Scorpio: Do's & Dont's


"Im just a woman. I am very empathetic and kind. I trust too easy,and yet i alwa
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Look as scrumptious as possible whenever you?re in your Scorpio's presence. He will appreciate natural sex appeal - or what appears to be natural.

Be ready and willing to talk in great detail about your fantasies and your dirty little secrets.

Share all: your Scorpio will want to know all your hidden desires and will probably want to fulfil them.

Invest in some satin sheets and scented candles. Your Scorpio will provide the seduction music and the massage.

Become comfortable with the feeling that you're being devoured head to toe by the Scorpion's intense gaze. When your Scorpio stares into your eyes, he won't have to say a word for you to know what's on his mind.

Let go: you will enter into a deeper, more intense relationship than you might have imagined possible. Your Scorpio will be the most passionate, magnetic all-consuming partner you have ever known.


Accuse a Scorpio of being faithless or toying with your emotions. He will take it as a serious insult. Scorpio is one of the most faithful and devoted Signs.

Even think about arousing a Scorpio's jealousy, either intentionally or thoughtlessly. Your Scorpio could lash out violently, becoming angry or overly possessive.

Tease a Scorpio about his performance in bed. Scorpions are renowned for their sexual prowess, and they usually are quite proud of their reputation.

Forget launching your own emotional fireworks or dramatic displays without considering the consequences. Your Scorpio may counteract with an intensity that you're not willing or able to match.