Is April 20th a Aries or Taurus?

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I'm a Cap, and I dated a girl who said she was born April 20th, 1996 back in 2011. She was a bit bossy and she was annoying and she always seemed to call or text at the wrong time. Was she a Aries or a Taurus?
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because that's right on the cusp time between the two signs you have know way of knowing without birth time. sometimes taurus starts the 19th sometimes not til the 21st.
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Aries? that's my guess anyways
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I find the April 20th people very interesting.
They usually tell you what they are. It's like they pick a side and stick to it.
One guy I knew born on that day was adamant that he is a BULL.
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Hitler was born on April 20 so Aries people say he was a Taurus and Taurus people say he was an Aries! Sorry to say but I think he was actually a Taurus. This is also Lenin's birthday.

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