Virgo Sun with Scorpio Moon

Guys, I just wondered if you know anyone with this placement?

My brother is a Virgo Sun and Scorpio Moon.

He is a thief, a complusive liar and smokes drugs all day long with no hope of finding a job! The thing is though, he is highly intelligent and knows something about literally everything.

He is very quiet yet his presence is felt. He uses people to his advantage and can easily manipulate any situation to benefit himself. It's pretty sad really. I just feel he is becoming more and more distant and think he will get himself into serious trouble if he doesn't sort himself out soon. I really worry about him.

Sun Virgo 14.12 Ascendant Taurus 3.59
Moon Scorpio 26.33 II Gemini 6.26
Mercury Libra 9.21 III Gemini 26.17
Venus Libra 23.21 IV Cancer 13.51
Mars Virgo 21.46 V Leo 4.07
Jupiter Cancer 6.45 VI Virgo 5.01
Saturn Capricorn 7.19 R VII Scorpio 3.59
Uranus Capricorn 1.20 R VIII Sagittarius 6.26
Neptune Capricorn 9.40 R IX Sagittarius 26.17
Pluto Scorpio 12.58 Midheaven Capricorn 13.51
Lilith Libra 23.31 XI Aquarius 4.07
Asc node Aquarius 25.38 XII Pisces 5.01

Is there any particular placements on his chart that make him the way he is. Can anybody shed some light on this for me please.
No he doesn't. I have tried to advise him in the past but it falls on deaf ears. I haven't seen him for months now and he hasn't been in touch. I just don't get it, we had quite a sheltered upbringing although there was a few dramas along the way. He's gotten everything he's ever wanted growing up, but just fell into a bad group of friends who were all from broken homes so to speak and it just all went pear shaped from there!

Oh you mean the other way round Virgo Sun and Scorp Moon x

Thanks for your insight guys
When it comes to addiction, astrology takes a back seat. This disease is more powerful and supercedes any traits. He needs to be treated for it, if/when he surrenders to it. I wish you both good luck.
This guy could be one helluva an employee if he applied himself in the right direction. it may take some time for him to realize what his passion is.

focus on the midheaven in capricorn..what those people are into.
Posted by DMV
This guy could be one helluva an employee if he applied himself in the right direction. it may take some time for him to realize what his passion is.

I hope he realizes his passion before he's gets into any more trouble with the law! I think he would make a really good teacher, he has many talents but they're just wasted like his days
Posted by exoskeleton
the thing is she tries too hard to appeal to whoever she's around so she's constantly shapeshifting and bullbutterting. she just wants to be liked by everyone.

The only thing with my bro is that he doesn't care to please anyone around him, he is his own boss and doesn't really give a butter about many people. Don't get me wrong, he is sometimes considerate but this is a rarity! It just makes me feel so sad that our love is not enough for him to want to change! My family are at their wits end with him! What cha gon' do? Such is life! Sucks though!
Beyonce has this combo.

I do not know why I know/remember this.
A close friend is a Virgo with Scorpio moon and she is a very sweet loving person.

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