Scorpio men and wanting to get married

My scorpio wants to marry me, hes talking kids in a few years. He tells his mom im the love of my life. We are apart right now for 6 months. He worries about me all the time. He writes me love letters with poems. What makes a scorpio man want these things. I've read that they love 100%, but I'm wondering how long this will last. Does their love grow overtime and become even more deep?
yes it does. once you are theirs, they never stop loving you, unless you do something to kill that love. scorpio intensity, loyalty, and love doesnt die. it's all consuming. he's going to love you and the kids for you are a part of him.
Can you post his chart?
Some of these assumptions depend on what else is in his chart besides his Scorpio sun sign.
hmmm...i wouldn't hold your breath. you say you haven't seen eachother for 6 months? his passion could just be fuelled by distance. he could even be making these assertions to make sure he keeps you from straying. ultimately, it's about what you want in any case isn't it? let's see his chart. let seraph run a spot check on it cos he knows what he's talking about whereas i'm just speaking form a scorp sun standpoint..and having been in relationships with scorps. their passion can blow firey hot and icey cold in a heartbeat.

he talks about marriage, a day to day living together situation from the perspective of you not having even seen each other for 6 months? hmmmmm.
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Not really...

I still want a life partner. I just don't see why the state needs to be involved with my relationship. Or... why I need the blessing of God when I don't believe in God.

And as far as kids go... I just don't like babies. They scare me.

If a child popped out of that hole with crayons and a coloring book, ready to go... I'd be down for that. But that crying, vomiting, diaper butterting thing they call a baby... I can't do that mess.

I'm very close to deciding to have the snip snip done, and I'm only 25 years old.

I'd be very willing to adopt later down the road.

It isn't just the state, it's the general view of marriage by women. (I'm generalizing here, so bear with.)

You'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who is willing to eschew the ring+ceremony+honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera for all time. Marriage has become a pretty idealized institution, that isn't helped any when the Joneses next door had a "fairy-tale" ceremony (with a bill to match) not even a year ago and have been showing everyone their photos ever since (which are showcased front-and-centre on Facebook.) There *are* exceptions (divorc?es, etc) but looking at just *my* circle of friends, it's once of those "Life Achievements" right up there with graduating college and buying a house.

However, since you're an unconventional thinker (compliment) it's likely you already gravitate to others who are like you. Chances are better.
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I think taxidermy may be the only option in that case.

Now that's a stiff penalty.
hey this is his chart:

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
Sun Scorpio 5.42 Ascendant Taurus 10.36
Moon Pisces 26.25 II Gemini 9.54
Mercury Libra 22.29 III Cancer 11.45
Venus Scorpio 4.17 IV Leo 15.20
Mars Sagittarius 28.09 V Virgo 17.49
Jupiter Scorpio 17.33 VI Libra 16.26
Saturn Libra 26.28 VII Scorpio 10.36
Uranus Sagittarius 3.09 VIII Sagittarius 9.54
Neptune Sagittarius 25.03 IX Capricorn 11.45
Pluto Libra 27.14 Midheaven Aquarius 15.20
Lilith Capricorn 14.31 XI Pisces 17.49
Asc node Cancer 5.54 XII Aries 16.26

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here is mine:
Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
Sun Cancer 23.04 Ascendant Aries 24.45
Moon Libra 10.45 II Taurus 29.28
Mercury Leo 0.35 III Gemini 22.17
Venus Virgo 3.43 IV Cancer 12.15
Mars Cancer 11.18 V Leo 4.21
Jupiter Sagittarius 1.20 R VI Virgo 5.06
Saturn Libra 27.54 VII Libra 24.45
Uranus Sagittarius 5.25 R VIII Scorpio 29.28
Neptune Sagittarius 27.11 R IX Sagittarius 22.17
Pluto Libra 26.44 Midheaven Capricorn 12.15
Lilith Aquarius 13.27 XI Aquarius 4.21
Asc node Gemini 24.47 XII Pisces 5.06

Posted by DazedScorp
You're right Mufasa...

In b4 wildebeest stampede.
Elle, aren't you glad I had her post their charts knowing you'd analyze them?
Posted by ellessque
lol....sorry, i budged.

Which is exactly what I wanted.
what does the lilith part relate 2?
ya i do. just wondering how real he is. people tend to bs for sum reason. am i a good match judging by my chart?
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