Why Do Taurus Men Leave.....Then Come Back?

Taurus Male here:

My God, another person that thinks we are so good at cheating....

Do me a favor....Honesty is a challenge for everyone, some just do it better than others. So if you happen to experience one who has cheated you, please do not assume, we all do. (in any sign, for that matter)

Yup, I gotta admit that there are some dishonest Taureans out there. So, whatevcr you buy into out there "buyer beware" (another "risk" of love, I suppose).

Taurus Male
Scorpio female here.

I have to say that I haven't had much experience with Taurus men "leaving" and then "coming back". I am usually the one telling them to leave, and then they come back. lol. I would have to say that if he is the one leaving, I would question his sincerity. For your own sake. You are worth more than that kind of inconsistency. And you need to be gently blunt with him and tell him so. You have to decide not to silently allow him to keep you guessing like this and just make it crystal clear to him that you will not wither away waiting for a decisive move from him. Well, you might say it gentler than that, I have a problem with the bluntness being a scorp and all ; )
I am not saying that you're not making the most of your life without him during this confusing period--I'm sure you are although I don't know for sure. I just hate to think that you might be stuck waiting for so long that you miss the right man (if indeed this Taurus isn't) who comes along and passes by because you're STILL waiting and emotionally preoccupied with this guy. All the luck in the world to you and be strong!

Thank you Heather. That was very sincere. You have it right. I do go out and do other things with male friends of mine, but I still find myself playing the "waiting game" eventhough I KNOW it's not healthy. I've posted different times regarding this situation with my Taurus friend. The last convo I had with him he stated that he wanted to get his self together in order to give me 100% of him because he's going through a lot of problems in his life. I know how Tauruses (including myself) will go in seclusion when things in our lives are not right so I understand where he's coming from. By all means I'm not a HERMIT sitting around and waiting, but I do know deep in my soul that he is meant for me?! (well I said that about my Cancer ex-boyfriend too, but things didn't work out we are still good friend til this day though).
I completely understand where you're coming from, and I have all faith in you that you are continuing to experience and enjoy life while letting the Taurus get himself together. I hope he figures it out soon; you deserve with your loyalty and tenacity to have the same returned to you when he is ready. Especially if something deep down is telling you that he is the one. Again, luck to you!!

Thanks Heather
I have scorpio rising, and I've dated taurus guys. We've had the warmest, snuggliest most fulfilling relationships out of all the ones that I have ever had with other persons... (there are exceptions, but the warm, solid love connection that these two have won't be quite the same with other persons).

I've had my ups and downs with both Taurus guys, but I still think that Taurus was a good compliment to Libra. Both ruled by the love goddess, Venus ((Aphrodite)))). Taurus exhibits the feminine venus traits and Libra exhibits the masculine ones. I've experienced loads of ~~~~yummy lovin'**** with my Taurus. We do have communication issues. Taurus does not appreciate my light, airy, indepedent streak too much. In the same way Libra needs more freedom in the Libra- Taurus relationship, and may not appreciate feelings of being smoothered, but all in all, I still think this is still a good connection, and if both can get pass their hang- ups, then they will experience all that loving Venus has to offer.
That was posted by a Libra with Scorpio rising.
Taurus Male here:

Taurus can be a compliment to any sign, actually, some signs more than others.
There is a "structure" to a Taurus life that some do not seem to understand. And in love, we tend to try to structure that as well. And if this strucuring goes against the grain of the relationship, trouble usually develops (even though trouble was not in the original structure). We adore who we love and we assume we will be adored in return, and when something or someone challeges that, it does tend to disturb us. I am not saying that the structure we build is always the right one, nor is it always right for the other person, but we tend to need that basic framework to feel secure. And we do like to feel secure. The ideal situation for a Taurus is to love and adore our mate or love and to be adored and loved in return. In those fortunate senarios where that takes place, we find ourselves quite content,
and our love partner usually does, as well. Anything that threatens that contentment causes Taurus to react, and depending on the Taurus, this reaction can be positive or negative. We are not supermen, and neither are any other sign, for that matter. And when structures break down in any relationship, it is usually because of some insecurity in one or the other in a relationship. Direct communication and understanding is the key, I believe. Without that, any structure becomes just a "house of cards", waiting to fall. Just understand that Taurus does not like to live in a house of cards.

