How To Atrract A Scorpio Man?

Hey if there are any Scorpio men out there or a girl dating a Scorpio guy and have any tips on how I can attract them, please help me out!!!
Scorpio's like things that are challenging! Hint to him that you are interested but make it a challenge to conquer. In other words play hard to get for just a little bit and once he bites use what you have and he should be hooked. But be careful because scorpios can also be very challenging and hard to get.
I agree with the first reponse in that Scorpio guys are hard to get. They do like challenges so it is very important to give him space. They are very passionate lovers but are very possessive too. So before you begin pursuing be sure that you can deal with those extremes. Another thing to remember is not to play too hard because scorpios discourage easily. I should know, I am a scorpio and I date on too!!!
I went out with a scorpio guy for a long time. You have to be sexy, but not slutty and you should be very intriguing. If he thinks there's more to you than meets the eye, you are in there!
I'm a scorpio and personally I think from my experience(and other male scorpio's I know) we like women that are fairly outgoing. Our women need to be friendly but still have their aggressive/dominating side. Looks aren't everything to us and someone that shows their personality will win us over any day.
To know that we are loved is very important to us..Tell him how you feel!
I just wanted to comment about what the last post said... in that they want to feel loved tell them how you feel. Everytime I was open and honest and showered my man with words, cards, flowers. I set myself for major dissappointment. He would "dodge" my calls, never get my emails... etc. I don't shower him anymore and now he is basically at my feet. Humm.....
I'm a shy, reserved Virgo who doesn't try to attract attention. I believe you should be your usual self and the Scorpio man will decide for himself if he thinks you're worth pursuing. If he does, give him your exclusive, undivided attention and be straight with him at all times.
Be willing to challenge him mentally and morally, on taboo subjects. Scorpios mysteriousness is a window on the soul. Confidently but carefully engage him on issues normally deemed taboo or foreign to others. Life and Death pulses through these people with fear and longing. If you can mentally engage these people, especially guys, in such ways, you are halfway there.
I agree that Scorpio rules the part of life that never used to be discussed in polite society! Since sex is their birthright, I believe you should be honest with them about how you feel and hope they can respect that.
There is a scorpio guy I am very interested in at work ....we have seen each other outside of work a couple of times but nothihg serious. He just got over a long term relationship in which he was the one dumped and hurt. He seems at times to be very interested and at others, he's more aloof, appearing to be playing head games. When I confronted him about my thoughts [the head games] he emphaticly denied playing any and since then he has pulled way back. He is slowly, and very cautiously making contact, but mostly at work only no. However, I don't think he's lost for good. How do I at this point, regain the ground I lost and win his heart for good?
Why bringing back some old thread? you could create your own..don't worry it's free of taxes.
why asking how to attract someone, I wonder? I mean, you walk, you sit, you work, you live, and someone may be attracted to you for no reason, or no apparent reason, or for reason that are primarily secondary, and then you get to know each other and then you might or mignt not have arelationship, or not have one, and the man can be a scoprio, a taurus, an aries or wahtever, but jesus, why on earth do you think ther are RULES for attraction? it's absolutely free, unpredictable, and it happnes all of a sudden. why looking for rules, vene here! (I have come to a final boredom with scoprios, but at first, when I didnt' know a thingh about theri kind, I just saw one and then, yaer after, another one, bad luck, and after I find out they were scoprio. just a coincidence. no rules on "hot to".
Actually there are rules of attraction Bellet woman.
jnow what? I knew you might appear at this..

but no. no way. and you know it. especially, no walking on eggs. well,at least not for me. it's.. claustrophobic with scorpios. I guess I AM my aqua vnues. though it's in 8 house, so I partly understand the intensity (when there is any. sometimes things about scorpios are urban legends, you know).
I'm over with my night shift, going to sleep, ciao, russian boy
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