List of beautiful Capricorn women

— I've done a topic on "Beautiful fire men/women" almost a year ago on my old account, which went viral to other elements. And you guys inspired me to re-create. Would be nice to see representatives of each sign, and come on. Can't leave the ladies behind....

List of Beautiful Capricorn Men

— Yes...inspired by Argo's topic on Scorpio board Appearance or personality 🙌

moon in Capricorn

— what makes having a moon in Capricorn tough, I know an uncle with this placement, he is always careful especially with money, never take too much risk, but I heard it is tough to have this placement

Extremely confused by cap guy

— Hi all. Some advice needed. So I had some work doing on my house a while back. Plastering. The guy who did it was instantly hitting on me, asking me questions the whole weekend, asking me what type of guy I go for. He said things like we would make a gre...


— .... :(


— Capricorn: They will be very hot and cold. One day, they can be outrageous and flirty and coy, but you can bet your life that they will go home and overthink it and the next day they will give their utmost effort to avoid you or seem indifferent towards...

how caps express love?

— I'm interested how caps express love? In the beginning our relationship he told me that he loves meand that he wants to marry me.We got married,but he stopped saying that he loves me.In the meantime,he is still as sweet as in the beginning:full of care,ge...

caps and anger

— what is the thing that pisses caps the most?

Dating a cappy male

— Hey lovely capricorns!! I'm just coming to bother you all for a little advise on a Capricorn male. He's he first I've dated he has aqua Venus and Leo moon if this helps. I'll try to keep this short as possible here goes..... We've been dating around 5 mon...

Damn Capricorn!

— Just thought this was interesting. The Cap man I dated at the end of the year last year stopped talking on New Year's Eve (we were over well before that)....the last conversation was him telling me he wasn't sure we would work out but that he wanted to be...

Nothing Special

— at work i was watching this kind of motivationnal

He doesn't want to be friends

— And I am very sad.

Fab cappies ladies!


Ok while I am here.

— I feel stupid asking this. A few years ago I friended this cappie lady. Online. And we started really to be e pen pals. We sent long emails for a couple of years. And things in the post even. I won't go into it. But we lost contact. I still hav...

How will I know???

— I met a Taurus about a month ago, we have been seeing each other about twice out of the week and every weekend. He has already told me he is in love with me. He's always wanting to touch me and kiss me all the time, but that is what most men like to do an...


— How do you become available to yourself and to others? I'm an overall extreeemely neglectful person, to everybody including myself. As if there's no time or real interest in anything or anybody. One day I'd like to be in a relationship, but I'm not sur...


— I effing hate taking care of drunks. Neff said

A Cap-Cancer Wedding

— Opposites attract! Hiya!

Conflicting emotions against a Scorpio and a Taurus girl!!

— So hi, I'm a Capricorn male who has Pisces Moon and Mars, Capricorn rising, Sag in Venus and Chiron (How sad ;~;) My issue currently is with two girls that are kind of my friends, but one of them that I have a particular crush on for a moment. Let's ca...

Cappies.. Breaking off all Contact suddenly?

— Am I the only one who when once betrayed past the point of no return will just cut that person off??? I'll just stop responding and it's like that person is just talking to themselves because I don't respond I don't answer texts or calls I just vanish.......

What signs do cappies attract?

— I am a water sign magnat (last 5 boyfriends, 4 Pisces and 1 Scorpio). I'm wondering if it's just me or if this is common. I think Taurus and Virgos are good for us but I don't attract them.

Cap roommate

— He killed some baby rabbits that were in the yard because he didn't want them in the yard when he mows the grass. Wild rabbits don't stay in a nest for long. A few weeks they would have been off on their own. Then his dog pooped on the floor because he wa...

Dear Caps

— I just want you to know that anytime you're having suicidal thoughts just talk to your Pisces friends because, we're here for you. We'll tell you all kinds of charmin stuff that'll make you feel good because, we are the dr. Feelgoods of the zodiac lol.

Cap mentioning exes?

— My Cap's cousin showed up in town unannounced and threw him off. His cousin is a wild and crazy kinda guy. The cousin came over to Cap's place for a catch up. We were hanging out with drinks and chatting. When we went outside to look at the view, Caps s...

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