Do Taurus Men Become Obsessed With Scorpio women

I'm a Scorpio woman and Taurus men are always obsessed with me. I like them a lot too but sometimes they can be overbearing with their affections. It's frightening how obsessed they can become. It's very intense and borderline scary. I turned down a Taurus man to date a Leo man and now the Taurus is extremely jealous over it and makes mean and nasty comments. Has anyone experienced what I am talking about?
I'm Tau, so I'll pipe up with that I hope will be a bit of help. When we see something we want we acquire a very acute form of tunnel vision. Everything else recedes into the background. Scorpio is our astrological opposite, resulting in powerful attraction. We also dig in and do not stop until there is no other avenue available to us in the pursuit of what our hearts desire. And sometimes not even then. It is very intense, and it takes someone on that same intensity level to match it.
It sounds to me like he had already considered you his in his mind, and is now going through all the jealousy and rage combined with it. He cannot have you, therefore you must be made miserable. Just let him lick his wounds. If he continues being a prat, remove yourself from his company.
i think scorp men are lunatics. so maybe it's an opposite sex-sign aversion.
"When we see something we want we acquire a very acute form of tunnel vision."

hahahaha... OHH Yeah!! LoL
You know it TaurGuy. Heheheheee.

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