Why do some people not like their birthdays? lol.

My Leo's birthday is tomorrow and hes not looking forward to it at all. I dont understand. . .why would you not like a day thats all about you? lol. Its suppose to be fun right? so. . . .get with it and love it lol.
Is it because he doesnt like getting older? lol.
My Leo said thats PART of the reason, but thats lame cause everyone gets older. He wont tell me the rest, but still! lol.
I guess i could've put my Piscean psychic powers to work, but i was feeling too lazy for that LOL!
But yeah, getting older can suck. But I won't mind it until I turn like 25

LOL that reminds me of my Leo's friend. He said after 25, he hates getting older. He'll be turning 27, and i told him he looked way older then that, and i think he was really hurt LOL! Which was the point, cause i dont like him

My Leo is older than that, and i told him he wasnt getting old at all. . .I turn the tables when it comes to people I actually care about LOL!
Ah, is your Leo much older than you?

He'll be 34 tomorrow lol.
LOL well like i said, i like them older then me. They have more to offer Ive never been attracted to someone my own age lol.
Are you not paying him enough attention PP? Have u not bought him a pressie?

I don't like birthdays much..gotta say..don't know what all the fuss is about..but hey if you want to celebrate the day I step foot on this planet, then knock yourself out..
It's all fun with most until after a certain age and then you start to think I'm getting really old...of course it's a different age with different people and also depends on how happy they are with what they have accomplished in this world! I think it's a very natural process for everyone and it effects everyone in a different way.
i don't like celebrating birthdays that much either. Really, it's just another day. The most I get out of it is some sense of accomplishment or failure. I always go into deep thought and see what I've done and could have done. So I end up miserable after some deep introspection while trying to get some perspective on my life. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Come on really, two decades and this si it. Yeesh... makes you feel useless at times. i want to live forever.
maybe they don't think they'll be appreciated on their bday any more than any other day, so they kind of don't care? that's the only reason i can think of besides it symbolizing getting older.

it was sweet of you to tell your leo he's not getting any older pp.
i have a tendency to prefer older men too. there's usually a 6-7 yr age difference.
lol, he probably likes his birthday when you aren't around .. I'll bet you all of his family members have heard from him over the past week, as he squeals to them with excitment that his birthday is coming ...... you just don't know about it because .... well, you're a Pisces, so what's the point in telling a Fish something exicting? Because they will inevitably find something dreadful about it.

Watch, I bet you ...... he will have fun about his birthday being here when in your absence .... just listen after the fact, you'll hear something about it.
i stopped liking my birthdays after i turned 20. lol..
are you talking to me P-A? lol I was just with him the whole day and night on his birthday so. . . lol.
I just dont get why someone wouldnt like their birthday. . .unless they hate attention lol.
i like attention and i like birthdays
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