Holy hell, this is one BADASS Scorpio.

30 years old male from the rusty planet. •
"I can be soft spoken, but I carry a big stick and find honor in such, balancin

Training for the Navy Seals in advance at age 15?

He MUST be one of those "eagle" type Scorpios.
30 years old male from the rusty planet. •
"I can be soft spoken, but I carry a big stick and find honor in such, balancin
^^^and that's not the half of it.
35 years old male from Canada •
I was thinking Avy Scott, but this is very impressive as well. Scorps in for the kill.
Thanks for the love, tall dark and Aries. Finally, something positive about us Scorpios instead of all the hate that people like to throw on us!
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" "
They should do a movie about him starring Matt Damon.
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"Sun - Pisces Moon - Gemini Mercury - Pisces V
yuck, hes ugly lol
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"Well lets see. I'm a very intense person. I have been described as a confident
he sounds like a very impressive man from what i read.
thats very horrible that someone shot his dog though i would be just as pissed as he was when he went and tried to track them down..
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I'm very superstitious
Posted by Prince_Pisces
yuck, hes ugly lol

I kno right?!

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Posted by Hairitic
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
What's that gentlemen? All the muffled conversation behind potted plants is hard to hear.

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