Ask a Capricorn

— Vixen's idea! Any questions about Capricorns-Ask here!

Are all caps like this?

— That they think themselves superior?

Capricorn and Inspiration

— Are Capricorn inspirational ? They are bossy and can be aggressive but the people who have brought the best out of me has been Capricorn. I follow bit of vedic astrology and in that system most of western caps would be sun Sagittarius where the sun is rea...

Cap men: are you clueless or just persistent?

— Warning: relative rant. There's this cap guy at work who didn't get the hint that I'm not interested. Yeah, I'll be cordial and say hi or whatnot, but he tends to get too touchy-feely. So, agitated, I discussed with him that I don't like touchy-feel...

Male cappy pulling back but not entirely ghosting in beginning of LDR - says he's confused.

— I'm a Libra woman who has fallen in love w/ a cappy. I met him in my home town on his last day in the US. He is from Spain. We chatted for about an hour, I gave him my info as he said he felt a connection & wanted to know me more. A wk later he emailed me...

To all the cappies on this site

— I just wanted to say that as a pisces women ..i completely adore your sign and happy memorial day weekend :)

Moving On

— Just as I recently mentioned, I decided to move on. Typically, it takes me a couple of years to jump on the proverbial saddle again to try my luck in love...but I decided to take a different approach this time. There's a Leo that I'd met a couple of m...

What loves feels like for a Capricorn Moon

— Since often our feelings are so intense they're hard to describe, here's Melissa Etheridge to help you decipher our kind. :) And if we don't express it often, it's not because we don't want to, it's because most people cannot handle the passion. "Co...

How much attention does a cap enjoy?

— I've been enjoying a capricorns company for quite some time. I love being with him. But sometimes I feel like I suffocate him due to the amount of times I ask to see him. I am always the one asking if he'd like to go somewhere with me. But he always...

Not again

— Damn Caps. So I guess I'm at an earthy period in my life cause caps are coming my way. Most likely because I am driven. Really horrible experience with Cap ex, but w.e. There's a Cap at work. He's a cutie. He's been sending me little messages via o...

What are obvious signs a Capricorn Woman likes you

— Both Non-Verbal and Verbal, I'm more curious as to non verbal signs, or is it hard to tell? Here are some things she

Lady Capricorns, I beckon you...

— Since I'm writing a story involving astrology, there is something I want to have a super solid grasp on. Capricorns. My questions to you fair-women are the following: -Do you feel you're an exception to the general trend of women being more emotio...

This was my final goodbye

— "You know I still can't figure out exactly what I did to have been graced (again) with this five year long silent streak. When did we get like this? And not to mention that last time I saw you, I think we actually bypassed whatever this predicament wa...

I think she is prob a good person.

— Zodiac : Tropical Sun Capricorn 26°19' Moon Scorpio 28°55' Mercury Capricorn 6°24' Venus Pisces 13°15' Mars Pisces 16°58' Jupiter Capricorn 25°06' Saturn Scorpio 26°05' Uranus Sagittarius 16°13' Neptune C...

so he's in russia and i'm in the usa

— so the thing is my crush or whatever you call it is currently studyin in russia,and we talked a lot like a lot lot.He's a capricorn man and i'm a virgo woman.He's always always hot n cold like but when i'm in a bad mood because of him he noticed it eventh...

do caps like to be chased?

— Like do you like someone to call or text you first?

i fell for him

— so i am getting more more closer with a capricorn man,basically i fell hard for him because he's kinds smart intelligence and all that classy stuff.He's kinda freaky well.But the problem is he has too much ego and he disappears sometimes.I've disappeared...

Dating / Marriage, to what?

— I've been dating a Cap. man exclusively for a little over a year now. I'm 40 - divorced with 2 minor kids. My boyfriend is 54 and his kids are in their 20's. He too is divorced and his marriage and divorce were horrible. He recently told me that after gre...

Limbo in Leo

— I have been on a an erratic roller coaster with my leo gf for some time now and I just don't know how much longer we can stay on this ride. I love her I do but her inability to direct her anger and frustration on the intended person, obstacle is gravely a...

Capricorn Sun with Venus in Scorpio

— I have read up a lot on Cap Sun and Venus in Scorpio but haven't really come across the combination as such. Cap sun is supposed to be very restrained and they crave security, whereas scorpio is quite the opposite with intense feelings and emotional. How...
v s o p

I never met a capricorn i couldnt have sex with

— The first night..but i love you caps ..all the way aaliyah


— Cap Sun/Moon said, "I'll text you tomorrow," but that was 8 days ago. It's been radio silence since, coming off the heels of almost every day texting (which is not my preferred method of communication... but it's his, so I let him take the lead). He was...

false apologies

— How do you feel about them?

Three Capricorns won't leave me alone!

— Two are male and one female. The female hates me and has a very stuck up attitude mostly bitter because my leo bf got with me instead of her and she desperately would try get his attention yet my boyfriend would ignore her, but it's a year later and she r...


— Capricorn: They will be very hot and cold. One day, they can be outrageous and flirty and coy, but you can bet your life that they will go home and overthink it and the next day they will give their utmost effort to avoid you or seem indifferent towards...

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It's Saturn in Capricorn, can't get better than that. It's pluto capricorn anyway so theow in Saturn and you got a tough cookie.
v s o p
v s o p
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