thanks for visiting the capricorn message board. capricorn men and women are supremely ambitious, but controlling. do you capricorns?

Capricorn Woman-Gemini Woman friendships
Hello, any experiences from Cappies with Gemini friendships? Both ladies have Moon and Mars in Virgo too. Thanks i
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Cap Women: what would give up for love?
So we know that Caps need the following to allow themselves to fall for someone: 1) Someone who has their career stra
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Post your favorite quotes
It can be funny,aggressive,loving, Inspirational, Motivational,wisdom,or anything. I'm a Cap so obviously i'm going to r
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Can we reCAP?
So I noticed bunch of new lil billy goats running around the Cap forum and not sure which of the old geezers are still a
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How should i handle this Cap man?
Hey everyone! A few weeks ago i met a cap man in school, he was sitting next to a friend of mine (T). I immediatly fe
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Capricorn Instructional Guide
Dear Customer, Thank you for using Seagoat Inc most popular item, the Capricorn! :D [Basic Functions] [Scapegoat
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Did I do something wrong?
I started to talk to this capricorn woman about two weeks ago. We have never meet in person because we leave far away fr
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Please help!!!!
I'm going thru an emotional breakdown normally I can control my emotions but this time it's different it's Been five mon
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come back! :/
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Scorpio Vs. Capricorn
Who would win and why? I asked this question on the Scorpio thread and guess who is winning haha
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Advice to build connection with a Capricorn male?
I'd like some insight on the Capricorn male please! Been speaking to one for about 3 months, and usually he's the on
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Is there anything to wait for? Advice needed badly
Hi, I am secretly having these after parties with a cap male and it's been going on since August (6 times altogether).
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Do you show the love of
Emotions, materialistic or words?
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Quandary with cappy
I am a piscean and I find myself wildly attracted to this capricorn man who already has a girlfriend. I have told him th
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Do other capricorns have gift anxiety?
I pay attention and try so hard to buy the perfect gift for people. After I buy it, I start second guessing, wondering i
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Hey fellow caps. We're know for being smart, successful, driven, ambitious etc. So what are you doing in your lives and
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Remember the Cap I used to steal candy from?
This was awhile back, so the oldtimers might remember. I used to sneak in his office steal candy (Bob's Candy Mints).
Cappy work question
Quick question: my Cappy is working Christmas, I'll be volunteering there. He's also working boxing day as am I. He aske
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Taurus and Capricorn
Are we compatible? How do you show emotions? Does it bother you when they don't? Is sex important among the physic
Capricorn men : why will you ever cheat
Reasons that will lead you to become unfaithful to someone ? Also i heard that most Capricorn men are unfaithful. Why is
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Venus in Capricorn men
Do you people have tendencies to marry for money or for love ? Or both ?
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Im a cap wit venus in sag ARE any of you or dated
Any of you ever dated or have any experience with venus in sag capricorns? im gonna post our charts as well they are i
Warm Cap
Do you honestly feel like you're the opposite of the Capricorn description? I mean I feel different in a sense of I can'
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Hate Capricorn
Well right meow. Simply because one of you guys hurt my feelings really bad... I deleted his number from my phone just s
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How can you tell if a Capricorn girl wants...
If she wants you to chase her because she's interested. Or if she's just flirting because the attention gives her an ego
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