What about Taurus's sexuality?

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10/13/2005 6:26:04 PM | More

female from Canada  

Libra Sun Scorpio Ascendant Moon in Sa

*reads taurusrule's post and fans herself*
I would have to agree, they do like to take their time. "Preliminaries" are the best part! I will take some of that advice as well and use it on my Taurus guy!
So what would be "kinky but not too naughty"? I like BLACK and no lace or frills, for myself, that's what I feel best in.....is that "kinky" enough?
Oh and Sunshine, pay particular attention to his neck, Taurus rules the neck and throat area, and I wasn't even thinking about that at the time, but I got kudos for unleashing my skills on that area.
But overall, reading this thread....is the man like dead wood when it comes to bedtime? or is he just a bit withdrawn for your tastes? (can't even imagine this in a Taurus)
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52 years old female from Ca  usa  

Hi Taurusrules,

Well if nothing else that post was a very sexy read, in fact im a bit turned on *S*. Well, I'll tell you, I have tryed just that, many, many times. He will not allow foreplay to go any longer than 5 mins, you try telling a bull no when he wants something. The thread was started a month ago and much has changed. This is the first man I have ever met that is like this, completely clueless to sensuality, passion and intimacy. I have finally told him I need more, I dont expect him to change, but I cant be in a relationship with no intimacy (it goes beyond the bedroom). I am very skilled in the art of seduction, to no avail. I appreciate your post tho, that would work on every other man on the planet. You sound like you are quite skilled as well *S*. I cant tell you if it is do to him being hurt or he just is clueless. But at my age, i dont have time to figure it out. I have also long ago learned, you cant expect anyone to change, I am the only one with that luxury. And Im not willing to settle for what Im getting. Thanks again sweetie, he just is not the typical Taurus.

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32 years old female from Atlanta, GA  USA  


I'm a taurus female and I can elaborate a bit on the question no one has seemed to answer for you yet... why your guy isn't 'sensual' as you've read so many times about our sign.

I think your problem lies in mistaking sensuality for passion. There is a huge difference. You obviously want your taurus man to let go. While most people who've responsed to your post are correct in advising you that this will take a while with your taurus, they're missing one thing: he may never be passionate. He will always be sensual. This means that his senses must be stimulated if you ever want to see him lose control and let loose any potential unbridled passion. A taurus isn't necessarily picky... we like sex for what is is. But if you want our eyes to cross and the beast in us to come out, you HAVE to push the right buttons, in the right combination.

I would say in your case you might want to try getting the kids out of the way one evening... cook him a rich meal... something that fills the whole house up with good smells. Don't make anything spicy or sour, make an earthy meal. Let him kick his feet up and relax while you fix dinner. Don't talk too much at dinner - in order for a taurus to let go, they have to have room to think more about their senses than about conversation. Just smile at him, ask him if he enjoys the meal, etc. When dinner is finished, take him to the bedroom and give him a massage... you need to tease him, in a way. Don't get right to sex... try your hardest to let foreplay last a couple of hours. It will really help if you've got some easy listening cd playing, maybe Enya or Counting Crows, something like that. Again, the key is not to talk too much so that he gets lost in the feeling of it all.

You should also use candles or incense... something like sandlewood... a warm, musky scent. Right now you've satisfied his sense of taste, smell, and sound.

Wear something kinky (but not too naughty) for him under your clothes or under a robe. This will satisfy his sense of sight, as well as when you become fully nude later. Undress slowly to reveal the lingerie. While massaging and teasing his body, put his hands on you and your lingerie and times and let him play with the lace and the straps, etc. Maybe you should get something crotchless so that you can keep it on during.

When I say tease him, I mean touch him lightly in places - don't nibble on his ear lobes. Instead, pull on them with your lips while you let soft, warm breaths into his ears. Whisper that you care about him and you know he cares about you... say, "You can't hide it, I already know." Be a little coy with him. Don't ask him to open up, he'll do it when you say things like that. Whisper to him that you get lost in him and that he feels good... say instinctual things, such as how the scent of his body turns you on. Be basic. Tune into the earth in him.

Run your fingers through his hair, massage his chest, tell him how you love the frame of his body, etc. Make this experience slow... make it linger.

