That Scorpio Magnetism

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I posted this comment on the wrong board...need help..what is it with Scorpio Women and their magnetism....I work with one and boy does she work a room..even guys that generally keep to themselves can't resist her....tell me what's her secret
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I answered this question on the Taurus board already.

What exactly do you mean by work a room? The ones I know are usually quite, aloof, and cool, unless they know you and are friends with you.

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-scorpio woman-


I am just recently engaged, MarineSag I

YES!!! It would be good to have a little bit more info before I can give u my opinion.
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What I mean, is she does have a very magnetic personality....she's very funny and looks at things in a different light and she does have a tendency to say what's on her mind...I have even seen her tell our Department Manager what she thinks of him, of course in a playful way...anyway, she is quiet and aloof but as soon as she enters a room it's like all the men in her vicinity have to come and talk to her....She trully amazes me.....I'm not jealous of her, I just don't know if this is a "Sign" thing or a personal thing
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She sounds like the typical Scorp the one they wrote the book about! And my kind of person!
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OK, I have a confession to make...I am one of those guys that find her can I get her to notice me....every once in awhile I catch her looking at me I turn away but she still looks at me...Help!!

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female from United States  

Scorpio women (I am one so trust me) like Men With have to show her your balls, figuratively speaking. It sounds to me like she's already interested in you, otherwise the looks you're getting wouldn't be there. She finds you interesting and can probably sense your interest in her, we are a little psychic that way. You have to be slightly mysterious in order to hold her interest. Don't just walk up to her and start with the lines or start talking a blue streak trying to impress her, we hate phony conversation and we can sense it a mile away. You must be yourself, but remain slightly hard to get--we like a challenge...but dont' be an a s s hole about it you know? : )

You must realize very quickly that with scorpio women, there is so much more than what meets the eye. So you can imagine that if she seems this dynamic on the surface, what's beneath the surface will amaze you...good or bad.

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