scorpio women taurus male relationships...........

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from florida  

Im a proud scorpio

hey scorpios anyone ever had a love relationship with a taurus ive read its a perfect match. ive never had a relationship with one and was just courios. i meet one and am totally intriged.
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25 years old female

november 3rd

i was with a taurus with virgo moon, aries merc, taurus venus, and mars in scorp. only taurus man i've ever really encountered. a big treetrunking teddy bear, lol. he just wanted to spoil and take care of me. so gentle and patient and grounded which was exactly what i needed. a very quiet sensuality. at first it was so hard just to get raw emotions out of him. i really had to pull it out, but the chemistry was insane. we complemented each other well.
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I agree the chemistry is insane between these two signs, In my lifetime I have dating 3 taurus two were just casual dating and no sex involve and the other well we have a 17mths old together. The two I dating casually one was very controlling and the typical bull he dress nice had a nice house that was very cozy but there was no sexual attraction and on our first date I was a little bit late and he wanted to argue or debate about it the whole night. he was very nuturing though he would bring me food if I was hungry, he ask me what type of things I like and would tell me when he was going shopping to see if I needed anything, up until 2 years ago he would still call me until the other young bull I casually dated stalk me so bad I had to change my telephone number. The young bull when I was expectant my 17mth old I told him that I couldn't see him anymore in any aspect well a year after that he found my cell mumber call me and even went by my old apartment and on top of that he would call me every hour of everyday.

The third taurus is a different story it was so much chemistry from the begining it was CRAZY, if you all know who the rapper JIM JONES is this bull look exactly like him so I was so sexually attracted to him and we just move at the speed of light. We end up having differences about a year into the relationship and that was about the time I got pregnant but we still remain friends till this day and we have a lot of love for each other but he has venus in Gemini and this could be the problem he is a flirt and I think unable to be faithful so needless to say I can't deal with that bullbutter. Your taurus your crushing on I am sure is an sweetheart I hope this helps... I think it depends on their chart whether you all will work but it is defintely worth the try.

I hope this was informative.
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Posted by elihope69
hey scorpios anyone ever had a love relationship with a taurus ive read its a perfect match.

Whoever wrote that has an anti-social, passive-aggressive personality disorder.
They are the kind of girl who would walk into a women's washroom in a nightclub
and put all the toilet seats up 30 minutes from closing time, when all are drunk
and likely to fall right in - OR are the kind of guy who gives out chocolate on
Halloween - Chocolate EX-LAX, that is.
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31 years old female from CO  USA  

Sun Scorpio 28.05 Ascendant Taurus 6.4

I absolutely LOVED the taurus I was dating. I mean, I can't say I was in love with him *yet* was too soon. But I loved every minute I spent with him. I honestly couldn't tell you something about him I didnt love.. except that he was always soo busy and I wanted to see him more. I really don't think the feeling was mutual though. One very disappointed scorpio I am.

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