I think if you work it this way, he'll eventually get into his element and ravage you. It takes time to get a taurus in the right mood, but once you do you'll see the wait was well worth it.
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female from Canada  

Libra Sun Scorpio Ascendant Moon in Sa

Nice thread going here.
I dunno, I said in another post, no man has made my knees wobble at the thought like this Taurus I am seeing. Dayum!
and AHA! Sagi! the need to be persued thing rises again, or something akin to that.
So Taurean males like to be acknowledged as desirable by being hit on, I think.
When do we know to stop? Lol I feel like the gendre roles have shifted!
10/13/2005 12:02:15 AM | More

speaking from experience you have to be spontaneous they enjoy role playing and being put in a position of authority. try letting him being the pimp and you the hoe it works for me. Also good oral sex attracts these Taurus men the freakier the better. if you can let yourself go completely you will keep him happy.
9/19/2005 10:53:05 PM | More

52 years old female from Ca  usa  

*bows to Tauruschic* LOL...yes, yes that is it. Everything you said made sense and that is the way everything has gone to this point. He's afraid of being trapped, but he is the one calling all the shots and I feel like were married. Im the one needing space now *W*. Yes, and the bossy thing is when his mind is occupied. I like to work on things too, and when he is around its his way cause nobody elses works. Hense the bossiness. Anyway it really is amazing how much you two are alike, ive gotten feedback from alot of bulls on the board but you seem to have the same thought process as he. Thanks again, you have been a huge help. Im sure I'll be looking for more answers soon. The more comfortable he gets the more different things get. keep your words of wisdom coming...


9/19/2005 8:43:37 PM | More

Sunshine, I figured you were afraid of asking for anything because otherwise I couldn't understand how this bull wouldn't try to please you. I have a feeling that he probably finds you adorable.

Yeah it is hard to ask for what one wants and I know it because I'm the same way. But if you're scared to death of the word no or feeling rejected I would like to let you know that you probably won't get that often with a bull or maybe not even at all, especially because you don't seem demanding at all which would make him all the more willing. If you ever do get a no it would never be harsh and probably only over something unreasonable.

Also, I'd like to mention that in the past I have felt afraid of commitment because I felt like if I really fell for him I'd be trapped! almost like losing freedom which is ironic because I'd spend nearly every single day with this guy ( I'm still with him ) When you mentioned how you felt about it he probably felt afraid that you were maybe feeling disappointed about the relationship and we are very much afraid of you losing interest in us or of disappointing you.

So the bossiness occurs when working on something lol. You know I love to work with my hands, I just love to fix things which is probably unusual for a chic nevertheless I'll fix things around the house, rotate my tires, I've fixed things on my friends cars anything I can figure out or mess with and when a bull is concentrating our mind is only there, we get into it and may even be a little impatient n yes bossy So-wee
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52 years old female from Ca  usa  

Hi Tauruschic,

My my, if I didnt know better I would think you were him. You hit the nail on the head everytime. It is true, all I have to do is mention something and its amazing how I can see him trying to make things better. Such as, I told him I had no idea what he wanted or where he was coming from in the relationship. He would say one thing then do another (didnt want a committed relationship but would call everyday and stay with me everynight his choice). I told him i am in the dark with what is going on so that keeps my feelings on hold. In other words let me know what and when and I can give you more. The next day he was much more open in showing how he felt and that this is what he wanted. I dont know if it is a Libra traight but I have a very hard time asking for anything, scared to death of the word no or feeling rejected. So, it takes sometime for me to be able to ask. He loves to help and feel needed, so I guess it is both of us. And your also right about not showing alot of fanfare and gratitude over things but he makes up for it later. These are just small things im learning about him. I swear you two have the same exact chart...lol Your posts are amazing. Thanks so much. keep em coming...*S*


Maybe your right that is the definition of possesiveness for Taurus. I do know that he is totally different from my mother (Taurus), but then again alot more than sun signs go into the mix. I apprieciate your post, love to hear from you ...thanks!

