thanks for visiting the capricorn message board. capricorn men and women are supremely ambitious, but controlling. do you capricorns?

The topic was deleted before I could post! *shakes fists* anyways.... Grumpy Capricorns are......... 1. Sexy a
Pissed off cap - what can I do?
I have known my cap for over two years now. We've had a very loving and caring relationship but a very volatile one othe
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Do capricorns always blame some one else for their
I was just wondering because in my case I always ended up being the bad guy, the one who always was guilty even if she h
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Thoughts of additions
I'm thinking of revisiting some things in my life. I feel stagnant and unhealthy. I'm wondering what anyone might kn
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Me and Sirhorns have discussed this. But a Goofycorn is a Capricorn, but with a lotf of tendencies for their mind to be
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Hi.......Any pet lovers/owners here i own a black/white butterzu name Prince male puppy 2mnths hes so adorable an im havin
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Any idea if i could get her back?
I have been in a 3 year old relationship, somewhere along the way i screwed up but i don't think it was only me She dum
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Any idea if i could het her back?
I have been in a 3 year old relationship, somewhere along the way i screwed up but i don't think it was only me She dum
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Saturn/Chronos in Mythology
Cronus was the ruling Titan who came to power by castrating his Father Uranus. His wife was Rhea. There offspring were t
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why is he talking about me and so angry?
I'm posting about the guy i'v been friends with for five plus years (see previous threads for more info). We have b
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what not to do with your cap woman
Don't take her out to eat at an expensive restaurant.
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Gettin to know the capricorn community
Hi ....well i have been on this forum a couple of weeks and all in all its been an interesting journey (i mean it in the
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Capricorn has become silent
I don't have a very long story, but let me just begin. I met this capricorn guy this year in January. It was instant att
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Capricorn: Dark Sides
I keep hearing about the "dark sides" or "bad sides" of a Capricorn, but I know now that you guys can be very secretive.
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If you inspired poetry..
How would you feel? React? If someone wrote something for you, about you and shared it with you... how would Caps genera
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heartbroken capricorns
Do capricorns bounce back quick or do they fret over ex relationships and never heal. I made a decision in my mind th
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Advice on how to deal with Cap fears.
OK, I pop in here a lot as I like you guys and it's a nice board (as I've told Sirhorns on his visit to the Sag board :)
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Capricorn rule like a boss over...
Direction: All earth signs relate to the south. Capricorn, as the cardinal earth sign relates to due south. Anatomy:
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Free Goat Rides..
Well..I am here.. Posted by SirHorns*puts up sign* Free Goat Rides for Virgos on the Cap Board. Just hold on to
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Caps who are deserving
This is an inspiring thread so if you are not inspiring, feel free to press the "back" button Question is, which Caps
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Telling Caps no...
Hello goatfish! :) friendly cancer here. So, I was asked by my capricorn guy friend to be in a friend with benefit thing
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Capricorn man: recognition and reassurance
Hello, Sagittarius here again... lol I am dating a Cap and he is starting to open up another side of him and from ev
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Why do I destroy anything I love
I'm a capricorn. I always mess up my relationships badly. Most recently with my bf of 5 years a wonderful cancerian.
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I love this place!
I love you caps!! I've never met such a loyal sign like caps...loyal to their own kind! That's for sure... I can spo
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Caps who are undeserving
This is a mean thread so if you are sensitive, feel free to press the "back" button. Question is, which Caps of DXP d
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