Sidereal vs Tropical Scorps!?

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10/28/2006 4:34:55 PM | More

Which of your scorps are true scorps--that is, Sidereal Scorps, born after around mid Nov through mid December?? Please identify yourselves so we know who the true scorps are vs the lost Librans. If you don't know WTF I'm talking about then please call a VEDIC ASTROLOGER or a WESTERN SIDEREALIST ASAP and get yourselves up to date. Certainly many of you know that popular western astrology (at least sign assigment) is philosophically and scientifcally incorrect due to precession, an astronomical phenomena. If I get lots of "whatever!!!!" in response I'll certainly be on my way to being convinced I'm reading posts by LIBRANS and not SCORPS, WHO ARE TRUTH SEEKERS!! This goes for myself as well, a sidereal aquarian, who's spent his life thinking he's a piscean. It's hard sometimes since bordering signs share planets. I have many pisces traits, but then why not, aspects don't change, only signs do. Thus all the NEPTUNE TRINES remain AND I have JUPITER IN PISCES IN THE MIDHEAVEN. But holy hell, do I ever need SPACE.
10/28/2006 4:49:49 PM | More

Great to hear it!!
10/28/2006 5:54:33 PM | More

Wtf? And the rest what you've said, didn't work.
10/28/2006 10:02:47 PM | More

Nevermind HAFFIA ....either you get it or you don't.
10/29/2006 4:12:22 AM | More

Thanks for relieving me from that burden Greatwhite.
10/29/2006 5:07:43 AM | More

For what it's worth, I actually read quite a few books which hold the view that the first decan of each sign is actually the most strongly marked by that sign. Has anybody else heard of that? There are so many theories flying around! I do personally notice a difference with the first decan of scorpio (my favs) for example, and I can't say it lies in a similarity with libras...

Bluestar, it could be your Asc manifesting itself, yeah. I also read that Libra Asc gives off this very 'likeable' quality and I know a Scorp with Libra Asc who's insanely charming and likeable (Scorpios can be a bit more daunting usually). What a combo!

I think anyone would denounce their siderealisticness in those same circumstances notso07.

10/29/2006 5:38:47 AM | More

Oh wow! I'm right for once, thanks antibling (yeah, somehow I feel more inclined to believe your side of the story that Greatwhite's even though, having peeked at your profile, I know you're not entirely unbiased about that Libra Asc )

'Everybodies' person' describes it well from an exterior point of view, that suits the Scorpio with Libra Asc I know perfectly. But I didn't realize it left you feeling a bit lonely too... That's sad. I'm going to go with the theory that you just haven't met the right people yet Bluestar!
10/29/2006 2:04:37 PM | More

female from London, UK  

My big bad planets are:

How do you work that out? I am 11th November..what does that make me..I am a poxy libran
10/29/2006 2:20:31 PM | More

Greatwhite, do you support this theory because you can't handle being a Pisces? I can sympathise, but all this ayurvedic siderealistic supercalifragilistic talk sounds like typical piscean denial to me, like, an attempt at escapism

WESTERN SIDEREALIST conjured up this weird image of an as yet unmade Clint Eastwood movie to me. I don't know whether or not to thank you for that.
10/29/2006 2:37:31 PM | More

"ayurvedic siderealistic supercalifragilistic"

Did he just cursed at me?
10/29/2006 6:23:49 PM | More

TEA....well if it's ESCAPISM then you'd have to apply that same theory to anyone who supports VEDIC astrology.....millions.....and I assume I don't have to tell you that they're NOT ALL PISCEANS....DUH!! By your suggestion, anyone who supports sidereal astrology "can't handle" being the sign they are. Maybe those who support it are simply more interested in the scientific, historical and philosophical accuracy of our art than the average joe, who, like an ostrich with it's head in the sand, finds it easier to not investigate anything and except popular non sense without skepticism. As for my being PISCES VERSUS AQUARIUS, what makes you think I like AQUARIUS more than PISCES!!!!??????????? Frankly, I'd rather stay a fish!!! To my thinking, pisces has everything the aqua has and lots more, that is, the added dimension of instinct and intuition of a high order. I have no reason to think being born in the final sign doesn't offer some great edge---for those who seize it. It's in aquarius, leo's natural opposite, that the sun is said to be in detriment, not in pisces!!! But , even on that, I have my own views as I see LEO as actually being the least confident (even though the sun rules this sign) as clearly they have so much to prove. Pisces as an archetype is actually very internally guided although those thus ruled may nod in agreement as arguing is likely to seem a waste of energy. This really has less to do with fear and more to do with efficiency as most I've observed will often listen to everything a person says without retort then turn around and do precisely as they damn well please.
TEA...perhaps it's you who's in've likely vested so much in being a scorp that you cannot even concieve of being a libra. But many of your planets may still be in scorp and that's what makes it all rather complex. For those interested, you can check out your sidereal chart at by using the appropriate selections there. Essentially, it's your western chart minus about 25 degrees. This means that only about 25 % of folks are the sun sign they think they are. Have fun!

