sneaky scorpio man

i mentioned a scorp guy from work on the texting thread who had got drunk and had texted me some inappropriate stuff which his virgo gf discovered and gave him hell about...and quite rightly too.

i saw him yesterday at the office. he was a bit sheepish and had some time off last week for being 'unwell' (battered probably), lol.

in one of his messages, he said that if he wasn't in his 'situation', he would want me to be his woman.

to clarify his situation, he is with a woman who is 10 years older (he's 29) who has 4 kids from a previous is 22 and also worked at our office weirdly...they also have a 2 year old son between them.

i noticed at the weekend that he had removed me on facebook...i had suspected and was right...and to be honest, i'm a bit sick and tired of being 'struck off' the social register when i've done nothing wrong. unfortunately, fb is the lifeblood of the expat community in spain and now there's a cluster of women who obviously think i'm some kind of relationship wrecker. AND I AM NOT!!

but back to the scorp...what kind of way is this to behave having chosen to take on the responsibility of kids. i told him yesterday that although he's hot, it's really unattractive behaviour and he should sort out how he feels about his gf and do something about it before sleazing on other women. having been cheated and dumped on myself, i wouldn't put another woman through that and i don't like the opposite impression being created.

his defence in all of this is that if he leaves his gf, she won't let him see his son again. while that's compelling to some degree....would you be prepared to live a lie in his 'situation' and would it ultimately lead you to cheat?
What a piece of scum.

I hate how women always blame other women for a male's inability to stay emotionally, mentally, physically, and verbally faithful.

And that can be applied to men as well.

He sounds like he could use a chastity belt and arsenic instead of alcohol.
LiB: Married people who remain together miserably mirror that onto the kids. The kids grow up in a loveless home, get to sit and watch the parents fight and treat each other like butter and learn that's how marriage is suppose to be, and statistics show they (the kids) marry someone who treats them that way.

that is one million per cent true and exactly the reason i finally kicked out my ex husband after trying to live with him after he cheated for over 4 years. i asked myself what i was teaching my son and daughter through staying in that unhappy situation and how i would feel if they ended up in similar relationships.

it also made me question what i had been taught myself from my parents. my virgo dad was a self-confessed mysogynist when he met my cancerian mother who was devoid of self-esteem when they met. now the shoe is on the other foot and my dad relies on my mother for everything...depends on her and she's queen of his world.

the lesson i learned was that if you just grin and bear it for 4 or 5 decades....eventually he will come to respect you and treat you decently.

and that's what i was doing...waiting for my ex husband to 'change'. so i consciously cut that pattern dead so that it didn't repeat in my kids' lives.

i've had this convo with the scorp and i've also told him that if he's coming onto women, telling them he won't leave his girlfriend...what message is that giving to them? basically, it says i only want to treetrunk you, treetrunk with your head a little and then disappear back to my gf. not nice. perhaps he wants to get caught i wonder?

i respect your opinion but you are talking about entirely different circumstances and what you did was the action of someone who loved another in a way that is right which means doing the right thing, even though it's also the hardest thing.

with this scorp, it is BECAUSE of all those kids that he has to either grow a pair and face his responsibilities WHOLEHEARTEDLY or he carries on behaving like he's hard done by. i told him that even if his gf carries out her threat about his son, that is her responsibility as a parent for which she will carry the consequences when his son grows up and wants to know his dad. it's not a reason to stay with her. what he's doing is morally wrong.

in your situation, the reverse would have been true and it would have been considered 'morally wrong' for you to have left your ex-husband but even so, people have done it because the set of circumstances are always different. my oldest brother left his wife when she was diagnosed with cancer, divorced her while having treatment and re-married on the day of her that is a treetrunking pile of butter but no doubt, he whines on about how he felt he had no choice and justifies that choice in his own mind.

taking responsibility isn't a walk in the park for the majority of people...we spend our lives trying to shirk it cos it's the easy way out. it's like when people say when they're caught out...i couldn't help myself, can't help who you fall in love with. well you CAN treetrunking help it actually and there's never ANY excuse that justifies cheating.
and to clarify, i don't just mean having sex with someone. cheating, imo, is any kind of clandestine meeting the other person doesn't know about...doesn't even have to involve physical touch at all as long as the intention is there.

and furthermore, i speak as a reformed cheat, before anyone goes calling me out for being a hypocrit, lol.
Well I read this and I have a few things to say.

I understand that Scorpio's have this label of being "loyal" but every time I see situations come up like this a lot. Someone is with someone else, blah blah the whole nine yards.

Let's think about this for a moment. Loyalty includes not only physical but emotional. Obviously he is not loyal what so ever. The fact that he even entertained and went out on a limb to text her with "inappropriate things" is NOT loyalty. His body is one place but his mind and emotions are somewhere else.

Now, how about this fun fact. If you want to screw around and date DON'T GET SUPER INVOLVED WITH ANOTHER PARTY! WHY GET DEEP WHEN ALL YOU WANT IS SUPERFICIAL?

Cry me a treetrunking river. "Oh my situation" what situation cookiemonster? Damn how about not getting in to deep? What is the problem!


Just like when people get married and have affairs. Why did you even get married in the first damn place? For treetrunks sakes. I am so so so sick of people doing this crap. Why do you even get involved? Why do you get into a "committed" relationship if your damn eyes are all over the place? Looking at everything else but what you have?

