Taurus men and their harem of women

Before anyone says I thought you love them? I do. And I am still with mine. Hiya forum. I've been away. We've settled now planning on having a child. My baby cousin is about to drive me MADLY insane. I am a Libra, just in case you have forgotten me. So I get him. And all of his ways. TBH, my Taurus doesn't do this and he was a mild player when we first started going out but heck that was in high school. So as much as we've flipped over her scenario, analyzed it and went 'round and 'round, one thing about us Libras we hate to admit when we lose in a good old fashioned analysis fest. Well I give and have returned for your help. There is not just one girl going through it but THREE count them THREE girls in my life calling me because they feel that I snagged a Taurus. HI VB missed you Caligua missed your wit and the rest of the lot.

I need your help, please.

Scenario 1: My cousin is in college so age is a factor. I've told her that men still dont know who they are at that age, to no avail she still is driving me nuts. Ok, so here is the deal. This Taurus guy has a harem of women that flock to him. He flirts with them and doesn't take them out or anything. I know, I know.

Here comes the questions, please keep in mind that it's not the stable Taureans that I am asking about:

1) Are Taureans that are on the other side (not the loyal homebodies but the wanna be players) are they just really extremely selective is that why they have a bunch of women they talk to and don't settle? What makes them finally settle? What traits does she have to possess? Please somebody help me, anybody!

She's laid it out as follows and it's embedded in my brain and cells.

(a) One girl that he is talking to, my cousin gemini. She's talked to him on the phone now for a year in college across the town from one another, and he has yet to ask her out. I said that he is slow but that's beyond slow. My cousin in truth is opinionated, loud, and likes to debate anyone and is aggressive. Does she see herself like that? No. But like I told her, her advantage is that they are friends.

(b) She said that there is another girl on facebook that she sees a lot. She's a pisces according to her?

(c) She said the other one is a virgo. Goes to the same college seen her in passing and feminine/helpless.

Which one based on astrological aspects do you think he'd go for?

2) The Taurean men that do pull this butter do they have a checklist in mind or
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Heyy, i'm with a taurus man and when we first started talking, he said that he would have never asked for my number because he was too shy and was afraid of being rejected. However, before he even told me this, me being a leo, gave him my number and we started talking and had a really deep connection. We were talking for a total of 6 months and i really wanted to be his gf and never pushed it til that sixth month ;x I asked him, what is up? are we gonna be official? He basically told me he was a little scared of how our long distance was gonna work out, as was I, but i mean we were seeing & sleeping with each other for those 3 months and acting like a couple. My Taurus has told me he has never asked a girl out nor asked for numbers,not even mine, cause he's very afraid of being rejected. Soooo maybe that's how your cousins Taurus feels in this situation? But then again i've heard of Taurean's who go for what they want no matter what
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I know where you're coming from,
I'm about to go deep, so brace yourself.

A few years ago in my life, I had my harem set up too,
I was actually thinking about it a few hours before this topic was created, hahaha.

this is just my theory, but it's true to me --

A Taurus has a very high spiritual sense,
it's not the 6th sense of the Scorpio, but a heightening of our five senses,
that can tune into the All That Is.

Taurus is the Bull of Heavens,
it was during the Age of Taurus that "Adam" was created,
the genetically divine prototype of modern humans.

A true Taurus man, one who is spiritually evolved,
in order to stay with one woman,
needs to experience love at first sight and a heavy dose of infatuation.

the love at first sight triggers unconditional love,
and the overwhelming infatuation creates a sense of fear, the fear of loss.

unconditional love + fear of loss = tunnel vision for One woman.

This is my philosophy,
There are 3 in life, Love, Fear, and Power.

in a relationship, they transpire into Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment.
cosmically, they are Fate, Destiny, and Reality.
Past, Future, and the Now.

unconditional love at first sight create a deep level of intimacy, which I call (into-me-I-see).
deep intimacy, is a Past life feeling.
an infatuated fear of loss triggers passion, it's a future feeling,
as appeared in the Scorpio, the most passionate of signs, they seem to always have a fear of the future.

and when you spend time with a romantic someone, if you sense a feeling that any moment might be your last,
wouldn't you be much more passionate towards the person?
I know it is for us.

most dictators in history were Taurus, they are those that take the path of power.
power is the present, the Now, Reality, Commitment.

For a Taurus man to be committed to one woman,
he needs to feel Passion and Intimacy,
I know I need to feel love at first sight,
and fear of loss through infatuation,
in order to commit to her, as the one and only.

and when that woman appears, the Taurus man knows that he'll be vulnerable,
and can be hurt badly.

Before that woman appears,
we'll enjoy a harem
with a little bit of love, a bit of fear,
and a slight commitment of power,
through being with many women.

