Ex lovers ~~

Scorpios and their ex lovers..

Do you ever give up or let go completely of your loved ones ?? Can you love more than one person at the same time ??

What are your views and thoughts on that ? Feel free to share your insights we know you don't let go so don't hide.

I knew a Scorpio.

Drove her second fiance crazy and right out of her life.

With constant mentions of her first.
(She was probably too good for them both on some level anyway. The tragedy was that she didn't know it)
Posted by tiziani
I knew a Scorpio.

Drove her second fiance crazy and right out of her life.

With constant mentions of her first.
seriously?? so she lost them both ! * sigh*.

!! Scorpions are so great at hiding dark secrets ! I"m sure mine still love his first girlfriend too ! apparently he will always love her ! complete him when they were like 16 ! they are still great friends..not sure if he will ever get over her ! apparently they will never be again and it is best to kept as FRIENDS ! He also asked me to trust him and not get paranoid ! why do they do that ?? I said to him " well i'm sure if she brakes up with her boyfriend you will be down on her feet" ...him " NO i won't be , we are never going to be again , we are no good for each other "..he mentioned the word" soul mate" too... maybe this is his issue !! I know she moved on and NOT feel for him in that way anymore....he also said i let her ruin many of my relationships and when i saw her crying over his boyfriend i knew it was time for me to move on.....will he ever ?

My friend scorpion.. i know she will always the thing for her ex of her ! ..she has a new man now but i know she never loves her the way she did with the ex ! ...my two other scorpions as well ! they are exactly the same !! never completely let go
Posted by ConfusedScorpio
I don't think I'll ever be able to love several persons at the same time, because when I like someone I become totally blind to what's around me. I can only see the person I like. Although, I've never been in love (most of the time, it's infatuation that never goes anywhere because I get rejected somewhere along the line).

As for letting go, once I've moved on, I never looked back. I don't spend hours cherishing the past and past "lovers". I'm just done and that's it. Yeah, I'm curious to see what they're doing with their lives but that's pretty much it. I don't miss them nor do I miss the time we spent together. Of course, they're a part of my past, but once it's over, I just don't care anymore and I completely cut any contact I might have with them. They're just gone and only the memories remain. I've never returned to an ex lover or taken back an ex lover. I don't live in the past.

Yes, once the break up/rejection happens, I have a very very hard time dealing with it but once I'm ready to move on, it's like this person is completely erased of my memory. Like nothing ever happened and this person never existed. They'll never have my heart again.

is that your gemini moon talking ? my moon is Aquarius and i'm very similar to yourself.
Posted by xdimplez
From what I have encountered:

They never let go of their past loves that they give their heart to. They have trouble letting people in and putting down their defenses, so that when they finally do... They give them their all. Put it this way , if you can get a Scorpio to say I Love You , then you have the key to their soul. So when things hit the fan and the relatio ship ends, it's devastating. They don't say treetrunk that im done, although it appears so... They keep going on in their lives still holding on to that person in their life. It's not to say that they can't move on or can't live another. Ofcourse they can, they just love them differently from the other one. Same passion and intensity though if they really love you . But the person they gave their heart too will always have a place in their heart. Always
well put. So if you are dating one then you can be rest assure that your Scorpio will always have his heart for an ex of his.. Either accept it or walk away
Posted by xdimplez
Posted by Neurotoxin
All mine are like Star Wars action figures that someone's collecting. They get out into those little plastic and cardboard packages and put up on a shelf somewhere.

Yeah...I know they are there, heck I might even take one of the packages down and take a look. But they aren't for playing with anymore, and you don't open the package.

Haha I love this analogy!

:: star wars theme song starts playing in head ::
Posted by tiziani
I knew a Scorpio.

Drove her second fiance crazy and right out of her life.

With constant mentions of her first.

I would've left too. This is something they do, which makes one wonder why continue to talk about someone so much who you're longer with. Unresolved issues? Miss them? Regret? They also have a big problem with holding onto the past just as much as cancer and pisces and some of them especially the men don't know how to let go of these ex's. They ruin their own relationships themselves with their own behavior from what their exes or whoever did to them. Can't move forward if you keep looking back.
I don't think they ever really do. It could be 10 + years later and they can go on over every slight their ex has done to them. Remarried and everything.
I love one person at a time. I don't move on to the next until I feel or know that our relationship has run its course.
as for talking about exes when your with the new partner, that is something you grow out of when you start to know your self.

"I love one person at a time. I don't move on to the next until I feel or know that our relationship has run its course."

I can take years for me to let go. But once we let go its done. Don't think ashes from the dead could be raised.
But if ex return while we still have a glimmer of hope it can very well be rekindled.
I guess what they say its true worry when we stopped being affected by u
No love no hate. It's done.
If he says he's done it is done. I may speak of my one great love as fond memories but doesn't mean feelings are there.
^^ great insights . What's if he keeps contacts and remain best friends with her and they go out /catch up twice a year.. According to him they could never be again and he truly loves her as his best friend.. Now is that rest assuring? LoL . They were together since he was 16.. She could be his first love.. They dated for a few years .. He was out with another girl for another 4... Then he got together with me...He got back together with the first after me only for a bit.. He pushed her away.. She's now wih another man for a few years now... He then got together with me again ! Now telling me to trust him as him and her could never be again.. !! What a mess hahaha !! I know he loves me no doubt.. I want to be his one and only and I am not so sure how I will feel about him seeing her twice a year! Ofcourse I trust him. It's more his inner feelings I don't trust.. I know I can get a little worried about them but at the end of the day if he runs off with her or do anything behind my back! He will never see my face again ! He never talks about her though.. So that doesn't annoy me .. I am not worried about the one he was with for 4 years . I know he has nothing for her but hateful feelings... It's his first love... I am uncertain of .. Let's just hope my love is enough for him to not do stupid things
Mmm I understand sometimes there are people in ur life that make an impact. Even though the man I love I have come to terms we can never be an item. But it is important for me that he be part of my life, not because it's romantic because it's a spiritual love. We both meet up catch up n I can see us being long term freinds in that way( just catching up 2a year) because i genuily hope for the best for him n im interested to know how hes doing. If it hasn't happened by now it won't happen. I hope my future partner could understand that yet I wouldn't disrespect the relationship. I'm single now but I value this person n I'd hope my partner would not make me chose, as I'd be all in with my partner.

Like u I never understood why anyone would remain freinds with ex but when u experience a spiritual soul connection it's not about the romance it's about genuinely cherishing another human.
Don't waste ur energy on jealousy trust that Scorpio is telling u the truth. This is about truly cherishing another soul. There are many kinds of love it doesn't have to be about competing for it. I'm sure he loves you not only spiritually, but physically , an emotional. If those components weren't there we are not into shallow relationship.
Why not ask to met her. Bless the people your man came across with because of them he is the man u love.
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