When she sees other women she believes her man would consider "attractive," she'll jealously eye the other woman..ya know, THAT LOOK! That look that means, "Don't even think about it honey! He's all mine!"

I've seen it all

yeah, that's what I'm talking about...
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Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
I think alot of women unknowingly & subconsciously mark their territories when they're REALLY into a guy. Ya know, those times when a woman will feel the sudden need to hold his hand a little TIGHTER, stand a little CLOSER to him & try to spark up a random conversation with him, in hopes that she'll distract her man from noticing other women in the room. I think alot of women do this w/o even realizing it; body language tells all!

Believe it or not, I can always tell when a woman is interested in a man, even if I don't even know her. I can tell the difference b/w a couple out walking on thier 1st date vs. a couple that looks to be getting serious. HOW can I tell? The woman standing by the guy usually gives off SOME sort of signal or body language to other women in the room. It's almost like the look on her face will resemble a woman who wants other WOMEN to get the hint/signal, yet while trying to make sure the man doesn't see it so he won't think she's too jealousy or clingy already. It's hilarious. I see it all the time.

If I'm out with a man I just started dating & am REALLY into, if anything, the only thing I'd be watching is moreso HIS eye movements vs. spying on any women that are standing around. I like knowing up front whether or not a man has a "wandering eye." BUT, even when I'm looking at his eyes to see where they usually end up looking, I do this very secretely & on the low.

If I'm out with a man I'm really into BUT YET not officially in a relationship with, I won't get all uptight when other women are around. If anything, I make sure to appear UN-FAZED when other attractive women are around. I know how BAD it looks to be the girl whose ALREADY acting insecure & jealous.

I think the women who mark their territories tend to be insecure and/or self-doubting anyways, regardless of the man they're dating. Them dating someone just brings this out of them even more, BUT generally the only women who feel the need to "mark territories" are those who are always in constant fear of some unknown force/woman taking what they hope is theirs, away from them.

Now if a man is being too flirtagious or if he's clearly giving off the signal to other women that the girl on his arm is merely "JUST A FRIEND" when she's really MORE than that, that's not code for "mark my territory," in my eyes. If I feel that my "crush" is giving off the signal that we aren't serious, two can play that game.
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Posted by CappyLuv30
So let them be....that's called insecurity. No alpha female will act that way. Alpha females will act indifferent, like butter don't phase them. I hate cookiemonsteres like that....take the man, you can have him, trust me, I don't want your boyfriend, that's why he's YOURS LOL

Hmmm... Cappy I think you are making perfect sense and it's also a very good advise
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Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
@Carrib...You're right. I take that back. MOST women DO mark their territories, even if they are doing so sub-consciously. BUT not ALL women have the same reasons/intentions or reasons for marking their territories.

The women who mark their territories by way of mean-mugging or faking affection towards their partners when other women are around are generally INSECURE. It's 1 thing to grasp your man's hand a little tighter when other women are around BUT it's another thing to completely FAKE/EXAGGERATE a hint that is meant to be taken as a "warning/threat" from other women. The women who do THAT are FULLY aware of what they're doing & often times, the reason they hope their partners don't notice this is b/c even THEY know these things can be signs of insecurity, jealousy, etc. among other things that are turn-offs.

NOT ALL women mark their territories though. It all depends on the environment 2 people are in when the opposite sex is around. If I'm at the movies with my man, the opportunity would be easier for me to mark my territory since I'm standing next to him. BUT if I'm standing across the room & notice other women staring at him, there's NO way for me to make eye contact with those women OR him. And there's NO point in so-called "marking your territory" if NO ONE can see/pick up on what it is you're marking!

I believe the women who gently & sub-consciously mark their territories are doing this naturally & w/o knowing it; that doesn't mean they are insecure. BUT, for the women who do things like: Purposely professing love on her MAN'S wall just for the purpose of getting the hint to other women, OR purposely tonguing down your man all just to make others jealous or notice..I think THAT kind of "marking" comes from women who are extremely insecure. They may have GOOD REASON to be insecure, BUT it is what it is
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Popcorn is best for these kinds of occasions. Carry on folks =)
Plus, I think alot of people don't realize that some women may do the same things that are associated with "marking their territory" EVEN IF they aren't around anyone to "mark" their territory to. That very same woman who grabbed a tighter hold on her man's hand when another woman walked by very well may have done the SAME EXACT THING when it's just them at the house, by themselves, watching a movie.

The same goes for PDA. Some women/men prefer kissing their partners in public MAINLY b/c it's the BEST/EASIEST way to send the signal to others that they are "taken," BUT at the same time, some people like PDA simply b/c they JUST LIKE it as much in public the way they do in private.

If I'm out by MYSELF somewhere & see an attractive woman, I might still stare her down or make eye contact with her the SAME way I'd probably notice her & stare at her persay my man was WITH me. It's not that I'd be staring at her only to send a certain "message" or signal to her. Hell, I might stare at her b/c like MOST people, we stare longer at the things/people we consider attractive. So if I'm out with my man when I see that SAME ATTRACTIVE woman, I'd still notice that woman's beauty like I would've had I been alone & by myself. SHE might think the only reason I'm staring is b/c I'm marking my territory since I'm standing next to a man, BUT in MY mind, I might be literally & simply just admiring her beauty or her shoes or her makeup or her hair. I don't get all rowled up just when my man & I are around the opposite sex.
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@ krysrenee7, I understand that Krys, I feel it is aggresive to an extent when a woman deliberately throws territorial signs in front of other women when she is in an obvious relationship with a man.

However, it annoys me even more when a woman is not in a relationship with a man and you can see that the man is not even trying to pursue her, but she still throws territorial signs to the other women that are around him. Which I also feel are unnecessary. I wonder if men notice that? Perhaps they do, and they just enjoy all the attention.

@ caribbeangold, yes, dominant/territorial body language. Every time I see that I try to make myself remember that they are just probably not aware of it and perhaps just doing because it's human nature, but sometimes I wonder why would they do that to me when I'm not even interested in the guy. Or maybe my problem is that I'm too much of a good observer...

So I would like to add a few question to the original topic, I'd like to know:

If men notice when women do this?
How do you handle this?
How does this territorial behavior make you feel? (when you are not in a relationship)
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I put a hand on an arm and just raise one brow at other women. If that fails to register with the rabble then I will go out of my way to ensure I am the focus or drop a personal comment ( not anything Xrated ) that implies knowing on a deeper level than casual. Keep it classy ladies.
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i probably feel more possessive and territorial when the relationship is established (even then i don't "act out"; it's subtle) but never when just interested. it's not an act either. even if i'm really digging him there are no feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, or attachment at all until i start to fall in love. that's when minor insecurities can come out and i become more afraid of losing him. still, i keep it in check. i realize it's only because i'm allowing myself to be vulnerable and, even though i like to do it, it can be a scary and unpredictable place to be sometimes.

i may have seen other women display this behavior when just interested but i wouldn't know if they were actually together or not. one girl i know is so flashy and haughty that she struts around like a peachicken when she's only interested.
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Oh yea, you just sprinkle some of your pee on him and all the other girlys will smell he's taken
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