thanks for visiting the capricorn message board. capricorn men and women are supremely ambitious, but controlling. do you capricorns?

Capricorn Decans
The first, Saturn decan of Capricorn The patience and determination of first decan Capricorns is legendary. They aren’
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gemini and capricorn...millionth thread
I met a: Gemini sun Gemini moon Gemini merc Cancer venus (im scared) Leo mars (i'm scared) We had a great time/c
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Play Match Maker!
...with my chart. See I've had high doses of Fire Sign Spontaneity and this was the result along with other things...tha
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I learned a lesson just now...
...never confirm stuff ever. Context: So in a call with a Libra dude and Cancer chick, we've been doing this for a fe
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Update on Capricorn
So I was right... She did bring it up to my supervisor. Thank you guys for all your interest in resolving my situation-
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Things I can't say anymore...
Friend has ended a relationship and is torn up over it: Them: :'( Me: At least they can't waste your time anymore.
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Feeling betrayed by Capricorn
My favorite sign is Capricorn. I love so many things about them, and when I found out my "friend" at work was a cappy I
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loyalty? Faithfull, is this a cap thing?
Is it true? I tend to notice cap females at least are very loyal/faithfull and would not cheat if they actually loved so
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C & C's 21 Questions Hot Spot
enjoy. knock yourselves out. i encourage it.
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capricorn's silent treatment
Have any of you had this experience? Is it something to be worried about... After being very sweet and in touch almos
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Capricorn Venus
I have noticed that I have crushes on Sagittarius with Capricorn Venus. And I realize that my mother has it aswel (Alth
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Cap males and their romantic-ness
Hello all It seems my Cap male isn't too romantic. I dont think he ever was except he seemed happier about me being
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Gemini/Cancer Cusp Female and Capricorn Man
Hello everyone :) This is my first post here so hopefully I'm able to articulate my question clearly enough. I'm the
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Appreciation day: Capricorn Men :)
Just wanted to say the Capricorn man I'm dating is the sweetest man I have ever met :) Letting my guard down and show
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Build a Capricorn Thread
My fellow goats, let's show all these catladies what makes up seagoats we don't disown on the spot. Any signs welcome,
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Male Cap & Female Scorpio....!!!
What are your experiences/opinions with this pairing? Besides the obvious, placements.
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Why is Cap's Tarot the Devil?
...........They recently built a PF Chang's in hell. 3rd level. Why?
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Where does that dude keep going? He keeps deleting and coming back. I wish he'd stay around but damn he's never here lon
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gemini and capricorn that even a possibili
I'm still in love with my ex....Mr Mr cancer. But somehow a gemini got hold of my new singledom. Now he
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Uranus and Neptune
Got these two touching(aspecting) any of your Cap planets? what's it like?
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Why am I doing this?
So I met this cap a while back. We hung out had a pretty good night ( ending up having sex ) but it was REALLY bad. He's
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Stoic Woobie or Iron Woobie?
Stoic: ...unlike other woobie characters, they won't cry, angst, or outwardly show how much they're suffering at all. (I
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Deceptive people
I think we should coin a term for deceptive people rather than use deceptive. I think we should call them Decepticons.
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How set in your ways...
Are you?
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Controlling Cap!
My usually loving Cap seems to have turned controlling. I like to help other people and try to understand their needs bu
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Who exactly do Capricorn men ignore
Hi! I'm new. I'm Rachel, I'm a Taurus and I'm totally confused by this Capricorn I'm crushing on right now so I though
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