Are You Lonesome Tonight?

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"Sun Taurus, Moon Scorpio, Mercury & Rising: in Gemini ,Venus Aries, Mars Libra
*sigh*...yes I like Elvis' more too..

This vid was funny tho..."I wonder alot of things, like are you human or are you a reptile with hair."
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Posted by TAURUSbelle
*sigh*...yes I like Elvis' more too..

This vid was funny tho..."I wonder alot of things, like are you human or are you a reptile with hair."

He was pretty darned funny.

.... Shall I come back again... in my next life???
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Posted by kalin
I like Elvis better. I Am lonesome tonight but its better than going back to some markers.


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Are you any taller???? - LOL
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Scorpio male to the fullest / Libra Moon
I just got done bangin my GF for the last hour and now I'm eating a bowl of Cheerios! Not lonesome at all.

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