Id kick his ass. Straight up. I don't put up with this kind of butter, ever. I think that is why Scorpio's like me so much cause well Ill kick your asses LOL! But anyways. I would scowl at him every chance I got and probably treat him like dirt. I don't respect people who get in too damn deep because 1. they have no idea what they are doing aka amateurs in love and 2. want me to feel bad for them because their "situation" isn't ideal. Ok whooooose damn fault is that?

Real cute. You didn't read anything else I had to say did you? Nope. Cause poor Scorpio always being picked on. Always picking out what you think is an attack. Lame. Maybe you should read over what I said again since apparently reading is not your strong point.

Yeah pretty much. Ill definitely agree on that Elle. I have a terrible temper and I will match anyone and argue all day long. But make no mistake Gemini's pack the verbal ammunition. It's a bit strange though because the Scorpio that likes me was attracted to me because of that actual issue.

Anyways back to the main idea here. I agree though too the Virgo could sever ties too but she's obviously not. Both are responsible.
oh my intruiged, what you wrote struck such a chord with me.

1) before i got married and had kids, i was a serial cheat which was something my ex husband still has no knowledge of. the relationship was physically and emotionally abusive and he was an alcoholic coke addict with manic depression. i had 'reasons' to find validation elsewhere in casual flings which i would always enter into being completely honest about the fact that i would never leave him. i worshipped him (i was young)...but living with him was constant heartbreak. we weren't married but he broke the terms of a relationship by behaving the way he did. but i should've walked. the cheating kept me there cos it satisfied what i needed that i wasn't getting at home.

2) when i got married and had kids, i didn't cheat any more. that's a side note. when i decided i wanted out of the marriage after karma bit me in the ass and HE cheated, i told him i wouldn't have sex with him any more cos it was the only way i knew he would ultimately leave. aries/scorpio is all about sex and nothing much else and i knew that without it, we had an empty shell of a relationship. he left after 18 months of colossal frustration and kicking and screaming all the way but you CANNOT have a romantic relationship with someone and NOT have intimacy. there's no point in the union otherwise.
Posted by ellessque
I also think it says alot about the person enduring the situation.....they obviously have issues if they are allowing someone to treat them in such a manner.

Both people have a personal responsibility for the happiness in their life.

The virgo is just as capable of severing the relationship with the scorpio and not tolerating such nonsense from him. She's acting as nothing more than a noisy enabler as well.

well, the virgo sounds a nightmare to be fair but that's only what he says and i don't trust what he says any more cos he's sneaky. when i asked him about the facebook 'shunning'...he said that a few of his friends had just 'disappeared' for no apparent i said that was bullbutter and he knew perfectly well why i wasn't on there any more...he SHRUGGED!!!! omg..nothing more unsexy than a man who is obviously kitty whipped.

i've met her once, when i was with the knobhead leo..all i really saw were her enormous plastic tits and a lot of blonde hair. but she has a face like shirley off 'eastenders' (uk peeps only will know who that is, others google images will show you how frightening her face is, lol).

according to him, she's cheated on him before and has no qualms about fighting with him in front of all her kids...but like i say, that's what he says and if it's as BAD as he says, WTF is he doing in that relationship?!??!

it's all rather vulgar for my appetite.
oh yeah, and they met when he was first released from prison in the uk. literally on the first day of freedom. he was 24 at the time. obviously someone guided by his dick.

Wow this just gets better and better. Id like to know what he was in prison for cause my curiosity is now peaked.

And ew! Shirley from Eastenders! Uh!

The facebook thing though, seriously funny. I've noticed guys will take you off if they start dating someone or they feel the girl they are with (mind you they never told you about her) starts to get sneaky and combs his profile, or the girl you know he is with tells him to take you off and he gives you a bs answer to why you aren't on there anymore. Classic.
Heck yeah Ill kick some ass. I think it's a bit interesting that someone as intense as Scorpio puts up with my ass kicking. Hey I just call it like it is and I am very aware that I am on the bottom of that list for Scorpios. However I wasn't the one tailing him so let's just get that squared away. It's something I will never understand. All water signs gravitate towards me, and most recently Scorpios. Meh.

Posted by Xin

Wow this just gets better and better. Id like to know what he was in prison for cause my curiosity is now peaked.

And ew! Shirley from Eastenders! Uh!

The facebook thing though, seriously funny. I've noticed guys will take you off if they start dating someone or they feel the girl they are with (mind you they never told you about her) starts to get sneaky and combs his profile, or the girl you know he is with tells him to take you off and he gives you a bs answer to why you aren't on there anymore. Classic.

well it gets even better xin...he went to prison for biting a police officer. not just any police officer but a FEMALE one. they had come to arrest his brother and they were trying to restrain him from kicking off and he said he came across flesh and sank his teeth hard into it. didn't realise it was a woman (apparently). he said when he saw the pictures in court, he felt soooo ashamed, LOL!! really not funny it makes me LOL anyway...what an eejit he is!!


You're joking right? Biting an officer? What is he Mike Tyson?
Biting people? I mean what the heck? Hey flesh I think I'll bite it.
What a weirdo. How long was he in there for?
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