how does a scorpio man act in a new relationship?

I know scorps are infamous for being passionate, sexy, exciting, etc. in relationships, but what about a new relationship? Are they slow to open up, take time to trust etc.?

I am in a new relationship with a scorpio man and already it seems like something is wrong because I am not feeling, from him, the passion/excitement that always comes with a new relationship from. I feel like I am the one who wants to see him all the time and he is just going with the flow. We have been friends for a long time and he just recently asked me to be his gf...although when I asked, he told me he liked me ever since we first met.

In all my past relationships, there has always been fireworks at the beginning and I don't feel it here at all. I almost feel like there is no point in this relationship.
Posted by sagigoat
"I almost feel like there is no point in this relationship"

then trust your instuition.

I normally would trust my intuition, but a part of my intuition is also telling me like there is more to the story and I don't want to give up so soon on something that I feel can be potentially great.

Dont get me wrong - he is very sweet and caring...but the fire is not there or it is there but i feel like he tries to suppress it.
Posted by snow_child
I don??t know if you are asking scorpios or if anyone who has dated them is welcome to reply. But here??s my 2 cents:

I have dated one in the past, and the behaviour you are describing seems very typical for the person I dated. Dating scorpios is tricky imo, because they put on mask, that no other sign does. It is this exteriour coldness that often makes people dating scorpios feel like: "What is the point of this relationship?", because obviously the scorpio is aboout as entustiastic as a dead fish... But I truly belive that this isn??t real indiference, it is a defense-machanism.

And that feeling of "what is the point" is imo not your intuition talking (Btw, I can??t belive I??m telling a complete stranger about her own intuition...) Infact, it is that strange feeling of "there is something more to this..." that is your intuition talking. I think you should go with THAT feeling and not give up on this guy yet. It takes thick skin to date scorpios.

Just my personal experience...

Snow_child, thanks for your response. Also, yes, anyone who has any input/advice is welcome to reply.

Can you tell me a little more about your personal experience with the scorp. Why does he feel the need to put on a self-defense mechanism? I can see this really hurting me if the relationship progresses this way. I need to feel like I am wanted.

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Posted by cappygolightly
from your charts you should be fairly compatible. But he may have reasons he does not want to have sex. at worst querying his sexuality, having psychosexual issues or an std. I guess if you have been friends it is important to not let the previous friendship make you shy to have a frank and open conversation about how you feel. It's difficult at the best of times to make the move from friends to lovvers without awkwardness. But his behaviour does not sound at all like scorp, which makes me think there is more to it.

I'm confident in his sexuality, or at least as confident as he is. The thing is that I don't need to have sex now nor do I want it now. It's just that I feel cold...and that is not a good feeling to have, esp. not at the start of a relationship. You're right that I should be honest and stop trying to protect him. There is a limit to my patience and understanding.
Posted by sagigoat
he has scorp venus AND mars and you feel neither passion nor obsession from him???

i'd determine that he is not in love. don't stay with a scrop who is not in love. as a matter of fact don't stay with any man who is not in love with you. that's just my opinion.

I feel obsession, but it is on and off, not constant. I don't know if he is in love, but better that he is not because I know I am not, yet, in love with him. But the funny thing is, I do feel loved by him and he shows it in little ways, sometimes.
Posted by sagigoat
many approach another for a relationship for different reasons. imho if strong chemistry is not there, all other reasons and compatibilities are invalid.

The chemistry is definitely there...when he lets it. It's like he tries to suppress himself.
Posted by snow_child
Again, just my 2 cents:

If you don??t have the patience, it will not work. The like to take things sloooow, even if they are not aware of this. And I??m not talking about sex, because they will iniciate that on the second date, like cappy said (And if you are smart, you will not give it to them). You will have plenty of sex, it is the emotional commitment they will not give you. What is emotional commitment? It is when he trusts you enough to allow himself to show his inner sensetive, romantic self. When he wants to see you, and makes no secret about it.
To get there is the sweet challenge... IMO, a man like that is interesting, but to alot of women this seems cold and painful. Painful it is, make no mistake about it. In a way, I do belive that no woman who appreciates a good, healthy dose of affection should date a typical scorpio. Even when they do love and trust you they will keep some of that love to them selves. I don??t know why they do this... Maybe a control-thing.

The person I dated was the most unromantic person alive. He would not hold my hand, he would not hug me in public. He would control everything when we were togeather. But I had that feeling like "there was something there". And I was right. There usually is if he??s bothered enough to keep you in his life.

Now the chart:

It is the mars that shows how a man asserts himself, in essence, how he acts when he is interested in you. So he would be acting like a scorpio... That makes sense, judging from your description.

The venus shows what kind of woman is likely to make him fall inlove. Again... scorpio... so he is intrigued by the mysterious type, with an air of "danger" about her.

The moon shows what kind of woman makes him feel comfortable and at ease at an emotional/instinctual level. Aries... Interesting. He feels comfortable with the outgoing, bold, assertive type.

There you go. If there is some truth to astrology then you should be able to understand him better. Now the question remains: Do you have what it takes to date a scorpio, or more important - do you even want to date one?

I still say - don??t feel too discouraged by his allofness. Underneath the coldness, there is a passionate heart. He is just picky about when and to who he will give it to.

Good luck to you!

Thanks for your analysis! What you said about his mars and venus makes sense. R
Ugh post got cut off. Here's the rest.

Regarding his moon in aries, I don't know if I am exactly that. I can be bold and assertive (and even belligerent) when necessary, but I don't aim to be that way, if that makes sense. Also, I'm outgoing when I want to be but I also need time alone to recharge.

Can you tell if our charts are compatible?

I don't know if I have what it takes to be with him - I guess only time will tell. He does make me feel very loved at times, which is why I am confused (and also why I feel there is more there)
Huh, I'm dating a scorpio and mines been very open to me and if anything I've been the one thats not as open. Interesting. You have alot of earth in your chart. It seems like you'd be the cold one. Fire and Earth moons is a really bad combo! Can feel like hell sometimes. Ha, but I mean best of luck!
Posted by *Tasha
but he is very confusing...

Yes, Tasha, that's exactly it. Confusing! He was the one who wanted the relationship, and now i have this stupid problem to deal with. Of course, i can back out, but he makes it very hard. Damn men.
Posted by Sagittarius89
You have alot of earth in your chart. It seems like you'd be the cold one. Fire and Earth moons is a really bad combo! Can feel like hell sometimes. Ha, but I mean best of luck!

I used to be cold when I was younger (even though i didn't mean to be), but I've learned from past relationships.

What do you mean by fire and earth moons being a bad combo? Can you tell me more? I'm new to astrology stuff.
Posted by *Tasha
what's your rising

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