How virgo males react after being caught lying

Hello, everyone! If a virgo male has been in a 2 year relationship and the other person catches them red handed in a lie and is told not to contact them any more because they are a dishonest,looser how does the virgo male usually react? Does he eventually feel remorse because he hurt the other person and lost the trust or does he more then likely just go on his merry way? can someone share some of their knowlege with me?
I think when a virgo lies you can figure it out just looking at their face /into eyes. They are not at all good at that!

1. Once caught, though there are two possibilities: They will regret it so much that they will never ever face you again /contact you at all / try to convince you.

2. Other possibility is they will take it on to them and get sick.

Unfortunately most of them go with item #1. I am not a virgo but have dealth with them and am dealing with them on a regular basis.

A virgo can give better insight onto this. I think one should not mind if the lie spoken by a virgo was to save the loved person.
my virgo's lie was one that did hurt very much.I found another woman at his house after he had just told me the week before that he was willing to totally commit to me and did not want to loose me to anyone else! Then after I caught him, a few days later after giving it much thought I emailed him and told him that he knew trust was a big issue for me and without trust a relationship has nothing. He had 100 excuses and I told him he was a looser and to leave me alone.He is always so guarded with his feelings so when he came to me and told me he wanted to really commit I believed him.I don't understand his thinking!
LadyV my experiences with Virgo, they seldom lie but when they do, it is to cover their arses! They have difficulties admitting they were wrong. Eventually they do, but it is after a looooooooooooooong time, when it is no longer an issue.

The Virgo man that I have been involved with for the las 3.5 months has asked me for exclusivity twice (read some of the threads I have initiated) and it has been a total roller coaster. It seems to Virgo males exclusivity means something else that it means to the average Joe Blow!
ESCORPIONA, I have been reading your post and i can sympathize. They make you feel as if you are hullucinating! I just wonder if he even feels bad?
LadyV I have no idea if he feels bad or not, he is not much about showing his feelings. But I have made it very clear to him all the mixed messages he has given me, and he has told me that I am right, but who cares, if he is not doing anything about it.

Well, if this weekend I go away with him for our over night trip I will see what he is up to. Maybe I should go after all and really see what he is all about. I have never spent that many hours with him, so I may get a better idea, what he does and what he has to say...

Hallucinating indeed! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Virgos are extremely truthful people and will rarely lie to you in the first place. That's the great thing about them. Also, if caught in something they will generally fess up because they hate to lie. However, on the bad side DO NOT expect any remorse or any effort to "make it up to you" because they will pretty much feel like anything they felt the need to do was justified, and that owning up to it is enough and that you should get over it. That is where the robotic side of them comes about, which isn't always good in a relationship (of any kind).
Roxi if you mean the "deed" yes, dear! However, I want mas, mas, mas! lol Typical Scorpios, isn't it? We always want more! lol
Thanks, Dyr ! I am realizing this now!

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