Taurus Male
Taurus Male: Yes, you are! Taurus men ARE Supermen. lol. Really, I can't think of a more masculine (yet sensitive) sign. Aries and Leo rival you, but I don't find the same sensitivity and romance that seems to be inherent in Taurus men. It is as if all Taurus men were born with an intuition for women; what we need. In the words of the famous astrologer Linda Goodman, "sensible girls" will understand the Taurean need for structure. lol. : )

Wow, I was so glad to read this because my Taurus just did the same thing to me and i am COMPLETELY confused. We hd such a good thing going. He stormed into my life, Initiated the whole thing, it was soooo beautiful and then disappeared. No news for two weeks. So as far as I can gather I should call him back. I also am a taurus and would never do something like this so that makes it even more confusing. Any comments, or has it all been said?
Taurus Male here:

I do hate to be overly simplistic, but why don't you just ask him?

That is how I get answers I really want.

Taurus Male
152.163- You make a lot of sense above. I understand exactly what you mean by the need for structure, (I have many Taurean friends, and I must admit that I do need a little structure in my life myself =). You seem to have a sense for this kind of relationship, so I'm assuming, (correctly I hope), that you have experienced a Taurus/Libra relationship before.
...and yes, I agree. There does seem to be some kind of disconnection sometimes in this relationship- the stuff that goes against the grain... as you put it.[grin- good one] I have resolved that we live in different worlds, which cross briefly to mock us... however, there is a strong pull, which my Taurean love and I have each found difficult to deny exists, so to that I say- que sera sera. I can't shut him out, and he keeps coming back to me. (drives me screwy, but what can I say? We are forever friends. Is this because of something that I do? Did your Libra do something that made you question your security, and do you still think of her?
As a Libra, I need to explain that we do understand Taureans' need for security and this does not bother us. Libra just doesn't need as much of it for themselves. We are just fun loving people, and we love when our lives our open, fun and free. Free-ness gives us security and pretty much keeps us happy- but I will accommodate his needs as much as he needs them to be.
Taurus Male here:

He is lucky to know someone like you. It is a pity when Love restricts freedom sometimes. A strong Love should never do that. It is funny that people do think we seem to disconnect at times, and I suppose we do. Maybe he is just trying to accomodate your need for freedom (who knows). I still say if someone really can't understand why we do what we do, they just need to ask, and I will bet we will try to explain it. Frankly, I wish more people were that way...
Anyway, you propably have a friend for a long time, regardless of how you may fit into his "structure". Libras are cool people, but I know they tend to vanish sometimes. Strange, but true in my case.

Taurus Male
~~~Thanks Taurus male =)...

btw...Have you ever read any of Dr. John Gray's Books? His theories are usually very interesting for me- (in terms of why humans are the way they are).

Anyway, I'm glad that you are so easy to talk to. That was great! ...and about my vanishing act... sometimes I need to take some time away from others, so that I can sort through issues in my head. I always return once I have resolved what ever it is that was bothering me, and I'm usually even better for my lover when I return. (I don't like to expose my vulnerabilty/ insecurity to other people either- especially my loved ones, and if they give me the space that I need, I reward and cherish them more and more).
My time alone can be about anything- it doesn't necessarily mean that my lover has done something wrong. I just needed some time to organize my thoughts.
There are two reasons why I do this. At work:
You see I chunk up my day into parts, which I sort through when I have assimilated enough chunks. It's kind of like putting a puzzle together... Usually I deal with more pressing things first, and then I satisfy each of the needs of other tasks in order of urgency.
At home:
My lover is always very important to me, I will stop at nothing to ensure his happiness... and yes there are times when I may need to even "structure" my love life too. These are the times when I need to get a sense of what I need to do to keep my lover happy, and also myself. I also use the time to reassure myself. I never forget my honey bunny when I'm doing this, and I always return when I'm stronger. It is out of my desire to satisfy my lover that I want to offer more and more for his happiness, and I come back to my lover refreshed and ready to please him even more than I had before. Hope this helps.

It is really better if I take the very short time away than for me not to, and I am approachable during this time, but I prefer to return on my own, although I found it very sweet and very charming when my Taurus would come looking for me.

I need help with my taurus relationship. I am a pisces female and need to talk to someone. Is anyone available to dialogue?

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