I noticed a trait with scorpio i never would have guess'd . Is shyness something familair to you guys? And i mean shyness when it comes to starting the physical contact eventhough you already have sex with that person...It kinda came as a suprise too me. stuttering, red face and trembling. I neverrrr have seen this with my scorpio friends with their spouses
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Well I can be shy initially but if u haven't seen it with ur scorp Freinds n their spouses its because they reach a comfort level of trust with the partner. But I'm totally shy initially.
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As a kid I wouldn??t even hug my Family, it felt awkward and fake to me, even though I was far too Young to think these thoughts - still had them. They all called me shy.

It stuck with me all my life: I??m almost NEVER the one to make the physicle contact, IF it is in a situation with someone, who Means anything to me (not only romantically, but also Family and friends). Sometimes everything just seems too fragile to be touched by a harsh and blunt scorp.
AND there??s the insecurity. Can still blush from being shy and insecure.

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I'm a taurus girl through and through. I like to laugh and be silly i'm a kid a
^^Yes you are. hehe^^

Ok on a serious note. I have been dating a Scorp for 10 mo. I am extremely touchy feely...always sit next to each other with my legs swung over his, my hand always running through his chest hair or rubbing his back or caressing his arm. If my legs aren??t swung over his when we are eating watching a movie, etc he will grab them and put them there and hold my feet to keep them there. I noticed that I was the one that was initiating things most of the time which made me a little worried that he wasnt as into me so I asked him. He told me that he likes me initiating because he likes knowing how bad I want him and it turns him on even more. I think this has some to do with his insecurities. He said that he likes that I am touchy feely because he isnt like that with most people and it lets him know that he can be that way with me...and that when I'm not like that it bothers him. If you're worried about it ask him because I am sure the explanation is as simple as it was with mine or just initiate and see how quick and fast things heat up.

P.S. I love that otter...he cracks me up everytime!
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i think it depends on your sign placements
im a scorp and in general I am shy. I also have a taurus moon and libra mars so I like touch and closeness. Looking back, I realized that if I knew the guy was interested and I felt a strong need to touch that person, wether it be literally just touch, or hug or kiss etc I am usually the one to initiate. I am not shy in that department because if I feel like i want to touch you I will go for it..but its when I am already sure the other person will welcome it. Its hard for me to resist I guess.
From now on though, I have made promised myself to be more in 'control' of this lol.
I have noticed that scorp guys do seem shy about initiating physically. I always thought it was just that he wanted me to do the work, like you said to feel wanted!
Hahahahaaha thanksss all for the posts welll i actually found out after a talk that he IS shy buttt that the hesitation comes from the fact that he finds we rushed in the sex part to soon. And he is pulling back a bit. so i better dont grab his crotch wich i actually have no problem with hahahaha and neither does he. The problem is more that as soon as we kiss....it was "full salute" hahahaha but he wants to leave that out. IrrestisableScorp pointed out some tips! And i guess he is trying to figure out his feelings
Butttt i must say, he told me also that he has trouble making the first step due to his past relationships. Hahaaha and @Mell. Part of what you say is also true. With us its like we turn circles around eachother, he feels im hesitating, and then he hesitates and then i do.
We have weird...conversations without actually speaking it seems. Its like having a conversation, meanwhile in our heads we are having a second one. Hahahaha

But he does stutter when he finds it hard to express what he feels in words and giggles when im being clumsy hahahaha .......its suprises me. There are moments in holding his pokerface that he can suddenly turn shy and then when i pull him close he huggs me and he blushes.

And true @rabbit hahahaha not easy no
@silentkiller soooo true. He is veryyyy carefull with the touching part. Anddd.....he is not a big fan on "sudden out of the blue" people touching him. He can get very defensive. Although with me he is not so defensive. Like with tickling, someone else he would punch in the face hahahahaha but i can -_-

@impulsv hahaha yesss what you say sounds familiar. We make slowwwwwwww slowwwww moves. It took 4 months before we gave eachother a kiss on the cheek , before that it was just a quik hugg. And still with kissing he pulls me but throughout the day he is still hesitating eventhough we already went all the way. Its adorable....but sometimes still hard to read .
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I noticed a trait with scorpio i never would have guess'd . Is shyness something familair to you guys? And i mean shyness when it comes to starting the physical contact eventhough you already have sex with that person...It kinda came as a suprise too me. stuttering, red face and trembling. I neverrrr have seen this with my scorpio friends with their spouses

Sure i'm shy upon meeting someone. But when there is a mutual trust that is met a physical contact begins..
CAUTION: slippery when wet. Hang on for the ride...

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