How can you tell if a Scorpio male likes you?

I'm a Gemini female and i'm extreeeemely attracted to this guy i know who's a Scorpio. we went bowling today and i noticed him from the corner of my eye just staring at me a couple of times. he's also very nice to me and asks me questions as if to try to get to know me more. he's really funny as well. i just want to know, how can you tell if a Scorpio male likes you? and what attracts them?
Haha, ah well. i don't feel like searching (actually i did all the way to page 11 but i really found no thread that answered my question). plus, it doesn't hurt for it to get ask just once more, right?!
What do you mean by "the question is whether you like him"? cause i really really really do!
asked* even hahaha
" i just want to know, how can you tell if a Scorpio male likes you?

When you suddenly find yourself in an orange jumpsuit and you're living in an 8 x 10 cell that only HE has the keys to

"...and what attracts them?"

All fugitives...aka...anyone not willing to wear said orange jumpsuit.
When a Scorp likes you, they're really not shy about it. So, don't overhthink it, just go with it and see how things unfold.

Also, your user name now has me singing "Hairdresser on Fire".
"When you suddenly find yourself in an orange jumpsuit and you're living in an 8 x 10 cell that only HE has the keys to" - that's such an exaguration not all scorps are possesive and jealous. mine isn't.
I'm definatly no expert on Scorps, I've only been with mine for about a month but I'll give you my 2 cents cuz I know people get tired of answering this question & I was you not long ago, I knew/know my scorp liked me because of his actions.... I don't think Scorps verbalize as much as they show how they feel by their actions. Mine calls or texts me from the minute he wakes up till the minute he goes to bed, we see eachother whenever we have time,he can't keep his hands off me, he takes care of me, if I need anything he'll do what he has to, to get it, Oh & he cooks for me constantly. I've yet to make him a meal, he does all the cooking, I'm a bull so this is awesome for me! LOL YAY for having a man who likes to cook & is good at it!
"just don't think he'll make his move anytime soon though. they are slow, slow, slow."

I have to disagree with this or maybe my scorps on speed. Within the 1st week of meeting each other he was talking about future together when he graduates from university next spring, Marriage, kids!!!! Week 2 he was telling me all kinds of personal information, deep childhood secrets & stuff, Week 3 he asked me to be his girlfriend, Week four he told me he loved me......This morning he told me he was in love with me. I know this is insanely fast & it made me a bit nervous at first, I thought things that start this quickly have the tendency to fizzle rather quickly but I don't think that's the case. He's a Scorp....he's intense. Also I was diagnosed with a medical condition this last week & fully expected him to run for the hills, most men would have but he said he wasn't going anywhere, he loves me to much to leave me & that we'll get through this together Do I have a abnormal Scorp or is this common?
"Do I have a abnormal Scorp or is this common?"

No, mine moved VERY quickly also. When they know what they want, they waste no time. The behavior of an immature boy is the same across the board, regardless of sign. You can visit Capricorn, Aqua, Pisces...any of the other boards and you'll see ladies there complaining about the same stuff they are here on Scorpio.

Some caterpillars just take longer to turn into butterflies.
Hey Ferdy Thanks Yeah I'll be fine nothing life threatening & nothing that can't be controlled with lifestyle change which I needed anyway LOL so no more fatty foods or sodas & more vitamins, Lucky for me my Scorp is all about health & fitness & I am not, he probably likes the fact that he's gonna get to help change my lifestyle LOL Anyhoo yeah he's the best& I don't know how I would have gotten through this last week without him The only negative part of our relationship is the "test" questions & questioning in general which makes me feel like he's trying to catch me in a lie.....That is annoying as hell & we've a a couple little spats over that but we recover from them really within minutes so it's no biggie
Scorp men do usually just show you how they feel if they're into you. Like us scorp women we see no need in wasting time. The scorp dude that i used to mess with moved very fast as well. and he was very intense, smothering.

I don't want to bust anyone's bubble but i never ever met a Gemini that i was attracted to.
Kenny....I know! amazing caretakers, when he told me he was in nursing school I was a bit surprised, he didn't seem like the "caretaker" type outwardly but now I know he's going to be a amazing RN soon If I have to be sick, I'm thankful he's the one around to take care of me.

"He'll keep analyzing you to get a grasp of your nature and see if you are to be trusted."
Funny thing about this, not that I'm very good at lieing to begin with but I couldn't lie to this man even if I wanted to! I don't know what it is but he has this ability to suck the truth out of me before I even have time to think of a response. I've told him personal things that I wouldn't even think of telling a new partner, he knows things that I haven't told friends of 20+ years! Which makes the questioning so annoying, I just want to yell " Stop with the questioning cuz I couldn't lie to you even if I tried!" Owell, I'm hoping sooner then later he'll learn to trust me, I think he already does but doesn't want me to know
"It's the person's nature that determines whether they'll be quick to move or slow."

That's a good point, JD. Communication seems to be a big problem between people these days. Which is ironic considering we now have so many ways to communicate, and can do so globally, as well.

I think in many ways technology has disconnected us from each other. Face to face or even talking on the phone has taken a backseat to messaging, emailing, etc. It's much more impersonal and less intimate. *she typed on an Internet message board*
"I can't talk face to face with mine but a telephone call can certainly bring people together far more that texting and stupid messenger. I wish I could teach him to pick up the phone!"

I wish you could too! I'm sure you've asked him to call, so maybe you could try being less available via electronic methods?

My boyfriend is very into gatchets, so he is all about his iPhone, his laptop, (insert anything with buttons here), but I'm not. We email during the day, but after I leave work, really the only way to get in touch with me is by phone, and he knows I hate text messages. I don't ever get on those instant messenger things and I rarely check email after I get home because I'm afraid one will be from my boss with more work to do!
"Really - pick up the phone!"

::::picks up frying pan and bangs Ferdy's guy over the head with it:::

"I'm not communicating with him at all these days, he knows where/how to find me if he wants to find me."

Well, that is the best way to handle it. If you're the one doing all the contacting, it just makes you feel worse. And what's more, you shouldn't have to do all the work.

"You get to be with your BF though right? Don't have to rely on electronics."

Yeah, we live in the same city. We both have crazy schedules, though. He works long hours and I work full time (and then some) and go to school in the evenings. We usually see each other once through the week for dinner or drinks and then spend the weekends together. He's actually the first guy I've ever dated who doesn't whine and gripe about my schedule.

I did a LDR once with a Capricorn, and then vowed to never do it again. OY! It's so difficult, so I really feel for you. Any chance of either of you moving?
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