How do I hurt my Virgo man

Why do people strum up threads from 5 years ago?

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Just ignore the ass hole they don't deserve you . I have a friend like that who is a virgo and I ignored him. Eventually came back around then I communicated with him but ones you mess up with me it's never going to b the same. Just act like you hate him, why hurt him? That's childish
I would just personally like to know what was said from both parties to give some weight or merit to eachothers' actions. Chances are it will be something stupid and both will be acting/reacting irrationally. I (Virgo) divorced a Leo. If I've got any hindsight to give this couple I would love to. I screwed up my chance with a VERY loving mother/wife. It can be a good combo if there is an understanding of one another but what I've learned is that a Leo will give and give and give until the hurt can't be contained anymore, then it's adios without looking back.
Posted by PandorasBox
LOl.. Thanks.. Thanks alot P.
It makes me feel nice n warm to know that I am not the stupid person you were referring to, but the runner up.

Yay me. Do I get a sash? Or a trophy?

What are you talking about?

Playing victim?

I already said I was talking to the Leo woman, or about her since she isn't even here, and then you take upon yourself to be the stupid I was talking about, eventhough I specifically said it wasn't you?

ok, then .... have fun martyring yourself.
Simple. Tell them the truth about themselves. Truth hurts. They can't handle it, which leads me to believe that you already did that.

More importantly, if someone can go 2 months without speaking to you while you're under the same roof, it's time to go!

Good luck.

I'm not meaning you, Pandora .. I mean this Leo woman in this topic.

Just because this is an old topic, doesn't matter ... there are still stupids to this degree and it just drives me crazy that once people begin to feel for someone, they lose all their sensibilities.
I just dont' even know how to get people when they do/say this kind of stupid stuff.
Posted by Qbone

Like I said, the best way is to ignore him like he never existed. Do you know personally 6,7 billion people out there living in this planet? He is one of them.. that??s all!

I personally like Q's answer here .. mainly because he thinks he is giving it to you to do ... when in reality, this is what this Virgo has done to you to make you feel like revenge.

He's ignoring you and you can't stand it. Instead of just walking away with some dignity, he has successfully lowered your status to begrudging douchebag who's in here stomping her feet because she thinks she should deserve more, but, fails to have the acknowledgement that what she deserves she lost these past two months = her pride.

Seriously, you should continue looking like a fool and post more on this topic ... of late this place has been depressing and we all need a good laugh.
lol, what a douchebag.

So, let me get this straight ..... you think you deserve an apology, apparantly some grand gesture of one, in which he hasn't given you eventhough he's still living with you for the next two months .. and because he hasn't bowed down to you, eventhough he's still there with you, you feel like emotionally hurting him ...

... and perhaps that would teach him that you refuse to carry on in your life.

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Posted by leogirl75

I have been very nice, kind, generous and have loved my virgo man more than 100%. And suddenly I all get from him is disregard and lack of love from a fight we had which he offended me. I expect him to apologise and be loving and we move on.

The sad truth is that what happened is a simple matter of him apologising and it's over. Rather, what I see is someone behaving as if he has a deep grudge which he has never called me to discuss.

virgos rarely admit that they are wrong.
virgo is not the type to come up and confess that they are wrong, and that they are sorry.
this will not happen.

When we argue, I'm always the one calling him so that we could discuss our issues and then we'll make up. When I offend him, I call him on phone and text him that am pride whatsover. Each time we argue..he takes 1 or 2months before we talk. And I'm always the one calling for us to discuss. I am totally fed up with this behaviour.

you see, you have to start, you have to call him and talks things out. only then he will say he is sorry for what he did, IF he were wrong that is.

otherwise, dont wait for this man to come to you and apologize.
if you want him to apologize for somethin that he did, then you have to come up to him and talk things out.

you guys can argue 5 times, and each of these times you were the one to come up to him and initiate the conversation so you guys could make things work out again and be at peace. now on the 6th time that you guys argued, dont be expecting him to come up and initiate the conversation even though he was the wrong one.

I'm not sure if you understand this, but this is how they are. you can't change someone.
but of course not ALL virgos are like this, some will come up and initiate the conversation. but only a FEW of them.

dont try to revenge, or hurt your virgo. it will only be worse. and that is not the right thing to do.
Posted by leogirl75
...I need to know how to hurt him for people's experience in this forum because he has hurt me so badly and I need to do something that will hurt him really ...

you actually never need to hurt anybody as a revenche that they hurt you. The reason is that life is hard for all of us. this virgo has some problems and hurt feelings somewhere inside and you don't even know about it.

I am too lazy to do such a thing like revenche. and this is good for karma too. so I have no experience for you.

with Saturn in Virgo for three years, Uranus in Pisces for seven years I think they had enough of a hard time bedind them. I have more pity for them than any feeling saying I needed a revenche.

another stoy is always how do I continue my life.

think again about your choices, my two cents.

Like I said, the best way is to ignore him like he never existed. Do you know personally 6,7 billion people out there living in this planet? He is one of them.. that??s all!
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