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Hello everyone. First time posting and wanted to share a kind of love ??? hate story.

Everything started when I said to a friend in common that I liked his scorpio friend, of course I didn??t know anything about him, I just felt this tremendous attraction when I saw him, in my mind I was like ???I want him to be mine, I want that guy?? well, time passed by and one day I got drank he said he didn't like women who drink too much in a hostile tone, he's like this "tough metal guy" you know, I ignored him didn't say anything, like an hour later I went home. Next week, me and my friends met at my apartment he was the first one to arrive so we had time to chat alone, he was nice, friends came over had fun and later everyone left except him, he stayed a bit more, we chatted,listened to music drank some wine and I screwed it up the moment by dropping a cigarrete on the floor he got mad and left I told him to hang out more but there's was no way, he left. Next day I apologized sending him an email saying I crossed the line with the glasses of wine and he said: " you're such a pain the ass when you get drank" " you're annoying". I said I'm sorry I wouldn't do that again. he's this type of guy who's very secretive, quiet, observer, stubborn, fixed, mysterious etc,at that moment I liked him so much. On day he went to my apartment again, we chatted a lot, he confessed to me among other things he was a virgin ( 26 years old---me 31) and was waiting for someone special, I didn't want to make more questions about it cuz I understood it might have been awkward for him to reveal that. The thing is he stayed with me that night , we watched a movie, I tested him anyway by putting on a sexy pijama but no no way, no reaction, we laughed with the movie until we felt asleep. Next day I had to go to work so I kissed him in the forehead and said good bye. I had liked the guy since I met him two years ago but didn't do anything. Well, since that night he stayed with me I can't get him off my head, honestly I spent a few minutes watching him sleeping next to me, It was so strange, so nice, so lovable I might have fell in love right there "lol". I went on holiday so didn't know more about him till one day I posted something about politic on my wall in fb and he sent me a message saying I should stop posting stupid things if I didn't know the real facts ( we're from different political parties) I replied back giving my arguments so did he until he said " I so want to put
your head into an oven" ..I was like :O and laughed my ass off, really, so I replied OK BUT I'd rather being asphyxiated in a sauna with champagne and strawberries and after having amazing sex ( I said that jokingly really) he didn't replied. Weeks later he put on his wall " you drive my crazy I want to be with you all day, I'm going nuts".

I don??t know really if it was written to me or not cuz I had already had in my mind that he liked younger women, my friend told me so, and that he had this love and hate feelings for women so I figured my chances were low. He wasn??t seeing anyone, in fact he got women chasing after him but he didn??t care. Even though I liked him and I think he knew it too I didn??t do anything I just ignored him but when we were in the same room I could say both felt the same way, this huge attraction like I wanted to kiss him to death . We met each other two more times at a party and he treated me rudely, I ignored his words , turned around and continue chatting with the rest of the people, but inside I was full of anger I wanted to shut him up, back him off, I wanted to slap him right on his face, really. but instead I controlled myself, Minutes later he left without saying good bye and that was the last time I saw him ( august 13, 2010), he closed his facebook account. I continued obviously with my life alone, I??m not much of a dating woman so I??m ok. I knew about him for our friend in common I asked him how he was doing and my friend always said he was ok till I saw a pic from new years eve and he looked so thin I felt like he wasn??t ok so I sent him a text message saying I hope he was ok that he had to take care of himself ( he lives alone and had a long legal battle with his mom) and that I wished him the best. Of course no replies. Last week my friend showed me a picture of his hair cut and the scorpio appeared in the pic so I said I??m gonna download the picture just because my scorpio appears haha, he said?? he??s here next to me??, I said ???don??t say anything just say I send him greetings?? , few days later he activated his fb account again and closed it 5 days before my birthday . Damn! I felt this stomache of happiness, like ???yay he??s back?? he constantly appears in my dreams in my head, I was happy he had come back to fb so I could know more about him, at least know he was ok. I feel this weird connection with him. It??s like I feel his pain, feel his presence, I wonder al
almost everyday how is he, if he is eating ok and stuff like that. Maybe I??m just being obsessive or paranoid, don??t know what to think, he baffles me. Maybe he just don??t want to know anything about me, doesn??t give a damn, always seen me as a friend ( not even friends actually, friend of a friend mainly) or he??s just playing games, testing me??_don??t know really. What do you think?. I??ve never felt this way before and as a grown up I know I should let it go but it??s like I??m 15 I can??t. it??s not like I??m suffering for him though I keep on with my life but he??s always there, don??t know if you get my point. I??m Taurus ??? ascendant Taurus, moon in leo, venus in aries, he??s scorpio, ascendant in piscis, moon in piscies, venus in libra.
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Posted by Chrystaline
Hello everyone. First time posting and wanted to share a kind of love ??? hate story.

love/hate relationships are not healthy.
Posted by THEKingofLibra
Posted by DMV

4.) into, story, conclusion

IT IS SPELLED INTRO! Bad grammar Nazi!

not my fault. DXP should have a spell check.
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It does. It underscores the wrongfully spelled wrong with red wave-y line

no it doesnt. not on my computer. it should automatically correct the spelling.
English is not my first language sorry.
Chrys: it sounds like he may like you but is not sure about you. Why don't you invite him for coffee, or a movie? No drinking! Lol, see how things go. As a Taurus lady, you tend to not always show your feelings. My daughter is a Taurus. Let us know what u decide to do.
And don' t let the other folks on here bring you down, they can be silly.
Yeah I couldn't read it all either. From what I did read, a scorpio telling you "you're annoying" is about as plain speak as we can get. Move on.

Chrys, keep doing what you have been doing -- keeping it moving. You were always apologizing for just being who you are. Do you see anything so offensive in your behavior? I don't from your post. When people are having fun at a party and may drink a little much, silly things can happen. He needs to lighten up.

You've reached out to a few times with no response from him. It's up to him to make a move. I wouldn't do anything else at this point. Maybe you and he will run into each other again. Cross that bridge when you come to it. And be yourself. There's nothing wrong with you.

Posted by Skykomish
Yeah I couldn't read it all either. From what I did read, a scorpio telling you "you're annoying" is about as plain speak as we can get. Move on.

hmm, scorps are so backwards sometimes. he could be saying that to throw her off.
lol ive had my scorp friends tell me im annoying.... and i OWN it....

if how your acting is just the way you are, embrace it, dont apologize for it, if they can see they can control u they will....
show you're not afraid of them, and they will stick around.... they admire strong people....

our strengths, are there weaknesses.... remember that
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