do taurus men call back after an argument??

from my experience, taurus men are super sensitive and take things personally. and they are stubborn. dont expect him to reach out to you. if you want to make amends, pick up the phone.
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I think it depends on the scope of your relationship and how serious it is. Six months is a long time and there must have been something else besides this blowup to trigger such cold apathy. As another poster noted, the pressure builds for a long while with a Taurus, before they blow up. He's been noticing your behavior or scrutinizing your relationship. Maybe having his best friend stay with him is a much needed stress relief. I think not telling you about his best friends staying over was purposeful, a calculated and passive way of saying, "hey, I am doing this because you will blow up like this". Gives him an out as well as retaliate because something in the relationship is irritating him. Maybe it is the security that TaurGuy alludes to.

Now if you guys have a healthy open and serious relationship, I agree, he should have told you about it first. However it is his best friend and most Taurus', myself included have best friends of the opposite sex. That's just nature. He sees in her a strong part of what he desires from a partner. That's why they are best friends...But, I have a feeling there is something else to the story especially since he has disappeared for a while now. Hope this helps.


I also agree with 69virgo....There is much more to this, he invited her over for a reason, somewhere along the way he changed his mind about you most likely b/c of this girl, knowing that you would see FB he decided to take the easy coward way out by passively dumping you online , your reaction gave him an easy out.

Your reaction was not wrong, if he say he love you and will marry you but invites a girl "friend" to spend the weekend without at least letting you know, including you by asking you meet her and come over and hang out then his intentions with this woman is more than friendship.

I soooooooo agree with this!
Hi 69! My favorite Virgo...What's up shuga
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69 unhide this...I read it already BEFORE you hid it LOL!
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Damn that! She shouldn't call this loser! Hi dreamer..

They DO try and make it your fault! At least the Taurus I know. Mad sensitive and takes everything to heart. I didnt read the backstory so maybe calling him isnt a good idea??
LOL@Okay you get a pass on 2nd best...Wifey always comes first *shaking fist* and don't you forget it LOL
awww proud uncle, I'll make an exception, I remember seeing a post from you about her...I wish her the best I know she'll do fine, you raised her well.
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awww proud uncle, I'll make an exception, I remember seeing a post from you about her...I wish her the best I know she'll do fine, you raised her well.

She is a tough cookie...I told her she better not lose any cases,as much junk as talk to me. I told her,she's gonna stay in chambers tho..lmao.. she got this lil virgo dude wrapped around her fingers too.. I told her,she can't replace me...lmao..

LMAO! Oh how sweet, she'll do just fine as a lawyer for sure.
Hello,I am in need of help as well with my Taurus Friend. Just recently, last Saturday, my Taurus friend and i Talk through Texts all day everyday and visit eachother from time to time. He is such a great friend to me that i can talk to him with just about anything that is on my mind. Whether it be nonsense or if i need to vent to him and vice versa.He always has good advise and always cheers me up. in the beginning, he would always want to visit me and talk nonsense and how eachothers day went. he would always tell me that i don't need make up and he enjoys my company. i enjoyed his. he would also say he didn't know what it was about me but he enjoys being around me. We have been friends for 2 1/2 years. well, im not sure if we are ever going to be friends again... which tares me up inside. Well, it all started with a personal question that my Taurus friend asked me which i had no problem answering it. it was more of a confidential question(seizure). we were going back and forth for a while and it got to the point where he would jokes about it by giving me examples on what would happen if i had a seizure in front of him and how he would explain to the paramedics what happen. i knew he was just trying to cheer me up but i couldn't cheer up. i really dont like talking about my past seizures because it brings me down and i get sensitive.

So while we were texting back and forth, I think when i had asked him who told him, he didn't care to share who did and that it wasnt a big deal on who told him. i had said oh ok, i thought our friendship was more than that where you can be able to tell me who told you. i guess i thought wrong. I was already at a vulnerable stage just by discussing my seizure. i see now as im writing this, i shouldn't have said that. At that moment that is what i felt. so he wanted to change the subject and i was ok to change the subject too but we were texting so much i was answering every text and trying to respond to them all that he was doing the same and he started getting upset. when we were about to change the subject, he responded to a text and said ok my bad. how about you hang out with your boy and you can tell him all about it. peace. i was trying to ask him why he was ending it and if he was serious... he was.
im so hurt that he decided to end it. i would understand if i was cursing and disrepecting him then i would understand why he is ending our friendship. will he ever call me again?
sorry, Last saturday is when my Taurus friend called it quits.

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You did not do anything wrong. As a cancer it will cause you emotional damage to try to wait and figure it out. Move on. Love does not look like this. Let him go and when he comes back...and he will...let him figure out why you won't respond. Just go away. Don't even wait. Live. Bide your time. He will come back...and then make him explain himself and pose a correction.
*propose no pose
Cancergrl82 I think he'll come back around. You said absolutely nothing wrong, and I'm sure it's a very sensitive subject. Before trying to change the subject he should have apologized imho.
@Lola7515: I understand how you feel completely. My aries (whom I'm starting to get over) has a female bestie, and I simply don??t really care too much for females. I have very few female friends; I feel females can be sneaky, gossipy, and always jealous of the next woman. Anyway, my aries has slept with his "so-called" female best friend like a month before he an I started talking. They were trying out "talking" as more than friends. Going on dates an everything. Anyway, while he and I were discussing a relationship between us he had the audacity to inform me that she may call his phone sometimes, and they may hang from time to time because they have been friends since childhood. Sorry to say but at that very moment he knocked himself down my list of suitors. I love him, but he loss major brownie points right there. HECK NO! He and I have known one another since childhood too, and I would be okay had they never went there, but he tried to pass it off like it would never happen again because they realized they are better off as friends. All that b.s fell on deaf ears. All I know is once he slept with her she became an "Ex" in my book. She's no longer just a female friend. I say all this to tell you to be careful and don??t change your standards just because you love this man that much. Sometimes it hurts but you have to be willing to be a woman, your own woman, and if he loves you then not talking to you for 2 weeks would be killing him just as much as it's killing you. Seeing as though he hasn't reached out even once, if I were you I wouldn't budge. You've already apologized. My brother is a Taurus and he does this to girls all the time, especially the ones he really truly likes. He feels the need to test the ones he really likes. The Taurus I'm into now test me from time to time, and I was already his girl before. We've known each other for 3 yrs now and he's still testing me. Lol. Like recently he went a day w/o talking to me to see if I would get mad or call him. Unfortunately I was doing the same thing to him because im always calling So when we finally talked the next day we both laughed. He will even get off the phone with me to see if I will ask why he wants to call me back. I told him 3 yrs ago the games don??t work on me, but then again its 3 yrs later and I still get butterflies like I did when I first met him so maybe they Anyway, my point is don??t bow down. You've done your part. Now if you want to say hi, go ahead. But
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