Scorpio/Pisces Connection?

Female fish here...and curious to all of those Scorpios out there on whether or not they feel the connection with Pisces when they encounter them?

I've noticed this deep, shock-you-through-your-veins connection when I've encountered Scorpios of the male kind in the past decade or so. I've never romantically been involved with a Scorpio (I've done the Taurus and Cancer thing over and over again) but I am just super curious to know how the Scorps feel about us Pisces? Is there an instantaneous WHOA! type feeling that you feel with the Pisces?

I also would be super curious to hear... I have had two WHOA scorpio encounters! Do scorps get it with us too???
as a male Scorpio, i find Pisces the easiest to get along with - it's the most natural fit for me and its usually instantaneous...
Thank you for your replies!!!!!

Exoskeleton - I share the part about it being scary how the other sees right through your soul... not that I have anything to hide, but more like "hey, how did you break into the fort?" It's frightening and impressive and magical all at once!

God I love those Scorpios! Such deep wells of mystery, I just want to jump in and swim...
I like Pisces not a Scorp though. :p
Posted by saltwater

God I love those Scorpios! Such deep wells of mystery, I just want to jump in and swim...

I am happily married to my pisces. He is the most compatible person i've ever met and the sex is well mind-blowing for me which is saying a lot
Posted by exoskeleton
instantaneous, yes. just one glance and we're magnetically drawn together.

it scares me actually. fish (and other scorps) see straight into my spirit no with effort at all.

He understands me without me having to spell it out
He amuses me with interesting stories
He can say just the right thing when i need to hear it
He makes me feel loved and appreciated
He never forgets my birthday or any holiday for that matter

He knows i will be forever loyal to him
He knows i trust him completely
He makes me want to be the best person i can be
He completes me in that we make a great team
I never dated a Pisces but know many. I think the connection is very easy with Pisces. Most signs deal with a Scorpio's wall first and then proceed to the inside if all is good. Pisces it's almost as if they were inside you all along, the conversation starts from the inside. So it's easy connection. However when it comes to a long term relationship, Scorpios and Pisces go about life too differently to be long term material. I love Pisces Mooners in a earth Sun though.

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