When the scorpio man finally reveals he trusts you

Okay my scorpio has finally confessed he can finally trust me...what am i to expect now? I read somewhere that when a scorpio man trusts you, its like they are ready to fully give themselves to you? is this for real?
From a romantic point of view I can't tell you - but my very best friend is a Scorpio male and this is what I Know:

From the deepest deepest depths of their emotional soul they will tell you everything - you will be allowed into the extremely private and paranoid (I use that term with endearment) hidden vault of them. Simply put, they will no longer be paranoid enough to mis-trust you and you will know it.
Oh and btw, never ever ever abuse that trust.
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Oh and btw, never ever ever abuse that trust.

Haha, I like this post, not sure about the previous one though

LOL, maybe that's because mine isn't a romantic involvement, so maybe there would be a difference!
I will be interested to see what other scorps have to say. After a year, I never got the gift of full trust. He did open up about family dysfunction, cold parents, self admitted insecurities and false bravado, but never got the true levels of intimacy I would've like.

good luck, Arielle, sounds like the best is about to be with you two.
when a scorp man trusts you, he will open up and keep nothing from you. after being thru so much nonsense, i met my wife. it took a while for me to warm up to her, but she was patient and loved me thru my pains. i knew she was the one when i knew i could trust her. i then began sharing my feelings and thoughts more and its true - the paranoid feeling i used to have slowly vanished. i never thought anyone could make that possible.

i think all scorp needs is a patient understanding loyal person to help them open up with no regrets.
yes...like i asked him about his exes and he always said he could never trust them...ive never been wtih someone who one day just looks at me and says i just want you to know i trust you now...its like ive been thru some unknown test and ive passed....he wants me to trust him, it actually hurts him if i dont...i have trust issues...i think people can surprise u....but he told me he wants to spend his life with someone thru hardship and who is loyal and devoted...and he told me he wants me...its like hes made his mind up and wants me forever it seems
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Oh and btw, never ever ever abuse that trust.

Agree 1000000%.
Never lie to him. Even a small "harmless" lie is harmful because when he finds out (notice I say when, not if), he will question everything you've said to him before or everything you will say to him in the future. It's not because he's trying to be a jackass, that's just the way it is with Scorpios, any type of dishonesty is a huge betrayal. They/ we can handle the truth (no matter how painful or ugly) SO much better than a lie. If you've lied about anything thus far, confess ... come clean, and apologize sincerely. That's the only way you can hope to build back the trust, and even then it will take a looonnnggg time.

Scorpios will get to the truth eventually ... so lying about something major is just adding a whole new, huge betrayal onto whatever shady situation you're lying about. It's easier on YOU to be honest, trust me.

It's the same with cheating. I don't know many Scorpios who would stay with a partner who has cheated. Again, it's not that they/ we are trying to follow some moral code, it's just that sex has maybe more significance to a Scorpio than other signs. Sharing that with someone else is the ultimate betrayal and something that very few Scorpios could get past. The trust will be gone forever, most likely.

But HEY, on the plus side, a Scorpio who has given you his trust will be an incredibly loyal partner, one who would never say a bad word about you to others even if he was furious with you ... nor would he put up with anyone else trying to bad-mouth you. He has your back no matter what, he would take a bullet for you, and God help the person who tries to treetrunk with you for he will make it his mission to see them suffer for it. Despite all the venom and bravado he is very very sensitive and is like a little boy in his need for your approval and affection. Oh and he is probably great in bed

Good luck!
It depends. It can go very very well . But I've seen some of my scorpio male friends get scared that actually trust someone as its soooooo hard for them to do. I've seen them push the lady away and then complain that they pushed her away. So stupid.

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