what do taurus men want in a relationship?

This message is for Sagi I understand everthing your telling gem lady. But i must comment:

and the thing about taurus is that it will highly respect the trait of finishing what was started in a partner.., we're a highly goal oriented sign maybe a bit misplaced at times) but we really like to be able to see the finish, and we respect desire in a partner. i know i would be flattered if a gem was eyeing me for some time and went outside of her "personality constraints" to get me

My situation is a little different from hers I have been seeing my Taurus for about 10mths and for the third time in our little (relationship) he has wnet back to his ex. It doesn't seem to me like he is trying to finish anything he started with me it's always on and off with us but he always seem to keep me close until he is back with her then it's a different story SO SAgi how do you know when you have earned a place in a Tauruses heart?
Eek, you would think a Bull would at least have the balls to tell you to your face that he didn't think the trip was a good idea. Sorry to hear that happened, gem.

wow. what a weeeeeird situation im in.

so, i went to colorado and made plans to see my taurus. ...as i said i would. i get there and he completely blows me off. doesnt return my calls, doesnt call me, and when i asked him to go out for dinner, he told me he would call and never did.

thats it. im done. im not cut out for this kind of stuff....

i like to be chased... not to be the chaser. :o) a little too much exercise for me. hehe
its such a strange situation. ive decided to take a small break from him... a week or two until i go to visit him next weekend. i felt serious distance on his end and decided that it would be best to let him have his space for a little while. (i know you guys said taurus likes space... haha). when i go out there next weekend, im going to call him to see if he would like to spend some time with me. im hoping that his response will be telling. i just dont know whether to be more aloof or to make myself available to let him know that im still interested. and sagitauries... i DO feel like im escaping my general personality "constraints" as you put it. theres just something very calming about him. ....it is a little hard though when he wont have deep conversations with me. someone who thinks is very important, and im almost starting to feel like theres nothing up there. :-/
I have heard and witnessed this tendency towards persistence in Taurus, but it sounds to me like he still has "unfinished business" with the ex. I don't know, I would take his comment as a serious slap in the face that deserves one right back! I know trust is a big issue, and he pretty much told gem "I don't trust you as much as her". OUCH!
At the very least, you two have to have a BIG talk about that, if you do decide to carry on.
Haha, look at me stamping my little feet!
So sagi, if your girlfriend said she would marry her ex because he was the only one that she could trust to love her with or without the money, what would you do? Say "aaaaw sweetie, I know you love me, you must just be scared"

I highly doubt it!
So sagi, if your girlfriend said she would marry her ex because he was the only one that she could trust to love her with or without the money, what would you do? Say "aaaaw sweetie, I know you love me, you must just be scared"

I highly doubt it!
I'm hoping that was just a muscle spasm, sagi
god, how disappointing. i was really excited about this one. i thought for once i might have actually found a decent guy.
Yep, and I wouldn't get angry over it, it's not worth it. He just has his head up his ass at the moment, not his fault, not your fault either.
Besides think of the damper that will put on all gift giving occassions, b-days, valentine's etc......Not to mention how it will spoil a nice evening out from now on, because you will have those words ringing in your ears anytime someone has to pick up a cheque or tab.
AND...what an incredibly insulting attitude that he has towards all women in general to even think that way. Dump him.
yeah, yattatattahey...i think you may be right. how could anyone really be dense enough to say something like that?
Woah, If someone said that to me, I would say...."why wait to win the lottery? marry her now, then"
and get up and leave, and not look back. But that's just me.
we were talking about what he would do if he won the lottery and he said that he would marry this girl, because she is the only person he would trust not to marry him for his money, because she loved him without it.

my heart dropped into my stomach. does this mean that he still loves her? or is this just another facet of his money hoarding taurus personality? im not sure if this is a sign that im wasting my time trying to establish something with him. i almost feel as though all my efforts are just pushing him farther away for some reason. or maybe hes just becoming more comfortable.

i really need some help.
i was just speaking with the taurus im trying to snag, because i found a text message from another girl on his cell phone, and i said something about it jokingly. something like, "oh, so i see ive got some competition." and basically all he said was, "oh, shes an ex girlfriend. i dont want to talk about what happened with her. i dont tell anyone." considering the fact that taurus holds onto ties forever, should i be concerned about this? not even just because hes a taurus... men out there, please let me know if a guy says that he cant talk about an ex, does that mean hes still attached to her?
I agree with most of sagitauries posts, I feel the same way on just about everything. And I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels that my b/f is MY POSSESSION. I don't think that even stems out of love! I do have feelings for him I mean that we do it even with people who we don't have feelings for just because they're with us.
I can't help doing it, I really try to keep it hidden but I always have to know some way or another what he's doing and once I know I'm content and I can go back to whatever I was doing- it doesn't mean I want to see him or talk to him I'm just making sure that what's mine is where it should.
I don't care what the f*** he says, I do as I please and he's mine because I say so period. I think I'm angry that's why I'm saying this which I mean anyway.
Oh I'm pissed off! yesterday I called this stu-pid idiot a bunch of times and he didn't answer so he calls me back and he's doing what he's doing but how about an 'i'll call you later' aaaaaghhhhh! he acts like nothing, idiot! no I don't think so! I need to chill that's why I didn't answer anymore of his calls and today my cell is off and maybe even tomorrow and who knows if I ever answer another call from him again- depends how I feel without him- maybe I'll just disappear like I've done in the past. Nope we sure aren't perfect.
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