scorpio man driving me nuts

Hello all, I'm in a relationship with a scorpio man, he's attentive, super smart and sexy, however, he always trys to make me jealous. He's always saying there is some woman that was staring at him, propositioning him, blah blah. I usually try to make it ridiculous like "yes I'm sure she was" in a patronizing way, or ignore him, sometimes turn the tables and mention someone approaching me, the only thing that seems to disappoint is when I have no reaction. What's the best way to handle it, should I ignore him and say "whatever" like I don't care, what is he trying to prove? I am a jealous person by nature so it bugs me
It sounds like hes trying to get a rise out of you. Just be like "oh, thats cool" and smile LOL. Dont ignore him, cause that shows your jealous, to be honest.
Call him out!

Call him out on the foolishness!

Nip it in the Butt.
You need to make it known you are not going to continue with the rubbish.
Its not funny, just plain hurtful and its unnnecessary in a healthy relationship.
Asure him, if need be, you care about him alot and it truly does nothing for the two of you but take the relationship two steps backward each time there is a progression.

Tell him word for word if you have to...just make sure you tell him.
He's trying to play stupid games.

My ex Scorpio was like that. I didn't like it though.
Ur a jealous person by nature so he wants to mess with you. I understand you.

I have Moon and Venus in Taurus LOL.
does he know you are jealous by nature? I ask this because I'm a taurus and I
sometimes can't hide my jealousy so *men* in general, not necessarily just Scorps
enjoy getting a rise out of you, because they can.

Oh my god Ferdy. Same here.

I swear it's my Taurus placements.
Moon in Taurus

Venus in Taurus


I am cursed LOL
Looks like you already know the answer to your question.

"the only thing that seems to disappoint is when I have no reaction." Ta da !

"I am a jealous person by nature so it bugs me"

...which is why he's doing it...he knows that and he wants a reaction to make himself feel better.

"What's the best way to handle it, should I ignore him"


"and say "whatever" like I don't care"


You ignore him and change the topic like you didnt even hear what he said. Works like a charm...sorta like "Wow...look at those shoes....I love em...don't you think they'd look good on me?" and drag him into the shop.

Scorp men try to make you jealous to gauge how you feel about them. They're certainly not the only sign that does this, but because when they feel jealousy and possessiveness, they know they care for someone, they use it as a tool on their partners. It also saves them from just coming out and asking how you feel about them (which they will never do, especially not in the beginning).

The best response? Immediately start flirting with the waiter/bartender/nearest passing attractive male. I've used this tactic on all three of the Scorpio men I've been in relationships with. It changes their tune every time, and usually stops the behavior altogether.
perfectly put except the flirting with other men part. if you do then you act just like him...unless you want to be like him
You took the words right out of my mouth ariesgirl. I would not do the flirting if I were you taurus girl.

It then becomes a game of tit for tat which will accomplish nothing but resentment. He wants a reaction.

If you give him nothing to work with, he'll stop. Simple as that.
exactly!!! the less game playing the better it is.
Then he will continue to do it. If you enjoy it, then by all means just ignore it.

They do this to get a rise out of you. Ignoring it will only make them try harder. But, by all means, carry on. lol
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