The Scorpio Male in Love ???

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Hi all, I have been seeing a male scorpio for a few months now, when we met it was weird, I could feel his eyes watching me from the crowd (we were in a pub - him and his mates and me and mine) then he approched me and seeked approval from my friends to talk to me (the perfect gentleman) We have been seeing one another for a few months now and its good but there is a lot of games being played with the two of us, its weird, I'm a Gemini and Ive never felt like this about any man I really respect him but this game playing is doing my nut in (when we are together we have the most amazing conversations) Is this game playing normal for a Scorpio?? How does he feel? I dont want to get hurt !!!!

Please reply Amanda Pauline xxxxxxxx
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Hi Poly, it's Elizabeth. I think I totally understand where you're coming from. But what kind of games do you mean? my scorpio and me have known eachother for about a month and a week, and he has already said "I love you". It's scary, and I don't know if I can believe him, though I really care about him a lot. And I know what you mean, I feel different about him than any other guy i've been with too. it's just a really different feeling, and i don't know how to explain it. maybe i love him too... maybe not. Sometimes he'll say things to me to see how I'll react, and it bothers me. I don't know, it's really hard to explain. but, I would like to know what kind of games you mean, to see if we're going through the same thing.

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Hi Elizabeth, thanks for replying to my message. Well is hard to explain about the game playing its like he's testing me all the time to see if I am playing with his head when its him playing with mine, He wont fone me for days but thats because I never foned him first sort of thing then one of us eventually give in and fone, its pretty MAD!! for me. If he asks to go out and I let him down and I suggest an alternative night he wont go on what I suggested (saying he has plans when I know he hasent!!!) its like he wants to be the dominant one (Well from reading up in Scorpio's are very controlling and need to control and dominate) so thats maybe what he is trying to do with me, like "he wears the trousers" its all pretty mad at the moment, I suppose cause we are getting to know one another and dont want to be hurt by the other, He has told me he cares for me but not the L word (YET!!) And he talks to me in "future terms" like "We will go there one day" sort of thing. I suppose he doesnt want to be hurt by me and me him, and the two of us are afraid to open up.

So can you relate Elizabeth, tell me about your experiences with your Scorpio male.

You should go to the its very very interesting.

Lotsa Love Poly.

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Elizabeth, Poly here again.

Read the Gemini message board addressed to you, I wrote it about a week ago, I'm not sure you are the same person.

If it is you then we are VERY similar its scary!!!!

Luv Poly xxxxx
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Dear Poly,
i am a scorpio and i know what is the situation..
i have to tell ya that you might never here the "L" word from his lips..
Scorpioes never admit their love especially to their beloved..
may be you have to suffice with his love in action rather than in words
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damn scorpio you right on point when you say they dont tell you they love you
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I am married to a Scorpio. We've been together for almost 5 years. It is a very difficult relationship, because of all of his silly mind games. Scorpio is very insecure and in response to that, seeks control and domination. Don't expect him to change, because it's his very nature. My husband plans to seek counseling for some of his issues, but from the beginning he was straight forward about his need to dominate and control. You have to read the signs they give you and decide whether you can live with their ways. They're not easy to live with. My husband swept me off my feet. He was generous, loving, attentive, and a wonderful love maker. Within 2 months of our relationship, I had a promise ring (unexpected, I might add) and a request from him for me to accompany him on a trip out of town. It was very scary. I remember asking him if he loved me and he didn't want to answer the question. They don't like to reveal who they truly are, inside. The reason, I believe, they do this is to protect themselves from hurt. They hurt very easily and heal very slowly. Anyway, he did confess his true feelings, but I knew already simply through his actions. Afterall, love is a verb. I'd rather see love in action, than hear someone speaking mere words, without showing/expressing it. Love is a gamble. You have to take things slow and let him show you where he wants to take the relationship. Be careful and proceed with caution. Know what you're getting into. Don't disregard those nuances as things that will pass. They won't. You will have to love them just as they are, or move on. If you think you're going to change them, you're wasting your time. God knows I'm a witness and a person who speaks from a great deal of experience. Good luck.
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Ladies, ladies..take it from a Scorpio female who can see into the Scorpio man's soul with a laser intensity. Not only have I dated many fellow Scorpios, I married one.
Our scorpionic energy manifests a little differently in the males, trust me. Before I plunge in, let me say that yes, there are a few decent Scorpio men out there as romantic partners. They are as rare a sighting as the Yeti, but they are out there.
Open your ears to the experiences of many other women in general, cause it ain't pretty..and there is a reason for that. Should I mention that I have and have had loads of male Scorpio friends--so I have seen how they treat their women in addition to being on the receiving end.
1) MIND GAMES extradinaire...don't like you to know what they are up to. If incapable of being open and direct with their feelings, there is a good chance A) you are being cheated on or B) taken for a ride. It gives them a real power thrill to play with your feelings knowing full well you are just their toy.
2) PASSION--its their nature but they leave behind them scores and scores of puzzled females who think they were SO important to their Scorpio man...because of the intense, passionate displays and feelings expressed. My advice ladies, wait and see how this plays out ~over time~. Like at least a couple months to a year. Sorry it means nothing about you personally, but the Scorpio man is a fiend to his moment by moment passions. That doesn't mean its lasting passion. The 12 before you probably thought that too.
3) HIDING feelings, holding them back. Scorpions hate the light, enough said. Every Scorpio man I have met has been capable of holding his feelings back to the point of dishonesty. You could for example, hurt his feelings and never know it. Then a month later he stings you for no "apparent" reason.
Another caveat: any weakness you ever show, can and will be used against you in a fight.
You know, eagle is another form of this sign and a few do try and identify with that. But enough of them are snakes for me to warn other women: Look Out.

