How to know if a Scorpio man has feelings for you?

once a week is not enough for us. I would think a scorpio guy would want to see/speak to you more often if he has feelings for you.

At least that's my experience with Scorp man. They seem to just kiss and tell, unless you are still in a trial period, but 4 months is already long enough to know.

Why don't you just ask him how he sees your relationship? But keep a VEEERY open ear... don't start assuming when he gives you an indirect response.

We usually tell you straight forward of what we think about you, but if he cares to have you around for various reasons... he may use a more subtle way of telling and if he is not direct, then I would assume he either is not seriously interested in you, or he is still testing how you will turn out.

i know confusing lol....

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