OOk...its been 5mths since I've been here. I missed you all!

ANYWay I'm over the Cap that caused me nothing but headaches earlier this year and now..I, MET a scorpio.. he's not the 1st scorpio in my lifetime.. but the 1st that I've felt THIS connected with. Almost like one mind, one heart..all that is left is to become one...literally. He already said "I love you" & calls me his wife..The guy practically adores, if not WORSHIPS me.. making MY Venus in Aries & Scorpio moon is scared and feels like running!!..I haven't said "I love you" in response to him. I told him that my love takes time and has to grow. He understands and he said he won't stop telling me "I love you" until I tell him to stop.

SOOO DXP fam..

Do you think OUR charts fair well?? and do we have lasting power & potential?

~*MY CHART*~ (DOB: MAY, 7th 1982, Boston, MA ; 6:28am EST)

Sun - Taurus (16??32') in House XII
Moon - Scorpio (9??50') in House VI
Mercury- Gemini (7??39') in House I
Venus- Aries (3??16') in House XI
Mars - Libra (0??30' R) in House V
Jupiter - Scorpio (4??01' R) in House VI
Saturn - Libra (16??53' R) in House VI
Uranus - Sagittarius (3??18' R) in House XII
Neptune - Sagittarius (26??39' R) in House VIII
Pluto - Libra (24??58' R) in House VI
Chiron - Taurus (22??30') in House XII
Ceres - Scorpio (21??36' R) in House VI
Pallas - Libra (2??55' R) in House V
Juno - Capricorn (11??10' R) in House VIII
Vesta - Aquarius (18??59') in House X
Node - Cancer (14??59' R) in House III
Lilith - Sagittarius (22??52') in House VII
Fortune - Scorpio (26??27') in House XI
AS -Gemini (3??10')
MC - Aquarius (8??27')

HIS CHART ~~ (DOB: October 30, 1983, Lagos, Nigeria; 11pm CET)

Sun- Scorpio (6??56') in House IV
Moon- Virgo (0??34') in House II
Mercury- Scorpio (7??05')in House III
Venus- Virgo (20??28') in House III
Mars- Virgo (18??58') in House III
Jupiter- Sagittarius(12??11') in House V
Saturn- Scorpio (7??12') in House IV
Uranus- Sagittarius (7??27') in House V
Neptune- Sagittarius(27??12') in House VI
Pluto- Libra(29??46') in House IV
Chiron- Gemini (1??58')in House XI
Ceres - Aquarius (16??11')in House VIII
Pallas- Capricorn (15??30')in House VI
Juno - Taurus (5??36')in House X
Vesta- Cancer(1??31') in House XII
Node- Gemini (16??39') in House XI
Lilith- Pisces (17??51') in House IX
Fortune- Virgo(26??52') in House III
AS- Cancer (20??30')
MC- Aries (21??11')

C'mon ya'll..PLEASE help a sista out??
@ IntriguedScorp...YES you are dead on correct!

"Hot and Cold"..that would BEST explain the "uncertain, unsettling" or "off-ness" I feel at times. I just couldn't put my finger on it. The guy is amazingly sweet, thoughtful, attentive..(I forget he's a scorpio at just has nonchalant coolness about him that is magnetizing and makes him stand out. When he says things like "You're mine." I LOVE it..b/c I can be a bit possessive as well and in a wierd way it feels good for someone to feel that way about me too.

I don't know what it is..maybe what's putting me off at times is that things seem too easy or "safe"..I'm used to a challenge, or a puzzle..always trying to crack the nut (minds) of my former interests. Something new is always nice. While this guy has been nothing but an open book, honest and upfront about everything. I have been and done the same for him as well.

I just wish that unsettling feeling would go away..
Posted by ellessque
Posted by IntriguedScorp
He's practically a Virgo! Looks like a good match for you. In fact I would venture to say that you will be the one who plays hot and cold in this relationship.


the taurus/scorpio comb is perplexing, to say the least. your scorpio moon is going to be drawn to him regardless. IS has said, you will be the one more inclined to do the hot and cold dance than he will be. *you* will also be the one who initiates the power struggles. that is not meant to be a criticism or a's just something to keep in mind when you start seeing those types of situations.

Oh yes..I'm def I feel a tango, cha-cha-cha in my soooul. Lord help me
Posted by ellessque
lilith in sag.

the rest of your chart works together beatifully.

it's that lilith that gives you those temporary feelings. You just need to learn to identify them and work your libra so you don't "worry" about them til later....because by the time "later" hits, they will be gone.
he has a very nice chart, btw.

perfect combo of the scorp and virgo, I think. 100% gentleman, I'm sure.

Yes I'm trying to rid the wierd feelings altogether...but the dance music starts

OOH he IS such a gentleman.. with a nice slight British accent to match.

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