Best Vs. Favourite ..XXX
My Cap guy is very* experienced with women. He often says I'm his favourite...but I want to be the best ;) With my meager experience of TWO men (him being the second), I am definitely not as seasoned as him. So Caps, what's better? Fav or Best? and...
What is going on with this Capricorn guy?
I'm an Aquarius who is head over heels for this Capricorn. I've had a crush on him for a long time. We ended up running into eachother at a concert and hung out for a while then he invited me back to his place which I gladly accepted. We hooked up and exc...
Is this Capricorn male interest?!?
Im 27yr Libra female hes 33yr cap male him and his ex wife broke up 8months ago from being with her for 12 yrs just a mutual break up. They have a child to gether and she also has ason from previous relationship which son calls cappy Dad. Mutal friend (m...
Dinner with my Cap's family
So i'm traveling alone and will be coming across my Cap's brother's city. Cap asked him to take me out. I never expected him to and wonder if i should go. Last time i saw the bro was the first time we met during their disaterous family gathering that was...
In a bit of a predicament
okay, perhaps a large predicament. -_- There's this cap guy I knew when I was younger. Reconnected with him through social media. He asked me out a couple of times and I declined. I ended up dating my Aqua...still currently dating. Cap was offering...
do i still have a chance with capricorn?
hi im a pieces man, I was with my exgirlfriend(Capricorn woman) for about 7 years. we broke up 4 months ago and it was because I didn't cherish her which is totally my fault. she put me in the friendzone now. we go out to places about 2-3 times a week and...
What does it feel like to be a Capricorn moon?
I knew one and just wanted some insight. She had to take care of her baby sister at a young age to help her mother who stayed at home while her father was working in a gas station he owned. Instead of having sleep overs like other kids, she had to de...
Have I lost my capricorn man for good
I was with this capricorn man for 3 months (we made it official between us 2months ago) Things were really good between
Capricorn x Taurus relationship help
So hi, I'm a 15 year old (soon to be 16) Capricorn male (yes I know I'm underaged in this forum :c), and recently in school I had a crush on this 14 year old Taurus girl. I'm Chinese myself, and I wanted to learn Portuguese from her since I live in Por...
Capricorn Woman Lover or Friend?
Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for reading/ replying this thread, especially all you beautiful Cappy Women. Taurus Male here, got to meet this amazing capricorn woman 2-3 months ago. Went on a few dates 2-3 and been working together for a school proje...
Vintage Range: The Official Cap Music thread
Caps possess an appreciation of art and music that they don't talk about much. So the Cap board seems like a perfect place for a music thread. Dxp Lovers of music of all signs, any genre is welcome. Feel free to post anything you find interesting or note...
The Devil
why is Capricorn the sign, represent the Devil?? this gal kind of describes it well:
Make your way up the mountain cappies
Me - Successful, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn Her - Elegant, classy, Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer I think adding her to my life would help me be more successful. We are going on our third date. She never initiates and I need to ask her o...
Did this Cap Man friend zone me!? Say what!
Hello Everyone! I could really use your help on this cause I am all the way confused. 1st I'm in my 30s leo/virgo cusp dealing with a ...ahem very unique 33 year old Capricorn. We have only known each other about a week or two. We've hung out 3 or 4...
Things are getting pretty serious.
Well me my cap bf been together for 5 months. But we already planning on sometimes next year of moving in together. Pretty much always around each other all the time.I haven't been this happy with someone in awhile. Yesterday he ask me a question about ho...
Cap has cheated, fuming, really need some advice!!
So last night, after my gut instinct telling me something wasn't right, I found out my cap has cheated on me. When he told me he was going to Germany for see family, after looking through his phone I discovered that he went to Greece to see his ex, pict...
Venus in Capricorn
What makes a Venus in Capricorn shut down in terms of love and any romantic feelings? What makes them grow romantic feelings? Can these feelings ever be regained once they have already died? Please identify if you're female or male. _3
To all the Caps
I just want to shout out to all Caps that please don't be so hard on yourselves and that no matter there are always people who very much love and care. There are people like us who love you as you are.
Capricorn parents :)
How many of you here have kids? Anyway, hello to all of you 🙌 I wanted to know what you Capricorn parents like to do for fun with your kids? What are your favourite things to do with your child other than lecturing them ( :P ) about academics/h...
"I don't like getting close to people"
A confession? A warning? A disclaimer? The Cap chap I've been talking to told me that the other day after opening up a bit about himself, and honestly, idk. I don't really know how to interprete him. Which is weird, considering he's the most like...
the dumping garden
Yes or No....
Digest this for a second..... Sun Capricorn Moon Cancer or Leo Mercury Sagittarius Venus Sagittarius Mars Capricorn
First cap friend
☺️ I never meet caps I mean never ! So a couple weeks ago there's this new guy at work. Totally chill laid back dry humor and we have esp I swear . Anyways today I find out he's a cap . I'm excited! Never had a cap friend before .yay
just saying hi to
Dear old caps... and anyone else.