Strange title cos u should know right , ... Wrong I just don't I'm a Leo and my man is taurean been together a year and very serious very early he's been hurt as have I I'm more about the here and now he's struggles with past mistakes . When he's with me
Your experience? This is someone I was involved with 7 years ago, but neither of us can say anyone did the other wrong. He said he has been trying to find me for the longest and hopes we can rekindle what we had and tie the knot. A few of the positive
Lovely taurus guys, what makes you feel loved and cares for? What can someone do to make you feel so? :) Thanks!
Why is it the taurus men story is always the same? Women stuck in the friend zone, left to wonder, assume and speculate
I got thoughts of leaving my girl, I love her so much unconditionally but sometimes it feels like she doesnt love me as much as I do, we can speculate that.. quite hard to proove tho, she says that she love me to the max but it feels like; as we are a
What I'm most confused about is the mixed signals that Taurus female's give off, and what (if any) these indicate.... For example, the taurus I've been speaking too will tell me that she missed me the day before if I saw friends (we have roughly the sa
how do I make a taurus man want/miss me more? Distance?
How did it make you feel good and bad? Im noticing that this gets perceived as a toxic pairing alor - would you agree?
So I'm dealing with incredibly childish behavior as of yet with this Taurus. Same one I've posted about on here for more years than I should have. The one i worked with and used to crush on. Anyway I've completely moved on emotionally from her and I'm not
I've been feeling extremely stressed out since Mid-July until this day... Everything literally gets on my nerves, very short tempered and find myself intimidated whenever someone bothers me to the point that I can get very blunt, saying things that seem i
I'm a Virgo and I know this handsome looking Taurus man. I really haven't talked to him much but he's really funny and athletic. Well he stares at me A LOT even when I catch him looking he doesn't look away. But he doesn't talk to me why is that? How can
There is this boy at work. He is 4 years younger than me & is a junior colleague who has been with the company since the beginning of this year. I haven't particularly paid much attention to him but lately I am feeling stronger with time that he has set h


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Im an aries and i recently broke up with a taurus man. I know many said that when a taurus make up their mind, there is hardly any chances of changing it. But i just wont give up. Ive been leaving him alone and not being the pushy one. But i would like to
I am just curious as to if I am reading this right. Add shows love or falling in as well. *Starts a routine with you, without stating it just sorta says well you know tomorrow is this dinner (only on 2nd week he asked you to join the routine) day, you co
Hi, this is my first time here. I've been dating my taurus bf for a couple months now, and he had been my bff for 5 yrs and then he asked me out i said yes. But the problem is from 2010 to 2015 he had been head over heels for this girl he never got. Basic
I have been texting this bull for about year. We only met once because of his job and there were periods when we were not on speaking terms. Anyway last night I decide to text him. At first he said that he thought I was mad at him because I did not tex
I met this Taurus man a couple of weeks ago at one of my best friends wedding. During the reception, I could tell by the vibes he was giving out that he wanted to get in my pants so he started to become really touchy. And because I'm not really a one nigh
I am a Virgo, recently seeing a Taurus male.  And by seeing, I mean talking, being affectionate, but nothing was ever deemed ‘official.’  Although we weren’t official, when we were out in public he treated them like dates.  We acted like a couple and he a
When pursuing a woman? Something in my gut tells me somethings not right about it although I can't place it. I feel deception or something I cant explain it-his attempts don't feel authentic? Acting kind of clingy/needy? But doesn't know me well enough to
Are there any Taurus that are crazy about Leos? If so why?
My mother is a Taurus Sun with a Sag Moon and she's always going above and beyond for her Mum (my grandmother). I'll try to keep this short. Now I don't mean helping out like a kid should their parents but doing too much and putting up with too much fro
Having those things delivered to your EX-Wife's work for her birthday.. Inappropriate or not a big deal?? And why? He's a Taurus..he has a gf. I have a bf...
My ex taurus told me he wants me back.We were dating for 4 months the 2 of whom we had a relationship. He comes back a month after we broke up and tells me he wants me back, that he realized some things and generally kind of expressing his feelings, that
physical strength. Taurus is perhaps the most gifted when it comes physical strength, I know that. Taurus are natural bullies and it is due to the fact that they are naturally stronger them everybody. It is easy to bully people when you are the biggest st

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I know there's "more to it" than sun signs, but I have found this site extremely helpful in determining who I'm "compatible" with:
Mine is Pisces 1 degrees (detriment)10th house conjunct Mars and Saturn opposite Chiron In Virgo square Pluto Rx in Scorpio. I am a slow communicator.I don't do so well with fast talkers plus I'm hearing Impaired.🙁
i just got one of these and i'm terribly excited: i used to have one of these: it was great until i dropped it on a rock 2 years ago and cracked it. i don't l
I know sex doesnt keep a guy around but I've also read how men are visual creatures. How much power does sex, videos, pictures have over men?... Because i certainly don't like dick pics This is a serious scientific question for me to explore the mal
On what to do about this certain person--what action to take. I think the tarot just wants me to let this person be and not bother contact him... Which I wasn't planning on doing anyway.
Reversed Moon Reversed five of swords as clarifier Not sure what it means. Maybe he's confused and conflicted about me...
I met a guy about a week or two ago. We have not did anything sexual but I did him a video of me (you know.... 🙈😁) Ever since that he says he wants me but I don't know if I like him back that way. He seems to crazy and won't stop texting me or go away eve
Typical.. Well while he's too busy raising hell in his thoughts because I left that night.. I'm gonna watch a movie, smoke some pot, stuff my face, masturbate lol He's giving me the good ol silent treatment right now.
Yea/Nah To me it does I will date an older man but not an old man I'm not trying to become a young widow.
What have you experienced? I keep thinking about how when I went to visit a man in another contry, I stayed at his place and he payed for everything. I just payed for my ticket. When I told 2 of my close girlfriends about this, their reaction was: wel
Hey Aquas!!😘😘😘 How are y'all? So I was born on 08/17/1995 and he was born on 02/17/92. My rising is in Taurus. I just met this aqua man a couple of weeks ago, nothing serious for now we are more or less dating. I have been tormented by a Pisce
I knew he was hurting. But I didn't know it was this bad. :( I hope things get better for him.
Do You Answer The Call? Or Do You........ Or.....
Okay you sound like u know a lot about capricorn so I have a situation and I need some advice I've known my ex capricorn since we were 7 we were best friends before lovers we dated our teenage days and went our separate ways he had a baby than down the li Are the lies in these 10 scenarios justified? Some of them, not others? What's your call on each, how would you gauge it? Justified / Not really but enough of a gray area/
I am an introvert so I don't usually try to be friends with people unless they take the initiatives to stay in touch. I think almost all my friends suffer from depression, anxiety, or some other form of emotional distrubances, or are alcholics. Is this co