Any difference between April and May Taurus?

I know of 2 April Taurus who is not loyal or faithful to their partner.
Who was their partner is the next question.
One of my good friends is an April Taurus- I can?t tell you what sign her partner is, because she always sees more than 3 to 4 guys at once. She doesn?t admit to sleeping with them, but she seems to have a problem of letting them go.

The other April Taurus was a personal trainer of mind. When his girlfriend was out of town, he asked if I would have sex with him. I said, ?You are joking right?? He said, ?No.? He asked me several time, but I didn?t accept. It was hard to resist because he is so dam HOT!

The Taurus I been talking about on this forum is a May Taurus- has no common traits as my other friend. He is a lot more open minded, laid back, but seems more materialistic. My other friend is not materialistic but is a money pitcher. They both are self-employ and make a lot of money.

Is there a difference?
What is the difference personally trait between a virgo decante vs. capricorn decnate?
hay sag dummy, this one's more universal.

daydreamer== second decans are subguided by mercury and third decans are subguided by saturn (or so it seems) so think that makes virgo decanates more verbal and communicative and capricorn decanates more... serious? shrug, i don't have much practical experience with capricorns unfortunately...

in any case, virgo would display the traits of both fixed taurus and cardinal capricorn (just like pisces displays traits of both cancer and scorpio) so... i dunno, use that pisces imagination and let us know what you come up with
My imagination tells people not to categorize people in a group, but as their own individually.
well all i can say is that i'm a may taurean who has never cheated and would rather keep things simple in a world which already sees me emotionally volatile but then again, i still have a long arduous life ahead of me (crosses fingers)
good to see you ofa
awesome imagination daydreamer..
maybe it's more evident to me since i'm a taurus with both a virgo dwad and decanate.
or maybe it's just all the rock i'm smoking o_O
every-ting ok? you seem less than your chipper self today
"But then again, they are both under 21 soooo most teen males are! lol"

it *really* is a state of mind though, i think there's just a way that we each regard love, even as kids, and it hardly changes. i've always felt about it the way i do, and even when i was at my worst it only changed and refined my approach, but the deep down feeling towards relationships is still the same. i'm coming from the same place, just facing a different direction
2nd Decan Libra ? 4th - 13th October
Influenced by Uranus, you are cooler, more independent and candid than is typical in a Libran - driven more by logic, less by love-hunger. You are a free spirit, sexy, popular and outgoing. Your gift for self-expression and original thinking can make for real wealth. You have a natural link with future technology, plus genius ideas and the ability to sell them.
and an Aries Dwad.........that I found disappointing, I dislike Aries types.
The more I delve into this, the more it is losing me (being driven by logic and all that stuff).
I'm with you on that. I'm scared of being bored so I pile myself up with distractions. Then in the heap of things all I want is to be bored (relaxed).
Wait a minute! I'm sick now, so I forced my a$$ onto the cowch. It's all how you see it I guess.
what are the decantes of most of the tauruses on here?? i'm a virgo decante, and i don't happen to know many virgo decantes. i know some, but they are, by far, fewer than the other decantes. anywhoo.. what are u guys/gals.. ??
yeah, it sounds kinda silly. but i was just wondering since i heard that there are a more leos in the world than any other sign. just stuff like that. so i was wondering about the abundance of the other signs/decantes/etc. i guess it kinda depends on when ppl tend to wanna mate.. uhh.. yeah.. ?? haha.. i dunno. i'm crazy. don't listen to me.. lol.

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