Scorpio Women Love Aquarius men

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Cinnamon Girl

There's a website that staes Scorpio women love Aquarius men, and it lists Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Rebecca Romijin and Aishwarya Rai as prime examples of Scorpio women who are in love with Aquarius men. I wanted to know if this were true for other Scorpio ladies. Do you love Aquarius men?
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Sun Scorpio Moon

Aquarius men?

they are attractive! but that's all.. tooooo bossy!! tooo opinionated! and somehow they think they got a scorp girl into their string...

the girls are my very good friends, but the guys :S good looking but a bit flighty (give them credit for hard work though)

sorry for my opinion
i know... i shouldn't be so limiting.. everyone can be different one way or another... even under same zodiac sign... on star as leader

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Sun Scorpio Moon

I meant your planet defines you somewhat...
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Sea Siren

from Full Fathom Five  

Pisces Sun/Scorp Rising Moon/Mars/Mer

Aquarian men seem kind of cold and detached to me in the emotional department. I don't see how that would suit a passionate Scorpio woman. ??? Of course, all these couples may have other things in their charts that make them more synastic.
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Cinnamon Girl

Posted by Tahlia
Aquarius men love the Scorp women too

water women in general from what i've seen. i know i can't speak for them...but i see it on the regular
I always knew there was an attraction between Scorpios and Aquarians. Noone hardly talks about it, I don't know why, but I think Scorpios and Aquarians can make a very good love match.

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