how to deal with scorpio men

How do i deal with a scorpio man when he is unbelieveably jealous.
Geez, how many have you got on the go?
Haha, well you kittycat,
When you have a Scorpio jealous, you can sure as hell guarantee that he wants you viciously. If you're asking what you need to do to get him where you need him - give him a chance (by 'chance') to be with you alone, he'll jump on you and you two won't be going anywhere.

^^ That's if he's genuinely jealous..
The Scorpio by himself can resist.
The Scorpio, working with the greed eyed monster (of envy), will NOT deny himself.
Well,for one you could probably stop cheating on him with a taurus.Remember me posting to your other topic.
Okay,scorpios and tauruses aren't really that different even though they're polar opposites first off.It's an all or nothing relationship to most of both signs.You stated that it's like a job and you don't want to leave because the "better" one you are unsure of.Easiest way to do it=leave him,both for your little jealousy problem and for himself so he can find something who will actually appreciate and love him.Relationships aren't anything like a "job" to either sign,you want to be there because you WANT to be there otherwise it's best you leave.I'd feel like a just like me if I was staying with someone I didn't care about or negected/used by being with someone who doesn't feel the same way because Im afraid to be independant.Im a scorp with taurus moon so im stuck with both signs wants in that department.
I know I get very very jealous when my girl flirts with other guys. Or for instance, the time leading up to me and my girl getting together, whenever she would send me mixed signals, I'd get that jealous fire burning. And trust me, once you get us scorpio men jealous, watch out. I can go from Mr. Niceguy to jackass in a heartbeat because of this. However, I kept my cool and just jumped on the situation like Elliot of the High Scorpios said. And I'm a niceguy, so I can just imagine if you find a scorpio man that isn't as nice normally.

Me being a scorpio man, I can tell you how to deal with this jealousy. Make up your mind...and quit doing things to get his jealous fire burning.

On a side note:

I completely agree with Elliot of the High Scorpios.
Haha and I agree with Rodge. So there it is.

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"I know I get very very jealous when my girl flirts with other guys. Or for instance, the time leading up to me and my girl getting together, whenever she would send me mixed signals, I'd get that jealous fire burning." you play it off like you're NOT jealous? Or is it too difficult too hide?
Sea Siren:

Yeah I TRY to play it off like I'm not...but like you said, it's too difficult to hide. I have a hard time saying what I'm feeling. But lately, I'm letting myself just express my inner feelings. It's paying off too, just so hard sometimes to tell someone what you feel, especially when they send you mixed signals.

Also about him being committed elsewhere, scorpios are possessive, and it doesn't help that most men, myself included, have to have that feeling of control. The whole macho manly thing.
Hey Sea Siren - well it seems that your ex is trying to manipulate the situation so that he can keep something going with both of his lovers, and he expects you to play along. If he can't have things go his way, yes he'll start stabbing at you if that's the type of guy he is. If he's not responding then there isn't much you can do to force his attention - But you CAN send him the Ultimatum, he'll understand that, let him know that you won't be played and then you can leave it at that. He'll still try to get his way (because he's going to hold some type of grudge) but if you don't bend to his will then he'll force himself to leave you behind.

Bottom line, he'll still jump on you (and his other one) if you let him. But if you don't allow it, he'll resist even speaking to you I bet.
Oah,sea siren sea siren sea siren.When are you gonna learn?No hottie meanies,look for the ugly ones who are nice.just kidding.

Although yeah,you know im female.I think he's wanting his cake and eat it too and doesn't want competition,or maybe even a control issues or maybe he does care but doesn't know how to make up his damn mind.Maybe you bruised his control ego or something.Those are just possiblities.Do the ultimatum thing and cut off all contant until he learns to chill out and see things your way that you weren't given much to BE in a relationship with him since he was in another one.If he's one of the psycho scorpios he may never forgive you or will still blame you forever though.Play on your scorp rising doing it,girl power stuff you know it well.

Im SOOO glad I have that taurus influence,lol,makes me so much less insane and stuff.
Scorpio men blubber when you dump them.
Give this one something to cry about!
^^ Ooo, you don't need to put it like that. Hahaha shiet! But yes we sort of do "blubber" after a sharp withdrawal from intimacy, connection, and obsession, but we'd rather shed blood than tears lol, we make ourselves not do either.. (Most of us try not to heh)

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