Do taurus men hold grudges??

Posted by BellaBulleautiful
you know that's the beauty of you rams (well not the only beauty),you may be the only ones able to handle butting heads with us.and if it makes you horny...we can live with that.

Well, ill take that as a compliment. Me and my ex taurus also used to butt heads and we found it so fun on all levels hes 16th of may im the 16th of april hes highly intelligent as well and i could keep up which was a suprise to me and he loved it he took the time to see the real me lol He loves acting and hes so intelligent that so sexy and he had this physco temper oh god made my blood boil and made me wanna grab those horns into bed lmao. oh my
Aw hell YEH we likey da rut. Time for soft, sensual loving and time for the boom-chicka-mow-mow.
mmmm yes. :p
^ interesting, my birthday is also on the 16th of May.
(so was pierce brosnan(James Bond), Janet Jackson, and David Boreanaz (tv series Bones/Angel) )
back on topic,

yes, vengeance is my favorite subject, and I do have a phD.
it is so orgasmicly delicious when it's well deserved and executed right.

For me I actually fine tuned this aspect of myself - the rage,
I've honed its power and shown it to friends and enemies alike when they cross me,
enough times earning me the nickname "the Fury" in real life.

with such a passion in astrology, I stack the darkness of all 12 signs into my hatred and utilize all five elements.

first it is like a volcano to start, (fire)
so the offender trembles at the fearsome rage that they know is coming.
shivering their bones by tapping into human's worst fear - loud noise.
(which being a heavy metal vocalist, I have cultivated in a voice built to create sheer fear)

then comes the tornado (air) of hateful words laced with poison to confuse and corrupt the mind,
while reminding them of their offenses and how they've fvcked with me and crossed the lines.
in the mean time raising their own temper, only to show them that mine is more intense,
the air feeds the fire of the volcano.

then I wash them down with a tidal wave (water) making them feel guilt, shame, insecurity,
play devil's and angel's advocate, use emotional and psychological warfare
to utterly terrorize their psychology and break their hearts.

and if the offender is female, they are spared at this point,

for males, it's not over.
while doing the above steps, I use the fifth element of spirit.
I gaze into their left eye with unblinking eye contact,
staring into their soul and letting them see the abyss of mine.
concentrating on pure hatred and visualize destroying them in the worst ways possible.
while using metaphysical aura control and psychic vampire abilities to break their aura
to suck the life out of them, tormenting their soul and crushing their spirit.

depending on their offenses that have built up,
if he's a friend,
I ask them if they take this gift that I'm offering,
and most likely they say yes, then at that point I

punch him in face and tell him he's almost forgiven, now get the fvck out.

if the guy's an enemy,
then I tell him how nice it'll feel when I spill his blood, bash his head in
and drag his bloody body on the ground while I call an ambulance.

and then proceed with the earthquake element - violence.

I still remember my first friend, and I still haven't forgiven my first enemy.
that's how long Taurus holds a grudge. Taurus is the Earth itself, and things you scar on earth,
not fire, not water, not air. won't disappear.

I will take care of my people and always be good to them,
and when they cross me I give plenty of warnings before all that has to happen.

for true enemies, there is no mercy.
that's why nobody fvcks with this Taurus in real life.

because I do whatever it takes to make them suffer, as much as possible,
and to make myself the most intense memory that will ever live in his soul,
place your head in the loo and flush

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Posted by james tate
place your head in the loo and flush

stfu and bite the curb.

james tate, are you stupid?
OMG what a comeback I think you can do better come on give it a try.
I'll be in the kitchen if anyone needs me.
Posted by Minotaur
^ interesting, my birthday is also on the 16th of May.
(so was pierce brosnan(James Bond), Janet Jackson, and David Boreanaz (tv series Bones/Angel) )

oh thats cool! ya im a sucker for the bulls! but have never been interested in any james bonds lol they do nothing for me idk why :S they bore me lmao
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