Do you say the "L" word easily??

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I'm wondering about a Virgo man saying "I love you". He hasn't said it yet but has thrown the word around (ie. his typical no-filter talk of what is going on in his head: "I hardly know this girl but I feel like I love her already"). He said that last week. He has said he is falling for me, made other comments about certain things that are happening between us as being the "fun of falling in love".

And, does it even matter if he says it when his actions and other words show how much I am cared for? It's only been 3 months, but being parents with jobs, a little slow to start compared to "normal" relationships? In the past men have said it to me within 2 months. I am definitely falling in love with him, but at this age, I think saying "I love you" and meaning it for the long haul takes much more time, so maybe he feels the same.

He is 45, I am 37.
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Posted by Goddessproxy
Its kind of sad to be that disconnected with someone that you can't even FEEL it.

Why do you give so much important to simple words? Just feel the vibe and expect nada.

Yes I can FEEL it from him, which is why I mentioned does is even matter if his actions speak so much louder. I'm just a little insecure and putting too much importance on words, but I do think they eventually need to be said.
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31 years old female

Sun 11°37' Virgo

No most virgos dont throw the L word out there unless we are certain that we do and that the other person feels the same.

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Extraordinary in every way

Posted by LostinmyMind11
No most virgos dont throw the L word out there unless we are certain that we do and that the other person feels the same.

^ Pretty much.

I've only said it once first, the other times my ex lovers said it first - not that I didn't love them, they just beat me to the punch I guess.
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Look at the mirrors of your mind, It ben

Posted by msmarilynmanson
if they say it when they are drunk and having sex with you do they mean it? haha

Only if the virgo can stand to take a drink of your 'Dr Pepper', only then he loves you...
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i use the word "love" when I'm in the throws of passion.
to be honest, I hardly ever use it otherwise.
If I do, then it's for want of a better word.
Using it any other way will result in doubt.
Be careful.

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by the way, you're already doubting his sincerity.
The reason for your inquiry.
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there is no impunity for using the word freely
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one can't place too much importance on a 4 letter word
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SEpt 22nd

Those 3 words is always meant to be when saying out not just any phonies or pretentious..
need much consideration to say out to a specific person who really desired it.
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from the Wine Country, California  


For myself, it's like Limm said. I have to feel it's mutual, and it has to roll comfortably off the tongue. I've neber told anyone I love them yet. My current bf of 4 months hasn't heard it... Honestly don't think he will for another good set of months but who knows! It might slip out when I least expect... Tis the beauty of being in the moment

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Posted by dimitri
one can't place too much importance on a 4 letter word

My now as I consider him X Virgo said I love you first and said it constantly for months before I gave in a couple of weeks ago.

WORDS mean Absolutely NOTHING. It's all about ACTION!
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Thanks everyone. I'm starting to feel it myself more now but haven't said it yet either. I've held back a bit but now I think he can tell how I feel about him he is warm loving and caring and I certainly feel good when I'm with this wonderful man!!

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