Scorpio men and sex

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Has anyone had many experiences with scorpio men? I hear they are really freaky in bed , and do they remain loyal? I am interested in one , but I keep hearing things about them liking anal sex and being bi-sexual. Can anyone fill me in on this. Also , are scorpio guys very emotional or do they appear to be cold?
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Well, most of what you've heard is true. Right now I am with a Scorpio male (I'm a woman in case you didn't know) and I can tell you that he's pretty much is a freak. As far as I know he isn't bi-sexual but he does ask me to have anal sex. Also, with most Scorpios, they do seem "cold" on the outside. This is because most Scorpios (whether they are male or female)find difficulty with showing emotion. Many of them can sometimes seem to be addicted to sex, but they are very capable of being faithful. I hope I answered your question.

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hi, i agree.. i am with a scorpio now, and they can show you such things that you'll remember till the end of your life..
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I have to disagree with the last two posts...I was dating a Scorpio male for a long time and he never once seemed "freaky" in bed....matter of fact, he was actually kind of shy at first! I was the one that had to show hi the moves...if you know what I mean!! As far as emotionally-he was a tough one...only spoke of his feelings for me when I was walking out the door! And he could be pretty intense when it came to his moods-very extreme! But overall...he was a really nice guy!
-Scorpio Babe
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scorpio babe, I'd just like to thank you for you positives words..I've seen your posts in different areas of these messageboards and you're extremely helpful with trait info!!
I will say this, (i'm a libra female) scorpions are EXTREMELY PASSIONATE KISSERS...OMIGOSH.... (the scorpio guy I was into--- 1st kiss..I almost melted in the backseat of the car...WHOOOOO!!!)
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all I know is that I would love to find me a sexy , passionate scorpio guy .....and just MMMmmmmmmmm
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Hi Libra Female!
Thank you for the kind words! After taking a beating on the Libra posts, I was beginning to feel a little misunderstood!lol!
You are so right-Scorp guys are such passionate kissers...again I say it is because they live in the moment...and in that moment all they see is you and they concentrate all their efforts!!! It is truly a beautiful thing...kissing a Scorpio man!!!!
-Scorpio Babe
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Ok I consider myself an expert on this topic. Lets not generalize to all, note the following are merely opinions from my own experience. I have always dated Scorpio men, and I have been married to one for 5 years and counting.
I'm a Scorpio woman myself and can't speak for all, but once a famous astrologer said "A Scorpio woman can read a Scorpio man like a book. Trouble is, she won't like all the chapters."

Heres a few rules of the road I've come to discover personally:
1) There are 2 types of Scorpio men. (This is not only my personal conclusion, but a Scorpio man also said this) One type is faithful and will not mess around. The other type is a chronic womanizer, only there for the sexual conquest and will be getting it from as many bodies as possible. (Scorpio men absolutely love a conquest and a challenge, but then again I know one who says "make me an offer! I won't refuse!").
Not to mention all the sex they can get from a variety of sources if they deem they can get away with it.
You will be the very last to know about all the other women too unless you have an open arrangement of some kind. Every Scorpio man I have known myself and heard about from word-of-mouth(of the womanizer type that is) had a knack for making a woman feel like she was the only one in the Universe for him. When it was QUITE far from the truth!
Scorpio men can be reeeeeeally sneaky, especially when it comes to sex. I have noted them to be more homophobic then bisexual personally, then you do see some bisexual or homosexual ones. Sometimes in secret too of course.

To be fair, I have heard of and seen once or twice--the womanizer types to sometimes learn a very painful lesson in loss if they do allow their feelings to become engaged without putting their money where their mouth is. (or ah, other body parts in the opposite sense)
Then after a slap from the Universe they are able to commit fully in the future. If a serious monogamous relationship is on your agenda. Otherwise don't sweat it, just take his passionate heat of the moment declarations with a grain of salt. It makes women swoon, he smugly knows this, and yes, chances are he uses it on all the women.
On a personal note, I passed up a womanizer type who I know has real feelings, to marry the faithful type. I just don't trust the addicted to woman types. This womanizer type is ~still~ chasing me after 6 years to no avail. See I'm afraid he wants to play both sides of the field-if you like sharing your man I guess you can take it!
2)As for freaky-deaky stuff, I'd say I have mostly seen stuff like wanting to do it several times in one night. Or like my womanizer friend, merriely jump from one woman to another like a flea--he took 4 women in one night I kid you not. It will always depend on various enivornmental influences-in his case he is a very powerful man with a lot of "groupies." At any rate, the Scorpio man given the means will most surely take the opportunity to act out his fantasies.
All of the ones I slept with liked a little bondage (them dominant of course)And clearly like to be the dominant partner, though a few like to switch roles because they are attracted to strong, bold women. Usually like it pretty rough, be ready to take a pounding ladies!lol Oh and of course love oral sex like its going out of style. Try the water too, they love that. We are a water sign you know.

Anyhoo I've rambled on enough! Scorpio men are just too complex for me to sum up. Always more than meets the eye. Just be careful that if you don't want to be used like a trophy then coldly tossed away like yesterday's kleenex, that you know which kind you are dealing with. They are notorious for being an ice-cold bastard after they have their way with you. Have been known to pull disappearing acts as well.

Case in point on the ice-cold bastard thing, the womanizer who wants me to leave my husband for him calls them "just like mes" and says
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I'm a scorpio woman , and yes I can read all scorpio men like books. I guess that takes some of the challenge out of it for me lol....and I do love a challenge.
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Oh wow guys, were certainly taking a beting here!
However, much of what is said is sadly......true, toan extent!!
buuuut, its the same role reversed for females........i dont have the patience in me right now to get into it but it seems to me that the only difference is that....most women here seemto be speaking from beding the sigma of "all men are bastards in womens eyes guise!!

If u wanna mail me to im
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I've gone to sleep at night and had dreams of sex with the Scorpio Man. I'm a Virgo Woman who CRAVES passion! Believe me, I wished it was reality!

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