Scorpio that keeps coming back...

I dated a Scorpio male a year ago however, it didn't work out because we are just two different people. It started off great, he was calm with a lot of conversation. We went a lot of places however, he would say things that were unacceptable out in public. He started cursing and whining when I wanted to go to my favorite places to eat. He started becoming very jealous, nitt picky and possessive. He would always compliment me on how wonderful I was though. I met his mother and other family members. However, that did not conceal the fact that we are not meant for each other. I broke it off and he stopped talking to me all together. Every three months he contacts me to see if I am single. I always tell him "no." I offered friendship however, he has turned that down. Every time he contacts me, he is wanting to get back together. Is there anyway to ensure him that we are not meant for each other and there is no future?
Yeah ... Scorpios HAVE to be the breaker-upper, not the breakee. If you break up with a Scorpio .. they will become obssessive because this is their motto ...


And you dared to break up with a God .... how dare you, Virgo?

The solution to the problem is to get back with him ... irritate and piss the living treetrunk out of him until he breaks up with you.

Then you'll never have to deal with him again in your life because he will make sure this happens ....... because he will think he's punishing you ....

.. and that's what Scorpios do if you dare .. they punish.

So, so the treetrunk what? Let him think what he wants, right? You win, actually, because this is what you wanted anyway. Only he won't know this .. he'll believe he was the breaker, and you breakee, and that you are being punished for it by not having him anylonger.
P-Angel: scorps aren't quite that dramatic i don't think. i haven't met one that thought he/she was god at all so where this idea comes from, i don't know. perhaps it is this perception that makes people tend to want to see us suffer just so they see we are feeling anything at all!!
Any more outbursts like that P-angel, and I'll strike thine mortal ass down
"P-Angel: scorps aren't quite that dramatic i don't think."

no? does panties wadding up ass over a name on a piece of paper sound familiar to you?

How DARE him .... all dramatic and butter.

that's just a piece of paper .. imagine how a Scorpio would act over being ............. dissed.

sounds more like aries behaviour!
"sounds more like aries behaviour!"

woa don't drag us into this psychotic mess we don't obsess over it for months cuz Aries attention span is like a grasshopper which makes. oooohh I am going to watch Greys' Anatomy online I want ice cream
This is the deal... He seems to call me when something has happened to him, wanting to talk for hours even though, he doesn't want to be friends and we haven't talked in months. His father passed away and he quit his higher paid job. He gives me a calling wanting us to get together. He was a little cranky when I wouldn't tell him exactly where I worked. He kept pressing the issue, wanting to know why. I offer friendship, he says "no thank you." He gets put on medication, he calls again. I tell him the same thing. He gets a new job, same thing... He sent me a text message and I told him, I just got home. He wanted to know where and with who. Why doesn't he just accept the friendship or move on all together? He told me last night to call him when I am single and want to see him. I have told him that we cannot get back together. I don't feel he understands.
Besides him being possessive, jealous and complaining, he also tells stories or exaggerates to make himself look good.
MsVirgo, I asked a Scorpio man what will it take him to get the message that it's over and you know what he said?? And He was serious, too! He said that I would have to say no no no no no to him for a few months before he will finally walk away. Months !

I guess you just have to stand your ground or do what the other poster suggested, get back with him, piss him off.. One of the thigns that scorpio men dont like is clingy, possesive woman.. Try that maybe, if you'd like. But whatever you do, pick one and stay with it.
I don't think his behavior is typical to Scorpios, one rejection is quite enough for me thank you, I'm not into masochism. The guy has had family problems and is on meds, do you suppose that has anything to do with his weirdness?

I understand the frustration, I just doubt that it has much to do with which month he was born in.
Aries: "woa don't drag us into this psychotic mess we don't obsess over it for months cuz Aries attention span is like a grasshopper which makes. oooohh I am going to watch Greys' Anatomy online I want ice cream"

hahahahha!!! you are right but only in the day to day. if the aries gets a bee in his/her bonnet about something, they obsess like a scorpio on acid.
Hey MsV, I've been in your situation...Ignore him. He can't handle the fact that you were the one to decide he wasn't right for you.

The SM from my past has tried to drag me back in so many times (the first couple of times I went back), and even when we were just mates if he had a fight with his gf - he'd ring me and start a fight with Lol. I know what all this was about, but that's another story for another time

DON'T go back to him. Trust me, i've done that, it DOESN'T work. It only encourages his behaviour, he'll leave you then keep on comin back until you kick him to the kerb once and for all. You've done enough, don't let him make you feel guilty so that you keep being there for him. Good luck with it
"Whats up with Pisces woman, SSP?"

Hot and steamy.
Is there anyway to ensure him that we are not meant for each other and there is no future?

Don't pick up his calls.
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