Hi sweetie, good to hear from you. what type of bossy...hmmm...let me see. It is usually when we are working on something together, for instance my motorcycle. He loves to be in charge and in control and then i think he forgets Im his g/f and not his employee. LOL...I teased him about it the other day, I have a feeling he will think about it before he speaks like that again. barking orders and no please or thank you, but men do that with other men. And yes, when it has to do with my safty, its orders all the way. *W* Glad to get your post, sorry bout the late email, been laggin...let me know if you have anymore great insight to the Taurus mind..*S*

9/19/2005 2:04:30 PM | More

bossy. Well I think that he's probably gotten at ease and in our mind we expect for you to do things for us without having to bother with showing gratitude because we'll eventually jump in to save you (help you) whenever we see that you are in the slightest need. We do notice who is willing to be there for us and it does not go unnoticed, when the time comes we'll show you just how much we appreciate you. You know maybe it's not the best trait in the world but I really can't help being like that too- when someone has done something to me, oh for example one night I went out with my grlfriends and I really hadn't told my guy until he called to ask what I was doing. Well on the way back we got into a car accident and who did I call? I woke him up at 3am to go pick us up a half an hr away, plus we weren't too sure where we were at so he'd have to find us. He got there fast and was very helpful. Although I wasn't jumping around him and hugging him singing "oh thank you thank you you saved us!" I just figured I'd have the opportunity to show my appreciation by doing something for him in the future and that's that. And we probably subconciously or consciously make a list of deserving people in our head who we are willing to go all out for if needed. We may at times seem a bit... eh maybe aloof or even cold but just test us.

I would say that most taurus men are probably traditional in their views of men and women which would mean that they probably want to be in control, taurus like to seem strong with the people they care about because we love to be protective of you. In a beginning people just want to change us aloof, slow, lacking in warmth tauruses- however it's not that we change we just come out! And we may have a couple of ugly traits yes ok and we're known to be stubborn and unchanging and we do like to have things our way- yes fine God help us we can't help it. However it is so easy to get your way if you just ask for it, if we feel that something is really bothering you or even hurting you we WILL accomodate, we do compromise just as missbovine said in her post, taurus can be quite soft-hearted especially with the special people who live in our little world.

I am how I am but if my guy tells me that me not showing my appreciation made him feel like I didn't care about him or any other issue I'd reassure him that I did and I'd try to keep an eye on whatever it was that bothered him, atleast if it slips again I'll know to apologize and make up for it like a hundred million times! I mean atleast one time over and the rest... aaah whenever I get the feeling But we do love you!
9/19/2005 4:38:54 AM | More

"When Taurus's make up their mind that the person they are with is the one they want do they change? I mean as far as controling type behaviors? Also, are most Taurus's really bossy? Bossy meaning asking you to do something (no its more like telling people to do things) and only saying please 10% of the time."
Hmm, I don't know what kind of "change" you're referring to. Personally, I have found that with most Tauruses that I know, and myself included, although we come on strong, but we are quite accommodating. We try to adapt to people easily, given that the things that we are adapting to don't clash with our own beliefs or principles. Tauruses are harmonious people. We don't like conflicts. Often times, we do not mind compromising. We try to bring peace and to make everyone feel good and comfortable. We also don't like to force our way with people. I don't know about others, but I prefer to see things grow by themselves while I offer advice or guidance whenever needed. To control people means to dominate over them and to me, that is meaningless and superficial. I think when Tauruses are bossy, it is because they have identified the things as personal to them. It is only then that they will have demands for these things. I have often read that Tauruses tend to be possesive, maybe that's the explanation for it.
9/19/2005 4:04:35 AM | More

52 years old female from Ca  usa  

Hi Maymaid,

Good to hear from you. My Taurus man is the same as you in the way of making sure everyone is okay, safe and secure. He is very protective and If something isnt right he trys to fix it. I hope it doesnt sound like I am bitc*ing about him because that is not the case. There are just a couple of traights that are new to me and quite frankly I find amusing. Such as the bossy thing, when brought to his attention he gets embarassed. I really think he does it subcontiously. I liked Tauruschics response as well, it was right on target for me. As far as getting Taurus mens opinions SagiTAUries has been very helpful as well, not sure if there are anymore here. Well thanks again, always love to hear what you have to say. Take care.