10/29/2006 7:09:11 PM | More

I should also add the Western's Astrology being "wrong" isn't a theory at all but a well known set of "facts" available to anyone with the intellectual vigor to research astrology's beginnings for him/herself.

Much can be explained away, as TEA and BLUESTAR point out, by the interchange of nearby signs. My mom was a good example. Tropically, she had SUN MARS VENUS AND MERCURY in SCORPIO and you would have been hard pressed to convince me my mom was a LIBRAN prior to my more serious study of astrology. But, she still had MARS VENUS AND MERCURY in SCORP either way. And of course, anyone with these 3 personal planets in scorpio has a powerful shot of the 8th sign, nevermind their sun sign! But regardless of interpretive complexity on the personal level, much of astrology's evolution from ancient times is well known enough to make certain declarations about a given astro system's accuracy with regards to astrology's origin. This is why siderealists can say what they say and back it up with history, science and art and it's also why tropicalists can only make silly excuses. know, however, that aspects DON'T change and they are the real juice of interpretation anyway!!!! Sun conjunct venus, for example, reflects great vanity, well not afflicted, regardless of sign, regardless of system used. Well, folks, I have the twins ascending in both approaches and we mercury ruled take little at face value (especially when pluto opposes mercury) and rarely stop at one paragraph. So then may the true eagles among you continue to soar and fill your bellies with worms and rodents and monkeys and may the true librans among you find peace in being, uh, peaceful, icky-sugary and, strangely, argumentative!!
10/30/2006 3:28:50 AM | More

You may want to get your facts right before jumping on whichever bandwagon you feel like jumping on. That sounds very pisceslike to me, and the reason I feel entitled to say this is because I'm a pisces myself. Not a scorpio or a libra who thinks they're a scorpio. Not even a sidereal piscean/aquarian either, if I follow your theory. Yup, I'm one of those that have, in your own words, "everything the aqua has and lots more, that is, the added dimension of instinct and intuition of a high order". Lovely thing to say, although I don't personally see myself as superior to Aquas, but thanks nevertheless

"Much can be explained away, as TEA and BLUESTAR point out, by the interchange of nearby signs."

I'll let Bluestar speak for herself, but I was speaking about decans, and in a way that explicitly went contrary to what you were saying. I think it a little dishonest of you to recuperate what I've said to make it fit your way of thought however suits you best. I am not vehemently against ayurvedic astrology, I mean if I'm here digging something like astrology, I'd be hard put to it to say people who like ayurvedic astrology are idiots. But the way you go about it doesn't make me want to explore it, that's for sure. You remind me of people from this sect that keep trying to shove their propaganda down my throat. It's not their theory I resent (although I do think it isn't very nice of them to keep saying I'll burn in hell in a lot of suffering for all of eternity if I don't join), it's the aggressive way they have of imposing their beliefs upon others.

I'm sorry if I hurt your (obviously strong) feelings about ayurvedic astro, but dont'take it to heart so much Greatwhite. I mean, I reread my previous posts and, sure, they were a little silly, but there wasn't much to ponder in there!

Also, are you dissing Librans at the end there? Or was that just meant for me?

Sending you some icky-sugar and peace in a ribboned box (with hearts printed on it)
10/30/2006 1:40:07 PM | More

"I mean, I re-read my previous posts and, sure, they were a little silly, but there wasn't much to ponder in there!"

Well, Tea, thanx for that admission. Cleary, with that, you've made my job much simpler!!! But wouldn't the Pisces Board be a better place for silliness and saying things which contain nothing to ponder, especially per the writer's own admission?? Just kidding, I can be a smart ass too! But getting people to think out of the box is what I do---or try to do---best. LOL

Anyway, I am passionate about astrology, you're correct AT LEAST in that regard. I have studied both systems rather intensively over the years although I wouldn't say I'm an expert. For me, experience is the best proving ground. "Read much, but look around even more" might be my motto. Obviously, both systems have, in their way, withstood the test of time and are highly useful. For myself, using that system which aligns more closely with astrology's origins and with astronomy is a huge added benefit. The whys and wherefores of that are complex and not for here, at least I think not. Suffice it to say that the eastern approach makes more intellectual sense to me. "Feelings", strictly speaking, have little to do with it. Frankly I have no real stake in being any sign or another. When I look at charts I mostly look at aspects to illuminate the chart owner for me, not signs. It's unfortunate for you if you see others' viewpoints as oppressive and ego-threatening, expressed with passion or not. The point in my post on this subject is just to get people to think about the different systems and start reading up and looking around, if they've known nothing of it heretonow.

As for you're being a FISH and not a SCORP, my bad, but the spirit of my point remains unchanged despite the specifics being off base. My comments about PISCES should not be constued as "lovely" either....they are based on observation of people in general and not on any desire to make any FISH feel complimented.

Finally, as to Librans!!?? Well, let's mix this up a bit. YOU tell ME!

Swim well and long, Fish-being, and DO watch out for SHARKS!
10/31/2006 10:23:07 AM | More

I think my sideral is also Pisces.
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