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Male Scorpions are exceptionally private people who don't believe in wasting time when it comes to relationships. Many of them don't seem to understand that they need to get to know you first and be your friend before having sex. Since Scorpio rules sex, it's especially frustrating for them to deal with women who satisfy them in bed but not out of bed! It doesn't make it easier to know that their "bedroom" eyes are hypnotic and can make girls want to undress in front of them before even knowing what they're doing! You have to be especially careful with male Scorpions and hope they'll respect you. If not, break up.
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Well, when you're done with the mind games, I say you should check out a straight forward and equally exciting Aries. We'll welcome you with open arms.
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"Out of the ordinary, average male."
Oh well,... I'm a Scorpio Male.
We are all people, no matter what our zodiac signs suggest. Being and knowing Scorpios; yes there are some common tendencies, like being quiet, kind and gentle mannered - but also jealous, hopefully romantic and in many ways cautious when it comes to relationships. But romantic relationships are between TWO people, and it takes both of them to keep it together. The games you are referring to doesn't have to be there. They most likely are because you let them. Confrontation is never a crime. I personally hate playing games, but they seem to sneak up on me anyway. I simply deal with it by talking to the person I feel is bringing it on.
It's true that we are easily hurt, but by certain things that is! I was in a relationship with a wonderful girl. She liked flirting and that's fine by me. That's not being unfaithful in my opinion. But when she was flirting with other men in front of me, that's when I felt that personal loss or lacking confidence. I asked her about it and asked how she would feel if she saw me flirting with women in front of her. She simply claimed that it wasn't the same... Now who is playing the game? Jealousy is an awful feeling to bare, and according to many 'experts' Scorpio males are often led to jealousy for very small reasons... But in the mind of a Scorpio, these reasons might not be so small after all,... We are all different, and we all care about different things.
If the Scorpio male seems unreasonable, try the Sagittarius Female...Believe me, I've dated two of them. Great game players too. One even admitted it, when I got tired of her 'mood swings'. She explained that she was missing some excitement in the relationship: couldn't she just have told me? Maybe not...I liked her just the same.

When being THIS concerned with which sign people are, it's far more likely that you let these things take off, further than necessary.

I personally don't care if you are this or that for a Zodiac sign, if you are honest, kind and charming, you got my attention.

Scorpio Male
33 years old male from Copenhagen, Denmark •
"Out of the ordinary, average male."

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33 years old male from Copenhagen, Denmark •
"Out of the ordinary, average male."

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