How to attract a Virgo Male

Virgos are very self independent and shy. They love love and life just like everybody else, they just have a different way of expressing it. Some find it very hard to break open a Virgo male, they come off as very shy, very slow to open up, and very private. And this is mostly true of most Virgos. The key to understanding a Virgo male is to understand that just because they are not outward with their emotions and feelings the way you are doesn't mean the feelings and emotions they have for you aren't there. Oh, they're there, it's just that THEY like to choose when it's the right time to express them. Most women involved with Virgo males become very unpatient when it comes to a Virgos shyness. And this irritates Virgo males. These males CANNOT stand it when women try to force them to open up, they hate to be criticized & put down for their emotional slowness. In their minds, they actually do like & care about you but feel that in a way expressing their emotions too early might mean doom for them. Virgos have alot of pride & don't realize that it's very important for some signs to obtain some kind of flattery or praise up front, and not later. For example, Virgos and Geminis are not compatible because Gemini's demand to see a profession of love and emotions up front, while Virgos prefer to still be around you, but just keep quiet about their emotions until THEY feel they are ready. But don't get it twisted, Virgos are very caring & would do anything for you. In fact, the they tend to attract alot of women mainly because of their shy, yet "down for you" demeanor. Virgo males want to know all of your secrets, want to know everything about you & can't stand it when they feel secrets are being kept, even though they don't realize that's their partners main problem with them. The key to keeping a Virgo male is to keep patience & just have faith & expect that your Virgo partner loves & respects you the same, even though they don't outwardly show it every 5 minutes like you might want them too. Believe it or not, Virgo males know they are pain in the asses when it comes to expressing emotions, & the minute they spot a woman who can handle it, they will continue to keep their flame for you alive. Virgos don't like to be the center of attention but do like to be noticed. When you're with a Virgo, show them plenty of affection in private, but don't try to overdo it in public.
Damn, someone who actually understands the Virgo male emotion. You available
How to attract a male Virgo?

Easy .. get naked !!!!!
How to attract a male Virgo?

Easy .. get naked !!!!!

LOL; That will turn us on, but doesn't mean were attracted to them. Of course depending on who's getting naked we might run away screaming.
P-A: "Easy .. get naked !!!!!"

Angel, I know your post was made with the lol factor to it!

But seriously, at least for this virguy, a woman just "gettin' buck" isnt enough to reel me in. Sure, we have that healthy primeval male urge to just bend you over the washing machine (kitchen table, hood of the car, etc). But for a virgo, that would usually only happen after the slow-burn has caught up to, and overtaken, our self-reserved inhibitions.

Think more along the lines of unwrapping a gift: First, you read the attached card and absorb the written expressions (and place the crisp new Benjamin in your wallet!!). Then you untie the festive ribbon and bow. Next, you peel away the taped edges of the brightly coloured wrapping paper (neatly tearing it in some sort of effort to preserve it for possible future use!). Finally, you look at the enclosed gift and start to analyze what her intentions were behind giving it to you. Then you start to discuss the practicallity of said gift, and how useful it is going to be. Only then do you reach over and give the object of your affections a giant heartfelt hug and kiss to show your appreciation.....tongue optional

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lol .. ok, I'll unhide the first one .. the second one was just me being an marker
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Another way to attract a virgo is to spray Linen scent Lysol all over your hair when you go out, mixed with your regular parfum. Virgo boys adore the scent of cleaning products.
Hey Shaka!! your back
hahha.. My butthole..It is in tact yet, remains in shreds due to that ominous evening of ridiculously stupid debauchery. Thanks for asking about my butthole. Now I have to use hemmroid cream daily, just to get by.
And another thing I have found to be true of alot of Virgos is:

1. They can be perfectionists. They love for everything to be clean, organized & free-flowing.

2. Even though they want to know everything about you & may not necessarily open up as fast when it's time to learn everything about them (Virgos), they are still very good listeners. They love it when they feel others come to them with their secrets & life stories, but they don't necessarily like to gossip. Virgos tend to be VERY loyal to their friends. Every Virgo friend I have always listens to me when I need them, but sometimes when I need feedback (for example about a mutual friend that pissed me off), they won't DARE talk about the other person or dare tell me what the other person might have said about me out of loyalty. I really like that about Virgos! You can tell them any & everything & won't have to always worry about them telling your business.

Namor...I definetely understand the Male Virgo emotion b/c the guy I'm currently involved with IS a Virgo. And sometimes he DRIVES me crazy! He always wants me to tell him everything with full detail, but when it's my turn to ask him the questions he gives me short answers or answers/stories that are not as thorough as mine. He's the most affectionate & caring person in the world. He literally will put a pillow under my head at night (even after I'm sleep) when he sees in the middle of the night that my pillow probably fell on the floor. He always want to be around me, he'll hold me & he always looks in my eyes with this "starry" gaze but at the same time he NEVER actually SAYS how he feels about me. I found myself even trying to ask his family & friends to find out how he felt about me, & they all kept telling me, "Girl, he loves you too death!" And at first I didn't listen because some signs need that VERBAL ASSURANCE of love to make them get in & actually stay in their comfort zone. I almost let his Virgo ways allow me to stray, but then I thought about it. Most people wish their partners would actually ACT like they love them, instead of just being all talk. And Virgos walk the walk! I'd rather have a Virgo male who opens up every door for me as his way of saying "I love you," rather than a man who says it 24-7, with his actions not really matching up with what love really is!
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