How do you break up with a Scorpion Woman?

Except for dying and sleeping with their best friend?
the real question is... why would you want to break up with a scorpio woman..
Posted by xr0yc3x
the real question is... why would you want to break up with a scorpio woman..

Agreed seeing as doing so would be tantamount to suicide...

It seems to be nigh impossible, save for my original 2 suggestions
Posted by scorpio_chic
already Caj??? I thought you just met this chick.. LOL

She's just like all the others :\

Well, become boring to her. Act like you don't wanna leave the house. Don't give her sex. Don't show her any attention. Neglect her, bore her, she'll be turned off in no time and you won't have to break up with her, she'll do it for you. And she won't hate you or hold resentment towards you.. she just won't want you anymore and she'll seek your replacement.

Well... being boring isn't really my thing.

I have been mean to her though, and I swear, that's how Scorpios like it.
They LOVE being treated badly, and working for their rewards/good treatment.

It boggles my frakkin' mind!

I'm not trying to be funny, lol this is just the truth. Unless you don't mind the sting, the resentment, the hard feelings that are bound to come if you break her heart.

I can handle that, piece of cake.
Posted by scorpio_chic

That has nothing to do with her being a scorpio. You just described a young, dumb cookiemonster on the verge of desperation.

This isn't the first time I've done this to a Scorpio...

Posted by buttercupSG
i didn't get a feeling that cj you liked her too much from day one by reading your posts about her

just tell her the truth. don't play the game of being mean or distant. she may not be as pathetic as you made her sound as.

It's not a game, I'm just a mean person.

I do like her, she's just got a lot of bad red flags and I have not seen her much recently.
He's not Lauren. Caj is a stand up human being with quite a lot going on upstairs.

sounds like She left you, before you left her....

just tell her it is over and get it over with.

Perhaps you are meant to date OLDER Scorpios...

Posted by buttercupSG

anywayz, i still think one should be honest and not drag another's heart along by being vague/indirect. it's matter of whether you are doing the right thing. tell straight up that you want to break up and there is nothing she can do to fix it.

It would seem that obvious aye, but this does not work on Scorpios.

Fumi, I definitely think so

Lauren89, I've been stung so many times, I'm practically immune to that bs
Posted by wtf?
repressed love for drama..
it comes from your leo moon..

they all sensed it..
it's like honey for bees..

immature scorpios will hunt you down..
till the day you die..

Dr Libra

Fabulous, just fabulous...
Posted by wtf?
of course she is..

PP even considered changing his sexual orientation..

LOL, shes pretty but not that pretty
Posted by * Tasha *
"Lauren89, I've been stung so many times, I'm practically immune to that bs"

^^^ dude cajun LMFAO!!!

hahahaha. me too me too!!

lol, it's always the same crap.

I swear Scorpios will say anything to hurt you, pathetic really.

yo what about that Cancer chick...?

Been out of contact for a while, looking to keep it that way
Posted by * Tasha *
^^^^^ hahaahahah god...i love it!!!!!!

Haha, what is so amusing?

Posted by scorpio_chic

ON THE FLIPSIDE, this situation isn't about love at all I highly doubt there is any love involved. But at the same time, like I said she's a young dumb girl. It has more to do with age than anything. And the fact that he's acting the way that he's acting ('mean' -- his own words) says a lot about HIS AGE too and for that reason, I disagree with seavix. I think he wouldn't know what to do with a grown scorpio woman if he had one. LMAO

I'm pretty sure the idea of "mean" you have is far from what I do.

I'm playful mean, not serious mean.

Scorpios always hold unto love or what they perceive as love, I don't think it's justified to call her stupid.
I'm sure you have done similar things in your years.
Posted by Let*It*Be

It's like ianthefish

I didn't really understand what he meant by that.

Fumi also had it right, she dumped you first, and you are simply playin tough virgo with an attempt to justify why she left you, because in reality you don't know why she did.

Wrong. She did not dump me.

Either that or what you have done to her as described above is true, you made a conscious decision to drive her away because you fell too hard and couldn't handle it.

Wrong. I was detached.

For the record and for future reference, most scorpio females would have left you in silence if treated the way you feel you think ^^that's the way they want to be treated.

Well I have been right 5/5 times thus far. So I seem to only meet the "smaller" Scorpio population it seems.

Looks like you set this whole thing up Caj...and it bit you in the ass.

You really don't know me.

Your remorse shows by the last statement where all of a sudden you describe your initial posts bragging meaness and then later describe it as "playful"

I was not bragging at all. My just a generally mean guy, in a playful way.

Translation: You've been stung with silence and OUCH!! that smarts.. just my opinion of course.

Trust me, the Scorpio sting is completely useless against me.
Posted by passinatescorp
To cajunspirit, I think your just fool of yourself, but Im probably sure you'll admit to that. By the way, what is your sign?

How do you believe I fooled my self?

I'm a Virgo, Scorpio kryptonite.
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