Scorpios and sexual insecurity.

Is it just me? Or do Scorpios (especially women) are always awkward after sex? It's like we have a fear of adandoment or rejection. That's how I am. But I want to know if I'm alone on this or not

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I have a mars in scorpio and I feel very sexually confident
Hell yeah my friend acts just like that
I can be quite an insecure person in general but I don't normally feel that at all after sex. I can get clingy like "aww lets hug and have a deeeep talk" lol but usually I just really badly need a smoke.

The only time I've had that fear of abandoment/rejection after sex was when the person was extremely selfish and it was as if I wasn't even there haha.

My mars is in Scorp like sagittarius89 so maybe she's right and that's what it is.
This is why I never want to have sex >>;
Stupid Scorpio inside of me.
acorpios after sex are.....awkward
mars in scorp is very, "i did my thing."

scorp sun ares very....silent....
Hahaha I agree with everything your saying Elle!

We bring em down
Posted by ellessque, they get attitude like arrogant attitude (i know i do)....don't know much about the others.

I could break up marriages.

Who said that?
Posted by exoskeleton
i'm not sure if the right term for this is "sexual insecurity". that would suggest we doubt our sexy skills and that's certainly not the case.

though i understand the fear of abandonment/rejection. when i have sex with someone i'm falling in love with that vulnerability and intimacy chokes me up, to the point where i've even cried after sex. it's like in those moments i know i'm already tangled up and binded to them and i couldn't turn back if i wanted to.

i don't think it's necessarily awkwardness. sex changes things.

Exo quit taking my words out of my brain before I can write them down

We fall too easily, and we fall too hard. Sex really makes that accelerate, as if it wasn't fast enough already. Though I've never cried after sex. I do get really insecure and either get really distant or clingy (which usually backfires on me and THEN I get distant).
I've been pondering this falling too easily and quickly thing lately. I sometimes wonder if its because I don't know the guy that well yet, and maybe I'm only seeing the good things. But I realize that usually isn't true. I just *SEE* people. Like nobody can. I can see through the shields, to the heart. Its easy to make a decision about someone when you can do this. "Nope, not worth my time" or "Sure I'll keep this one in friend zone" or "OMG I may have found the one". Its like I have xray vision.
How many years did it take you to get to the point where you could actually DO that- not just talk about it, Elle?
Posted by ellessque
omg you have to OWN that butter.

sex is sex, a place to leave all inhibitions at the door and to replay in your mind later when you are bored

at band camp?
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