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Hello fellow taureans i was just wondering what your experiences with scorpio's were/are like

do they disappear on u? how do u handle it?

can u trust them? are they manipulative?

etc... give me any info u have about your experiences thankyou
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Sun Scorpio 28.05 Ascendant Taurus 6.41 Moon Gemini 3.47 II Gemini 6.5
Hehe, I'll answer you while the Taureans are busy chewing their cud...

Yes we are 100% trustworthy. Yep, we disappear (especially the men). Doesn't mean anything in particular against you. Usually its for our own psychies (sp?). Of course it COULD mean its against you, more information would be required to suss that out. Scorpios will test you, push you as hard as we can, but its not for manipulative reasons. Just to see how far we can push, before you stand up to us. No scorpio wants someone they can push over.
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" Hehe, I'll answer you while the Taureans are busy chewing their cud..."

lol i enjoyed that

in any case... okay.... well, what if i'm not angry enough to "stand up for myself"

what if i genuinely don't feel there is a reason to express anger or dominance..

will they hold that against me?
32 years old female from CO, USA •
Sun Scorpio 28.05 Ascendant Taurus 6.41 Moon Gemini 3.47 II Gemini 6.5
Heheh.. yeah I probably would wonder why you don't have a backbone. Or I'd just keep pushing the issue until you finally did stand up to me.
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" Taurus Sun Pi
I was married to one for a huge chunk of my life....
He never once disappeared on me,but honestly,I've never experienced that with any man I've ever been in a relationship with...so can't say he's special.

I could trust him in some ways,not in others.

Yes they are manipulative,I'll pay top dollar to anyone who can introduce me to one who isn't at least occasionally.

if you don't stand up for yourself....you will be very sorry.don't evvvvvvvver let him have the upper hand,or you will be a puppet on a string,trodden on until you are no longer of interest or use.

In all my life,he is the only one who ever pushed me to the brink of inflicting blunt force trauma on several occasions.I'm pretty easy going,so believe me...he worked at it.
my other relationships were so peaceful,but I found strength I never knew I had with him.

that being said,he's not a bad person...just bad for me to be married to,or to be around often.

remember,we are comprised of a whole chart,not just our ego(sun).

my ex has a cancer moon conjunct my rising and trine my moon...virgo venus and capricorn mars in a grand trine with my sun,merc and mars,my moon trine his sun and even with all that...it's impossible.

female from Strawberry Fields Forever. •
" Taurus Sun Pi
we have moon square saturn ans mars square saturn tho...so those are pretty hard to overcome in a relationship.
oh,and saturn conjunct our n. nodes...which never works really.
if I'd only have known then what I know now :/

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