9/18/2005 10:13:23 PM | More

46 years old female

Sun in Taurus Positive Thinking: Good

Wow! so true for me, tauruschic.

And I feel that any taurus as insecure as they may seem is comfortable with challenge, with smoldering passion because it awakens all the intense emotions I believe every taurus has. -- chencked!

And we eventually become very comfortable and open to those who try to stir us up inside. --checked!

Once I feel like this I do try to take over, I want to control however if I'm met with that same reaction I don't only enjoy it but give in to pleasure. -- checked

Sunshine...I think taurus guys can give you better answers.

As a Taurus female, I'm loyal as far as there's love, passion and security there. I think I'm not bossy, but I like to make sure that everything is ok for everyone, safe and secure situation. And I believe this is one of Taurus traits. Yeh, you can say I'm controlling but I'm not demanding. I love, care and protect my loved ones. 'Taurus tell other people to do something'...but other signs (like Aqua and Scorp) do that too. The degree of control depends on how you act and feel with your responsibility, I guess.
9/18/2005 8:35:50 PM | More

52 years old female from Ca  usa  

Hey Tauruschic,

That was great, and a big help. I do see with everyday he gets more at ease and a bit more bossy..lol. Your post said what I needed to hear thanks so much. I agree, if i took control I dont think its what he'd want, but he wouldnt turn it down either. I've learned a great deal about Taurus's on this message board and it has saved alot of time and emotional energy. Let me ask you another question, different subject. When Taurus's make up their mind that the person they are with is the one they want do they change? I mean as far as controling type behaviors? Also, are most Taurus's really bossy? Bossy meaning asking you to do something (no its more like telling people to do things) and only saying please 10% of the time. I dont believe he does this intentionally, i just dont think he thinks about it..his mind moves a mile a minute when he is concentrating. I've read alot on the sign but this part wasnt covered. I really enjoy hearing from you, thanks again for your help.

9/18/2005 2:50:40 PM | More

I think it's probably a matter of time. It takes taurus time to be open about everything... even sex. I say it because it took me a while too, we don't know if you'll really like what we like. Since I really don't know the details the only thing I can tell you is that 3 months isn't a long time at all for a taurus, if you like something you can encourage it by telling him you like it even in plain words "oh yeah that feels good" OR... take control, don't be afraid to be aggressive or do it in a playful way, I doubt any taurus would mind a little challenge and in that you'd show him what it is you wanted.

I don't know how accurate signs are but pretty much anyone of the same sign has many of the same traits. For example I feel the same way as maymaid, I also don't like to be mushy but I do understand that your partner needs reassurance so I also express through writing, I'll even text little cute messages when I think he should know something that I've thought. Anyway my point was that I like your bull am a taurus with a venus in aries. And I feel that any taurus as insecure as they may seem is comfortable with challenge, with smoldering passion because it awakens all the intense emotions I believe every taurus has. And we eventually become very comfortable and open to those who try to stir us up inside. Once I feel like this I do try to take over, I want to control however if I'm met with that same reaction I don't only enjoy it but give in to pleasure. Tell him you want him, if you're in control you get what you want and he can't possibly think that there was ever anything wrong with the sex- it's just you who is crazy ha ha but the point is that he will have learned what you want and like and so that works its way into future sessions. I don't know if I make sense but feel free to post any other questions or concerns that you may have. Hope I gave you some insight. Luck.
9/16/2005 5:58:00 PM | More

52 years old female from Ca  usa  

Hi Maymaid,

Thanks so much for your response. Yes I am a sensual lover the problem is when I initiate, he takes control ( a taurus thing i think). As far as bringing up the subject, Im really afraid of hurting him. Even brought up gently that is a tough thing for any man to hear let alone a bull. Im hoping it is just a matter of him keeping his emotions in check. I'll keep trying and have patience, not sure if it makes a difference but his venus is in aries? I think venus is the planet that controls these things? Thanks for everything I love to read your posts!


Awwww....*warm fuzzy hug* Hope some luvin comes your way soon. I thought you had a b/f??? Maybe I got you confused with someone, anyway good luck sweetie.

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