Before that woman appears,
Having a harem, gives the Taurus man
a bit of all those 3 things.
Love, Fear, and Power.

Hope that answered your question.
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Minotaur- BEAUTIFUL!

This somewhat explains a friend. I have tried to walk away and give distance. He sends me text messages daily saying "I love you" and "I miss you". Calls me baby, sweetheart, my queen. He's also said that I have his heart.. that he doesn't let people close or into his heart but I am in his heart and always have been. He sent me a song via text message called "Never Should have let you go". In that song, it says how the guy was playing around when he was younger, but the woman he loves truly loved him. He let her go and now he realizes how much he really loves her and that she's the one for him. I asked him was he trying to say something by sending me that song. He said "Maybe. LOL"- which means yes.

I take it with a grain of salt right now. Why? He may be serious about what he says, but to be honest, all talk. Nothing actionable behind it. When I met him he was a "player" with a harem of women, or so I thought. He may have that now, though he says he doesn't. I don't know for sure because he lives about 5 states away from me.

But THANK YOU for that Minotaur!

@Days- I think your cousin might have a chance if she wasn't as loud in public. Does that make sense? I know that Taurus men like to be needed, but not depend upon. They like for their women to be independent but feminine. ESPECIALLY when they go out somewhere together. They want their woman to let them be the man, not boisterous and loud and argue him down for everyone to see. Like take his manhood from him. I know I'm probably talking in circles, but I'm trying to be descriptive.

I think the Virgo would be too weak and the Pisces, depending on age might be too dependant. Also, just b/c they talk on FB doesn't mean much. I don't think he would take that as a place to find a mate. Just my thoughts.

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Minotaur, that is very interesting as my Taurus husband said he felt love at first sight with me and things happened fast. No delays or waffling back and forth like what many complain about here. He also has mercury & venus in Taurus. I thought it would make him slower to act but he was so sure that it convinced me.
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I am a Libra in search of understanding......
Very informative post....
Minotaur is right.
We are all about security (financial and emotional).
When in love we are very vulnerable and passionate too.So right person is extremely important.
If we fell in love at first sight than it will be instant move from Taurus with extreme intensity(with no hesitation of being rejected because with that instensity you would hardly reist lol) and we will make all compromises after that (unless you mess up terribly).
But if you don't fall in that category than we will take our own time to look for pros and crons.Trying to balanace and see if this person is worth taking move for.We are not chickens or too shy its just we are not sure about you and hesitate to get into serious relationship.
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Posted by dayssunny

1) Are Taureans that are on the other side (not the loyal homebodies but the wanna be players) are they just really extremely selective is that why they have a bunch of women they talk to and don't settle? What makes them finally settle? What traits does she have to possess? Please somebody help me, anybody!

Before my Taurus and I got married, he was a HUUUUUGE ho. Or player. This behavior was only predominant in high school. Y'know, all the guys are tryna get it in. The girls he went for were sluts. Pretty, but sluts. He had 'em goin like clockwork too. Masters at mind games. He'd piss one girl off, go treetrunk another, and go back to the other. Once we got in college, he slowed down, A LOT. He got his priorities in check and started dating MOI. Lol. I think Taurans like longevity. You have to be there when they need you. They surely won't let you down when you need them. With all guys, if they respect you, you'll have a huge advantage over the easy girls. No guy wants to bring a ho home to Mama. Ultimately, a Taurus will settle down when HE is ready. Not when he's forced into circumstances. When he's gone through the maturation process and can give his all.
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That was very good minotaur,I completely agree.Some tauruses tend to have alot of fun when there younger,In fact woman probably come easy to the taurus male.But in the end no real taurus wants to bring a ho to mama...
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I am a Libra in search of understanding......
Posted by taurusguy
Minotaur is right.
We are all about security (financial and emotional).
When in love we are very vulnerable and passionate too.So right person is extremely important.

This is extremely scary for me (Libra). We tend to hurt without knowing or trying, yet Taurus men are extremely attracted to Libra Women (some).....
Now, my question is...how do you know in the beginning if it was like that for them (love at first sight)?
Would this "love at first sight" cause them to wait on you if you needed time? Not charge full speed ahead if you give them a stop sign.
---honestly, the Taurus friend that I have...I wonder about him. It appears that he targeted me. I was thrown off when he told me, "I trust you!" just out of the blue...with me not having time to EARN IT! I do not understand what he was saying to me..still. He is just so confusing to me...I must admit, I will not allow ANY heavy conversations about anything remotely related to sex or a relationship. So, I dont know and I am afraid to ask (I am so uneasy about getting exactly what I want). I hope this makes sense to someone, cos it is not even clear to me.
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